My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 70.2

The interview video of Albert was reposted on Weibo a few days later.

Another one of the contestants who was interviewed was H Country’s Po Nan Zhi.

—He expressed his expectations for the International Grand Finals then said humbly that everyone was very good, and that he was feeling the pressure and what not.

As his interview wasn’t interesting, Li Qingzhou only watched the interview with Albert, the contestant from M Country.

After all, he was praised as a genius teenager by foreign media.

And it was said that he had even refused offers from universities, preferring to be self-taught.

[Quite the character.]

—The little guy in the bubble was lying on his back in a rocking chair, one of his legs bent and the other propped up on his knee, the expression on his face one of extreme satisfaction.

Li Qingzhou opened his mouth and a piece of fruit that had been washed, peeled and cut was fed into his mouth; it was sweet and delicious.

Seeing a bit of juice dripping from the corner of his lips, Liu Bohuai put the toothpick down, took a piece of tissue then wiped it off for him.

They were currently at the Liu family’s Old Mansion, having not gone to work in the afternoon as they had skipped.

And under the guise of nurturing their love, the steps were as follows:

Li Qingzhou first enjoyed a lunch that was prepared meticulously by Liu Bohuai.

Then after resting for a while, they nestled in the Liu family’s Old Mansion home theater to watch a movie in the afternoon.

Then after the movie, Liu Bohuai took Li Qingzhou for a stroll around the old mansion to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

And now that they were back, he was being served with fruits and desserts again.

There was a laptop on the coffee table that had information about some noteworthy contestants.

[Ah~ this is a sugar-coated bullet from Third Master, but this fruit is really sweet…. what to do….. should this imperialist surrender?]

—The little guy in the bubble rolled from left to right on the rocking chair as he held his legs, his small eyebrows raised slightly raised, his eyes wide open and his expression alternating between smiling and hesitation.

Li Qingzhou, chewing another piece of fruit that was put into his mouth stared at the laptop, however his thoughts had already drifted off to somewhere else.

Seeing this, Liu Bohuai reached out and pinched one of his bulging cheeks.

Li Qingzhou returned to his senses.

[Bold! Are you this capitalist thinking of rebelling so soon? I’ll give you a little punch oh.]

—The little guy in the bubble snorted as he put on two big boxing gloves and touched them together, baring his little white teeth in a wicked grin.

The knot in Liu Bohuai’s throat moving, he barely suppressed the laughter that welled up.

—With the person he loved being this cute, it was really very hard for him to endure it every day.

He opened his mouth to ask, “There’s no more fruit, do you still want to eat?”

Li Qingzhou shook his head, “No, let’s wait for dinner.”

Today was the weekend, hence there was no need for him to pick Shengsheng up from school.

What’s more Hanyu was also at home and he had just made a call and ordered dinner in advance for his younger siblings.

“Alright, I’ll go and prepare. Watch TV for a while.” Liu Bohuai said as he got up.


However after getting up, he didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he bent over and leaning down, whispered, “Qingzhou, can I kiss you?”

[You can! I don’t want pure love! I want one that is romantic! Mua mua!]

—The little guy in the bubble spread his arms then puckered his lips for a kiss.

However Li Qingzhou lowered his eyelashes slightly, showing shyness and a just a little bit of desire and acceptance.

[Stop talking and kiss me.]

In the end, the two kissed so much that they fell onto the sofa, and dinner was delayed…


The good times, however, were over the next day.

Because Li Qingzhou received a call from Xu Mengning.

On the phone, she explained that Teacher Shen, their high school teacher had come to Yanjing on a business trip.

And because the location where she happened to be attending a lecture wasn’t far from Yanjing University, she had come to visit her former student.

Teacher Shen had been the head teacher of Li Qingzhou and Xu Mengning’s class in high school.

She was gentle in nature and had taken extra care of Li Qingzhou who came from an orphanage.

Xu Mengning told him, “Qingzhou, back then you were injured and hospitalized for me and not long after, someone came to school to handle your withdrawal procedures.”

“Teacher Shen had been very worried about your situation and so asked me privately…..”

“But I only said you were taken back by your parents for treatment.”

“And now that Teacher Shen came to Yanjing University to look for me, I told her that we reunited at the university.”

“She was very happy and although she didn’t say it outright, I can tell that she wants to see you….. Qingzhou, do you want to come and meet her?”

Li Qingzhou, “Schedule a time and a location.”

In the end, they decided to invite Teacher Shen to dinner and the location was set at the Jin Xuan Court Hotel.

Meanwhile, Liu Bohuai also had some things to deal with.

Liu Jingyuan had come specifically to the Liu family’s Old Mansion to say— that having been back in the country for so long, he wanted the family to have dinner together. The venue was at Jin Xuan Court Hotel and that he had already made the reservation.

And, as the younger brother, Liu Bohuai couldn’t refuse to give him face, right?

As since he had put it that way, Liu Bohuai naturally had to agree.

So, without the other knowing, Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai arrived at the Jin Xuan Court Hotel one after the other.

Li Qingzhou and Xu Mengning who brought Teacher Shen arrived first.

And as they passed through the lobby, they happened to meet He Jianxun who was checking inventory at the hotel and after a few pleasantries, he led Li Qingzhou and the others to the private room personally.

About half an hour later, Liu Jingyuan’s family arrived early with two additional people.

By this time, He Jianxun was no longer in the hotel’s lobby, so they were received by the hotel manager who took them to the reserved private room.

A little later, Liu Bohuai and Liu Xiahui arrived at the entrance of the hotel.

Liu Jingyuan had previously sent the number of the reserved room to Liu Bohuai, so all they needed to do was to go over directly.

However when Liu Bohuai opened the door to the private room.

Apart from Liu Jingyuan’s family, there were two more people inside— Pei Jing and her husband Yu Xudong.

The expression of Liu Xiahui, who was standing behind Liu Bohuai turned cold immediately.

Translator’s Note – I made ‘Sakata Ichiro’ — ‘Sakato Ichiro’ because a certain popular figure (I think?) has the same name. Thank you.

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