My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 32.2

–The two were so close to each other that they were only half an arm’s length apart, one with his head bowed and the other with his back up.

[If I shouldn’t address you as President Liu, then how should I address you…..Bohuai? Ah Huai? Huai Huai?]


Liu Bohuai straightened his body, lowered his eyes and nudged the frame of his glasses with his middle finger.

Then he opened his mouth, “Thank you for the gift… Qingzhou, after you go back, get an early night’s rest.”

Li Qingzhou nodded, took control of his wheelchair and headed for the villa but turned around before reaching the door and said, “Third Master, be safe on your way home.”

He thought to himself, it was better to behave well a little.

–The little guy in the bubble waved, ‘goodbye’.

After Li Qingzhou’s figure disappeared, Liu Bohuai sighed softly, his gaze hidden beneath his lenses deep as he turned to get into his car….

Soon, the car drove away.


The Third Master of the Liu family didn’t have many friends, and by all accounts, He Jianxun was the only one close to him.

Therefore, He Jianxun often came to Liu Bohuai’s house for a drink.

He came over again today.

Apart from drinking, he spilled his guts to Liu Bohuai, saying that his family, from the top to the bottom had started to worry about his marriage.

He Jianxun was a handsome man who seemed gentle and elegant.

Like Liu Bohuai, he was in his thirties, a prime bachelor’s age, so there was no reason for him to enter the grave of marriage too early.

Of course, that was his own opinion.

But the He family, from Old Man He to his parents, were now hoping that he would find the right person to settle down with.

It didn’t matter if it wasn’t a girl from an influential family; even if it was an actress or a model he had dated before, they would do.

–The standards had been lowered.

He Jianxun said glumly: “I don’t want to get married at all now, I want to have a few more years of fun.”

“What’s more, marriage is two people who love each other getting together, but I don’t have….”

“My family is pushing me every day and I’m so annoyed, but I don’t dare say no, that’s why I’ve come to hide at your place first.”

Liu Bohuai drank in silence, not paying any attention to him.

He Jianxun, obviously used to him being like this, said to himself, “But you’re fine, Aunt Xia is recuperating abroad, so she can’t control you.”

“Your second brother can’t control you……”

Liu Bohuai’s mother was called Xia Qingwan.

Since the death of her husband, she had moved abroad to recuperate.

They usually contacted her by video or telephone and on festivals, the Liu family or relatives of the Xia family would visit her abroad.

Xia Qingwan had three sons, Liu Bohuai being the youngest.

He had two big brothers. His elder brother Liu Zhouhe died long ago, leaving Liu Xiahui, who was still young at the time.

And Liu Xiahui’s mother, Pei Jing, had already divorced Liu Zhouhe long ago.

After Liu Zhouhe’s death, Xia Qingwan had wanted to raise Liu Xiahui herself, but Liu Bohuai– who was only about 20 years old at the time– refused and took his nephew into his care….

As for Liu Bohuai’s second brother, Liu Jingyuan, his family was now abroad as well.

As Liu Bohuai had been given the entire Liu family by Father Liu before he passed away, Liu Jingyuan only held a portion of the Liu Group’s shares.

So although he had some say, it wasn’t important.

Even though Liu Bohuai was still a loner, the Liu family wasn’t rushing him to get married.

He Jianxun was simply envious.

He remembered that Liu Bohuai had never had a girlfriend or even a man so far, let alone touched one.

He was so ascetic that he could be compared to a true monk.

He Jianxun stared at the Buddhist beads on Liu Bohuai’s wrist and joked, “Bohuai, it can’t be that you’re really planning to not fall in love and get married for the rest of your life, right? Do you really want to end up being alone?”

However he couldn’t help but shake his head after asking, unable to imagine his best friend falling in love with someone else.

Liu Bohuai’s hand that was about to lift his glass started.

He Jianxun was just saying that, not intending to hear Liu Bohuai’s answer.

After staring at the string of Buddhist beads, his expression turned hesitant then he asked, a little confused: “I remember this tie and these sapphire cufflinks on you…… weren’t you wearing them just a few days ago?”

“Not right, I saw them yesterday too, why haven’t you changed them?”

“No way, right? Is the Liu Group finally going bankrupt?”

Saying this, He Jianxun was about to reach out to touch the cufflinks.

He wanted to see what was so rare about them, but Liu Bohuai dodged, then looked at him.

Liu Bohuai replied lightly: “I like them.”

He Jianxun made a click with his lips: “It’s rare that you find something you like.”

But he retracted his hand after hearing what Liu Bohuai had just said, no longer interested.

He Jianxun continued talking then suddenly mentioned Ge Yue, saying, “My nephew’s new comic is a big hit, especially the villainous character in it.”

“I heard him say it’s based on your business partner, Li Qingzhou, and they’re in regular contact to discuss it…..”

Liu Bohuai looked at him, his glass hanging in mid-air, the wine in it swaying gently.

He Jianxun smiled and said, remembering something: “This Eldest young master of the Li family is really young and promising.”

“It seems that the intelligent car project you’re currently working on is nearing its completion, it is just left with the launch event after the trials.”

“Congratulations in advance.”

He Jianxun lifted his glass and clinked it with Liu Bohuai’s.

Then he said, “You’re still as ingenious as ever. If the project succeeds, the huge benefits brought by the intelligent AI car are too great even for me to imagine.”

“After this, I’m sure the Liu Group will be even more unmatched.”

“The young master of the Li family is really something.” He Jianxun exclaimed again.

Liu Bohuai’s brows couldn’t help but soften a little.

But He Jianxun didn’t see this and continued, “Eh, right, Ge Yue is my nephew and he calls you Uncle Liu, and my nephew is friends with your business partner……”

“Then according to the generation, doesn’t this mean that the eldest young master of the Li family has to call you Uncle Liu too hahaha.”

He Jianxun managed to amuse himself.


Liu Bohuai put his glass down with a ‘thump’, stood up, held He Jianxun by the collar then walked towards the door.

“Eh, eh, eh? What’s going on? I haven’t finished my drink yet….” He Jianxun was confused.

“You’re too annoying, get lost.”

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