My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 98.2

Editor: Jodi

Lu Jizhen was very good at networking, as she occasionally went abroad to ingratiate and flatter Xia Qingwan without even batting an eyelid.

Then back in C Country, she would go to the Xia family with Liu Jingyuan from time to time to see Xia Xinjian and Zhong Lan.

On this day, only Zhong Lan and her daughter-in-law, Xu Shan, were at home.

After Liu Jingyuan and Lu Jizhen arrived, they discussed with Zhong Lan and Xu Shan about investing in a game development project by the Lu family’s company.

They didn’t say much, only asking if Zhong Lan and Xu Shan were interested in investing, promising a substantial dividend once the game was developed.

Both Zhong Lan and Xu Shan had the funds, however they weren’t keen on getting involved with the Lu family’s company projects, hence they declined politely.

Lu Jizhen had just mentioned it in passing, and so didn’t care much when she heard this.

However just as they were leaving, she overheard a piece of gossip.

It was the Xia family’s nanny and cleaning lady who were casually chatting about Liu Bohuai bringing someone over to the Xia family’s home, about him having a partner.

Zhong Lan had wanted to introduce Liu Bohuai to a friend’s daughter, however before any arrangements could be made, Liu Bohuai had already found someone.

The nanny: “The lady that madam brought to the residence was quite a beauty with brains, a real stunner.”

“But if you ask me, she doesn’t match up to the one Mr. Liu brought, although it’s a…..”

The rest was said so softly, nearly a whisper to the cleaning lady that Lu Jizhen, who was eavesdropping from a distance, couldn’t catch any of it.

However what she did gather, was that Liu Bohuai had found someone he liked.

And from what she had heard, it sounded serious, as if marriage was the end goal, otherwise he wouldn’t have introduce her formally to the Xia family.

Afterwards Lu Jizhen and Liu Jingyuan left the Xia Residence.

Then Lu Jizhen told Liu Jingyuan about what she had heard in the car.

Liu Jingyuan’s brows furrowed, the expression on his face not very good. He didn’t know about this news, he actually didn’t know……

–Liu Bohuai had brought someone to the Xia family, but didn’t come to tell him.

This feeling of being ignored touched Liu Jingyuan’s sensitive nerves, making it so that he couldn’t help but resent Liu Bohuai more and more.

Lu Jizhen opened her mouth, “I thought Liu Bohuai was going to end up alone for life, I didn’t expect….”

“If Liu Bohuai gets married and has children, then what about Liu Xiahui’s place in the Lu family? I doubt it’ll remain the same.”

She sneered. Everyone was selfish. It looked as if Liu Bohuai was cultivating Liu Xiahui, however once he had his own family, wouldn’t Liu Xiahui have to step aside?

After all, he was only just a nephew.

However wouldn’t Liu Xiahui mind that his uncle was going to have a family?

He was originally the only candidate to inheriting the Lu family, but if there were two or three more…. it would definitely cause friction.

Liu Jingyuan obviously also thought of this, as a cold smile appeared on his face.

Then he said: “Perhaps, we can use this to sway Liu Xiahui to our side.”

“You’re right.”


Two days later, Li Qingzhou was sitting in his office, listening to Fang Xiyan’s report.

–M Country’s Bolton Company was suddenly being suppressed, leading to a cliff-like fall in its stock.

Currently, the Bolton Company’s situation was precarious, hence the Li Group Corporation which was in partnership with it, was also being affected in some ways.

Frowning, Li Qingzhou asked, “What’s going on?”

Which forces were suppressing the Bolton Company?

The Bolton Company could be said to be a leading company in the foreign automobile sector, so why was it being suppressed so easily?

Who had they offended?

Fang Xiyan’s expression was grave as he responded, “The suppression of the Bolton Company is by the Casper family.”

This family had significant influence in M Country, with one of its members even being a political figure in the White House.

And in recent years, the Casper family had been dedicated to developing artificial intelligence, with several family-funded laboratories specializing in AI research.

What’s more many well-known university professors in related fields had been invited by the Casper family.

And recently, news had leaked that one of the Casper-funded labs seemed to be on the verge of a breakthrough in autonomous driving technology.

The Casper family intended to enter the automobile sector.

This family was known for its ruthless tactics and belief in the survival of the fittest.

Hence if they wanted to be the top dog, then they had to bring the leading companies down and trample on them.

And the Bolton Company, the first to be affected, was inevitably in the way.

Moreover one of the reasons why the Casper family was suppressing the Bolton Company, apart from them being in the automobile sector, was because of the Yu family.

–Yu Xudong’s son, Yu Kun, was dating the only daughter of the Casper family.

And the Casper family had always doted on this daughter, hence stepping on the Bolton Company was convenient for them, and beyond that, was their dealings with the Yu family.

“The Yu family previously acted low-key in Yanjing, but now that they’ve climbed up to the Casper family, they’ve been active in Yanjing lately…. and are faintly showing signs of targeting the Li Group.” Fang Xiyan said.

Li Qingzhou said coldly, “If the Casper family wants to be a man-eating shark, they’ll have to see if they have the stomach to swallow.”

“Tell Blair to pull back for now, to avoid direct confrontation, to dodge whatever tactics they have for now and to wait for later…..”

Fang Xiyan nodded: “Understood, President Li.”

Hence it wasn’t long before the Bolton Company appeared to falter, as they started to abandon the competition for resources with the Casper family.

Then the Casper family, coming from behind, quickly released a video of a new concept smart car equipped with autonomous driving technology,

With the claims that this technology would soon be realized.

[Autonomous driving?! My goodness… I haven’t even gotten to drive the new smart car, and now there’s autonomous driving?! Fuck, I don’t have money.]

[The Li Group had also mentioned the development of autonomous driving technology after the success of their second-generation smart AI cars. I just don’t know if there have been any results. We definitely can’t let foreign companies surpass us.]

[Eh, the Casper family has released news again, saying that they are collaborating with the Yu family. Which Yu family is that?!]

At the Liu family’s Old Mansion.

Li Qingzhou nestled in Liu Bohuai’s arms, and after he finished reading the online news, he turned to nibble on his lover’s earlobe, muttering in a small voice, “Ah Huai, watch me crush them.”

Liu Bohuai: “….”

You come up first and ‘crush’ me.

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    1. At least author didn’t make all the characters from that country a braindead fool. There’s some cool character that even gain MC’s recognition. Albert (I forgot his name) is one, and Blair although at the start was somewhat arrogant, still has his IQ and seems to finally made his relationship with Li Qingzhou?

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