My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 50.2

The scene that left the audience and netizens dumbfounded continued.

Although the location of the ‘victims’ in this rescue competition was unknown, the number of ‘victims’ was clear.

—All the ‘victims’ on Rescue One’s side had been rescued successfully.

However, the CW team still hadn’t rescued anyone, especially after the unexpected collapse incident. Their robot hadn’t saved a single person.

After completing its mission successfully, Rescue One slid over to Li Qingzhou and asked, “Do they need any help from Rescue One?”

It pointed Its remaining mechanical arm in the direction of the CW team.

Li Qingzhou glanced at Du Chenwei and with a slight smirk, said, “I don’t know, why don’t you ask him?”

Hearing this, Rescue one slid over to Du Chenwei, raised its camera and asked emotionlessly with its electronic voice, “Do you need help?”

Du Chenwei stood stiffly in place, his eyes widening as his face twitched momentarily, speechless.

The same went for the CW team members behind him.

Seeing that it didn’t get an answer, Rescue One asked again.

Still, there was no response.

—Its camera swiveled, appearing somewhat puzzled.

This made the audience on-site anxious, with some shouting at Du Chenwei to hurry up and speak.

“D*mn, answer it already!”

The host glanced at Du Chenwei’s expression then said tentatively to Rescue One, “If possible, please join the CW team’s rescue efforts.”

He spoke to Rescue One as If he were talking to a person.

Rescue One’s camera swiveled up and down: “No problem, I guarantee the task will be completed.”

After saying this, it went to the ruins in the CW team’s competition area and started digging…

Before long, under Li Qingzhou’s occasional guidance, Rescue One successfully located the CW team’s robot as well as the ‘victims’ buried beneath the rubble.

Rescue One even greeted them, “Hi friends, don’t be afraid, I’m here to save you.”

[F*ck.… I’m covering my mouth and crying. Why do I find Rescue One so adorable even though it has such a cold, emotionless electronic voice?]

[Ah ah ah, what kind of code and program did President Li input into this robot? Why is it so intelligent? It’s so cute and lovable… It’s just amazing.]

[Astonishing. Even though I know this dialogue might just be a scripted program, if it were in a real post-disaster rescue… people waiting in despair would be comforted by these words. Sometimes, hidden power lies within speech.]

[I won’t say anything else, let me just sigh once more, ‘President Li is awesome!’ I bow to the boss!]

At this point in the competition, it was clear that Rescue one was without a doubt the winner.

It had not only rescued all the ‘victims’ within its team’s competition area, it had also rescued the opposing team’s robot and dummies.

The judges were visibly excited.

One judge even walked onto the field and asked Li Qingzhou, “Mr. Li, could you please demonstrate to us how Rescue One detects the vital signs of injured people?”

“We can have staff act as injured individuals and we can also select a volunteer from the audience…” He suggested.

When the audience heard this, they became excited, with some even raising their arms high in anticipation.

Li Qingzhou nodded, “Of course, for a more accurate demonstration, someone from our team can also participate in the test.”

“Assessing the basic condition of the injured is based on the principle of thermal imaging, which reports the general state of the human body to the rescuers outside…”

“Since there are no real injured people here, Rescue One will need to perform a detailed scan, which will take a few minutes. Furthermore, the participants may need to remove their clothing to assist with the process.”

The judges expressed that this wouldn’t be an issue.

Li Qingzhou asked, “So, who will participate?”

“Me, me! Can I participate?” Dong Lin raised his hand eagerly when he heard the question.

Although chagrined, Yu Zhe chuckled as he patted Dong Lin on the shoulder—he was too slow that he had been beaten to the punch by Xiao Lin, who also wanted to participate.

During the competition, both he and Dong Lin had been excited throughout as they stood right at the edge of the field.

Lu Mei Shan was the same, even forgetting to put down the wrench she had used to fix things.

In the end, three people were chosen at the competition venue: a staff member, Dong Lin, and a lucky male audience.

Li Qingzhou instructed, “Rescue One, check their physical conditions.”

Obeying the instructions, Rescue One approached, extending a mechanical arm with instruments attached to it.

The first person was the staff member, who had a sturdy physique and was wearing a camera and other equipment. However Rescue One pointed out that there was a problem with his stomach.

The staff member said In surprise, “I’ve actually had stomach pain recently and it’s hurting now, but it’s not serious.”

He had always been healthy and so could endure a lot, so even if he had stomach pain, he didn’t consider it a big deal and planned to deal with it after work.

The second person was Dong Lin.

Rescue One scanned him and found that he was fatigued and in poor condition: “There are no major issues, no need for rescue.”

Dong Lin told them that he had been staying up late for several days in a row.

The third lucky audience also had no major issues.

This judgment was based on a body scan, with large data comparison, thermal imaging and other analyses determining the physical condition of the ‘victim’.

Since Rescue One could even detect minor problems, it would be able to better grasp the specific situation and circumstances of the ‘victim’ during post-disaster rescue.

Li Qingzhou went into great detail about this.

The judges and the host couldn’t help but applaud after hearing the explanation. Soon after, the entire competition venue burst into waves of enthusiastic applause.

—Without a doubt, Unique Studio’s team had won the competition.

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