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Chapter 14.2

When he received the message from Zhao Jingjing, Li Qingzhou was at home chatting with his new friend and comic book writer god, Ge Yue.

This guy had recently been working on a new comic, said his image was perfect for the villain in it and wanted to get facial authorization to draw him in the comic.

Ge Yue phrased it carefully, “The villain I conceived is also in a wheelchair. if you don’t mind.”

Li Qingzhou didn’t care about that.

Stifling the excitement in his voice, he kept his persona intact, “It doesn’t matter. I can authorize it, just draw it the way you want.”

Ge Yue rubbed his hands together, getting even more excited: “Big brother, you’re the best brother I’ve ever had!”

“I will definitely make your character design unbelievably clever! Intellectually superior! Cold and ruthless! A wild and eccentric beauty. cough, the best looking villain boss.”

Li Qingzhou: Ah– I love it, I love it! Please be sure, be sure to just go with that!

“Big brother, why don’t I tell you a little bit about the villain’s bitter, dark backstory and his psychological journey down the evil-road?” Ge Yue said with gusto.

Li Qingzhou said in a steady tone, “Does it sum up in the phrase ‘All the world has wronged me, I can k*ll the whole world’.”

Woo! So touching!

Ge Yue slapped his thighs as if he had found his soulmate: “That’s right! Big brother, you know me well!”

No matter how incessant one blathered on, the other one’s light-hearted, occasional response came.

But the more they talked, the more they got to know each other.

–They, regretted, not, having, met each other earlier!

Ge Yue couldn’t be happier with his decision to chase for his contact details.

But the chat ended with a message from Zhao Jingjing– a message asking for help, saying that Xu Mengning was in trouble and was being bullied.

Scratching his cheek, Li Qingzhou started digging deeper into the plot from his memory.

–This episode seemed to be a gathering of students from the medical school, of which naturally included Xu Mengning and Zhao Jingjing.

But they happened to meet Cui Ting, the girl who was a cannon fodder at the hotel where they went to have dinner.

It was Cui Ting’s birthday.

And because Cui Ting wasn’t happy with Xu Mengning, she decided to book the entire hotel to drive the female protagonist and the medical students away.

But by this time the dinner had already started, the food had been served and Cui Ting’s attitude was extremely bad.

So, a confrontation ensued.

In the original book, ‘Li Qingzhou’ also received a message from Zhao Jingjing, which led him to the hotel to resolve the situation.

But at that time, the Li family hadn’t yet experienced the land in the Northern Suburbs’ incident, and hadn’t yet moved into Yanjing to gain momentum.

So the Li family was still somewhat less powerful than the Cui family.

This resulted in– after Cui Ting’s brother Cui Miao came– Li Qingzhou being severely humiliated.

And just afterwards, the male protagonist Liu Xiahui appeared.

The Liu family was a giant in the business world, especially with the presence of the Third Master of the Liu family, and Cui Miao naturally didn’t dare to offend the Liu family’s prince.

In the end, Cui Miao took Cui Ting and left in disgrace.

The female protagonist was successfully ‘saved’ by the male protagonist.

And ‘Li Qingzhou’ became the backdrop for the male protagonist’s cool and bossy antics.

Once again aware of the gap between them, ‘Li Qingzhou’ became extremely unresigned, which reinforced his obsession with the female protagonist.

After thinking this, Li Qingzhou shook his head quickly, “No, no, no. If you need something, go to the male protagonist. Please don’t come to the villain.”

–Going out to get humiliated wasn’t as good as watching anime at home.

But he had a persona to maintain after all and so couldn’t pretend as if he hadn’t seen the message.

Li Qingzhou shoved a bite of chips in his mouth, thinking to himself– En, he would be late. After all, he was busy working on intelligent AI, so missing it for a while wouldn’t be a problem 🙂

By the time he had finished catching up on two episodes of the anime, the female protagonist had been rescued by the male protagonist.

Li Qingzhou had just gotten out of the car when he saw Liu Xiahui walking Xu Mengning out of the hotel, with Zhao Jingjing and Qi Hao, another friend of Liu Xiahui’s, following behind.

Xu Mengning was the first to see Li Qingzhou.

Then, following her gaze Liu Xiahui frowned slightly as he stood still, his posture indifferent.

Li Qingzhou apologized, “Mengning, I was busy with an experiment earlier, that’s why I’m late.”

Xu Mengning glared at Zhao Jingjing, figuring that it was her who had sent the message to Qingzhou.

Zhao Jingjing put her hands together, begging for forgiveness.

Li Qingzhou told Xu Mengning, “Don’t blame your friend.”

“Ah Ning, why didn’t you tell me you were in trouble? I also wanted to….”

Liu Xiahui sneered, “What can you do? Have you noticed how many catties you weigh…”

“Liu Xiahui!” Xu Mengning frowned.

Liu Xiahui stopped talking, but his expression became even more indifferent.

The look on Li Qingzhou’s expression was equally impressive as he said, “I don’t need to bother Mr. Liu with that.”

“Ah Ning, I’ll send you back.”

Xu Mengning nodded her head first.

Then she turned to Liu Xiahui and said, “Mr. Liu, thank you for today. I will repay you when I have the chance.”

Xu Mengning said goodbye to her friend and then left with Li Qingzhou.

Liu Xiahui stood in front of the hotel, his figure almost melting into the night.

Moving forward, Qi Hao patted him on the shoulder, “This young master of the Li family really doesn’t give you face. Would you like me to teach him a lesson….”

“No need.”

Liu Xiahui thought of something and said, “My third uncle seems to be striking out recently.”

“Your third uncle is making a move?!”

Qi Hao was full of surprise: “Then he’s definitely going to be finished.”

The figures of the two men gradually drifted away, the sound of their words slowly drifting away as well.

And just after they were gone, a man came out from behind the hotel door. It was Jiang Daikun.

Rubbing his chin, he smiled: “… Li Qingzhou has really offended the Liu family.”

“Now that the project for the land in the northern suburbs has fallen through, I’ll see what he will tell Li Huai Min.”

He didn’t expect that the invitation to the Cui family’s youngest princess’s birthday party would have such a windfall.

With that, he also turned to leave.

Li Chengkang and Wu Shiguang came to Yanjing and met Cui Gengjian, chairman of the Cui Group, through Jiang Daikun.

The Cui family had a lot of power in Yanjing.

And so with Cui Gengjian’s assistance, they had a good chance of winning the project of the land in the Northern Suburbs.

For this reason, Wu Shiguang and Li Chengkang really lowered themselves to please Cui Gengjian.

After money and gifts were given.

The result was, naturally, an affirmative answer.

On the day of the official opening of the auction for the land in the northern suburbs, Cui Gengjian’s guarantee was revealed– the land was indeed successfully won by Wu Shiguang.

When the news reached Xicheng, Old Master Li realized that Li Qingzhou had suppressed the project of the land in the Northern Suburbs without his knowledge.

How could he not be furious at losing his chance to enter Yanjing like this?

Especially when Li Chengkang publicly proposed to the board of directors that Li Qingzhou be removed as President?

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