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Chapter 15.2

–Once Li Qingzhou resigned as CEO, afraid it was going to be difficult for him to come back again.

What’s more, The Li Group Corporation might turn into a place where Li Chengkang would have the final say in all matters by then.

Li Qingzhou was about to say something when,

The butler came in at that moment and said, “Old Master, Sir…. the time has come for the board meeting and the car is ready. This…..”

Old Master Li got up from the sofa, followed by Li Chengkang and then Jiang Biling.

“Let’s go.” Old Master Li’s voice had a deep sense of helplessness in it.

He walked over to Li Qingzhou, patted him on the shoulder and said, “Grandpa…. will do his best to intercede for you.”

Li Qingzhou’s heart warmed.

Li Chengkang, on the other hand, looked gloomy, but returned to normal in a flash.

He and Jiang Biling walked behind while Li Hongjie stayed at the old house.

Midway, Jiang Biling tugged on Li Chengkang’s arm, saying inaudibly, “When are you going to talk to the old man about this…. thing that we’re doing with Wu Shiguang?”

After all, the Li family and the Wu family had always been at odds. In case the old man became angry because of it….

Li Chengkang’s eyes were dark: “I will explain this matter directly at the board meeting…. right after Li Qingzhou is removed from office.”

“Just don’t worry. With Li Qingzhou in front of us, the board won’t be too hard on us.”

Jiang Biling nodded at his words, and a smile couldn’t help but appear on her face.

A little later, they boarded the car separately and left the old house.


The Li Group Corporation had built a magnificent building in Xicheng that spanned an entire office block.

And the board of directors usually met on the top floor of the company.

The boardroom door opened onto a large floor-to-ceiling window, with people and traffic outside– a great location to enjoy the view from the outside.

But no one was in the mood to look out now.

Several of the board’s shareholders were sitting upright, their expressions fully serious.

A short while later, when Li Qingzhou came in, some of them even frowned with displeasure.

Walking over, Old Master Li sat at the head of the table.

Li Chengkang sat on the right hand side, followed by Jiang Biling who had a casual position in The Li Group.

Fang Xiyan pushed Li Qingzhou directly to the left side of Old Man Li as he didn’t need a seat.

The meeting began, with the shareholders going straight to the point.

–Li Qingzhou had to be removed from his position as Chief Executive Officer for not participating in the bidding for the land in the Northern Suburbs.

A number of people expressed a favorable opinion on this.

And despite Old Master Li’s best efforts to fight for Li Qingzhou, the shareholders’ opinion remained unanimous.

During this period, Li Qingzhou remained silent.

He sat quietly in his wheelchair, looking calm with his hands folded over his abs, making no extra movements throughout as he just stared at them.

–As if watching a group of monkeys jostling for position.

This annoyed some shareholders greatly.

One of them, a middle-aged man in his forties said, “Old Man Li, I don’t mean to criticize you, but Qingzhou is still too young and many things can’t be solved just by being smart. It can only be solved by experience.”

“Look at Chengkang, he does everything very well too.”

“The project to bid for the land in Yanjing this time might as well have been left to Chengkang, then it wouldn’t have been as bad as….”

The man stopped talking and smiled at Li Qingzhou, “Nephew, don’t take this personally. Uncle Zhao is just saying what he has to say, it’s not that I’m singling you out.”

The corners of Li Qingzhou’s lips tugged in response.

Li Chengkang, on the other hand, politely and modestly said a few words.

At this point, someone added, “Old Li, even if you want to keep your grandson in his position, you have to ask us the shareholders for our opinion. Let’s vote on this.”

“I do not approve of Li Qingzhou’s continuation in office.”

“I do not approve of it either.”

“I also don’t…..”

Li Qingzhou suddenly knocked on the table, interrupting their presumptuous vote.

Seeing the eyes of the shareholders converging on him, he opened his mouth, “I think I, the party in question, should still have a say.”

“What else do you have to say?”

“Don’t go on talking too much in your defense, you’re wasting our time.”


“Silence!” Old Master Li frowned, raising his voice.

He then turned his head to Li Qingzhou and asked, “Qingzhou, what do you want to say?”

“There are a few things that need to be clarified.” Li Qingzhou said emphatically, “Grandpa, it’s very important.”

“Then say it, the board is not short of time. ” The old man said while sweeping his eyes across the room.

The shareholder named Zhao exchanged a subtle glance with Li Chengkang.

The latter didn’t speak. He only leaned back in his chair with an air of waiting.

The shareholder named Zhao also said nothing more.

–Even if Li Qingzhou was given time and allowed to argue his case, afraid it wouldn’t change the outcome.

They would treat it as if they were giving Old Man Li face.

No one spoke and there was a sudden silence.

Li Qingzhou instructed Fang Xiyan to connect the laptop he was carrying to the large screen in the conference room and to find the video he had recorded in the lab at Yanjing University at the time.

Some explanations were more intuitive to see directly than to speak.

What’s more, he was afraid he would become thirsty as he explained as a result of being interrupted constantly by a bunch of idiots…..

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