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Chapter 23.2

Li Hongjie and Li Hanyu were cousins, and everyone at school knew that.

–So even if they didn’t have much contact and weren’t in the same class, some nosy people would report to him about Li Hanyu.

Li Hongjie added, “She suddenly asked for leave that day and then she was picked up by the driver from the old house.”

“I heard it was because Li Xusheng was crying a lot…. it seems he was hiding under the dining table and wouldn’t come out or something like that….”

“What did you say?!” Li Chengkang jerked to his feet.

Jiang Biling hadn’t realized what the problem was and looked unhappy, “Keep your voice down, look how you’ve frightened Hongjie. What’s with all the noise….”

Li Chengkang’s face turned extremely ugly at this point.

He couldn’t help but interrupt Jiang Biling loudly, “It was that day! It was the day we went back to the old house to look for the will!”

“That little brat Li Xusheng was hiding under the dining table in the living room and he heard our conversation!”

No wonder…. No wonder there had been a lot of weirdness everywhere lately.

–The old man was nowhere to be seen and Li Qingzhou seemed to have gone silent.

He and Jiang Biling went to the old house almost every day but didn’t see the driver coming in or out to pick Li Xusheng up….

Li Chengkang couldn’t help but hold the back of his head with one hand, having a splitting headache. Pointing at Li Hongjie, he scolded, “Why didn’t you say so earlier, why didn’t you say so earlier….”

If only the problem had been spotted earlier….

Li Hongjie was a little taken aback, “What did I, what did I say, what conversation? I was staying at school, didn’t I just come back today….”

He turned to look at Jiang Biling’s face and surprisingly, saw that it had also turned steeply grey and that her body was tottering.

“Mom, what’s wrong with you?!” Li Hongjie exclaimed.

Jiang Biling muttered, “Is it because the old man knows, that’s why he….”

“Dad, Mom, what’s wrong?!”

Just then, the butler came suddenly and hurriedly into the living room, “Sir, Mrs., these people barged in, I wasn’t able to stop them….”

He didn’t have to say what people they were,

Because a group of uniformed policemen came out from behind the butler.

The leader of the group said, “Mr. Li Chengkang, Ms. Jiang Biling, please come with us.”

Then two policemen stepped forward to handcuff the two of them.

Li Hongjie immediately stepped in front of his parents, looking shocked and panicked as he shouted, “What are you doing? I’ll sue you for trespassing.”

The policeman in charge wasn’t angry.

He explained, “In view of the possible involvement of Mr. Li Chengkang and Ms. Jiang Biling in a human trafficking incident back then and in connection with the killing of Mr. Li Chengliang and his wife in a car accident….”

“We have the right to investigate them and this is the warrant for their arrest.”

A conspicuous piece of identification was placed in front of Li Hongjie.

Li Hongjie couldn’t help but stare in disbelief.

His mind still digesting the information he had just heard, he opened his mouth to say, “No, this can’t be…. what abduction, what car accident, it has nothing to do with my parents!”

The policeman: “The law will prove everything.”

“If it has nothing to do with them, they will be acquitted, but if it does…. please, student, don’t interfere with official business.”

Then the two policemen proceeded to walk around Li Hongjie towards his parents.

Jiang Biling panicked, “My father is Jiang Jihong! You can’t touch me, I have to call my father first!”

Hope lit up in Li Chengkang’s eyes when he heard her say this.

But then the policeman in charge blew it out, “I’m sorry, Ms. Jiang.”

“Your father, Jiang Jihong, has also been implicated and is currently suspended pending investigation.”

Li Chengkang’s face turned ashen.

When Jiang Biling heard these words, she finally couldn’t help but go limp….

In the end, both were taken away by the police.

As Li Hongjie chased after them, he heard Li Chengkang shout, “Go beg your grandfather, go beg your grandfather to save us!”

The police car gradually drove away.

Stopping, Li Hongjie wiped his tears then hurriedly asked the family driver to take him to the old house.

At this moment, the Li family was welcoming a guest in their old house –Liu Bohuai.

Old Master Li’s mood had finally improved somewhat.

From his attitude, he wasn’t just stating that he had no son called Li Chengkang, he was also stating that the crime must not be condoned.

What’s more, Li Chengkang had harmed his brother, sister-in-law and his nephew….

When the time comes, would he continue to harm Qingzhou, Hanyu, Xusheng and even he, his father, for the sake of the family fortune?

Old Master Li felt grief whenever he thought about this.

–Today was the day that the Jiang family was being investigated and Jiang Jihong had been suspended and was under investigation, so Li Chengkang and Jiang Biling should now be….

Old Master Li couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh, then pulling himself together, raised his head to look at Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai.

To be precise, it was to look at the Third Master of the Liu family.

After all, it was only thanks to Liu Bohuai that the hidden truth from back then had been restored and the Jiang family convicted.

At the moment, Li Qingzhou was recommending good tea to Liu Bohuai.

Surprisingly, the two of them got along well, as Liu Bohuai leaned over to listen and with one hand helped Li Qingzhou hold the not-so-light tea canister….

Old Master Li was a little shocked.

Just then, the old butler came over to report, “Old Master, young master Hongjie is currently outside the old house and wants to see you. What do you think….”

Old Master Li frowned.

Concerning this grandson, he was still a little unable to bear ignoring him. After all, Hongjie didn’t know what happened back then….

Li Qingzhou said lightly, “Grandpa, let him in.”

Sighing, Old Master Li nodded.

The butler went out.

When he came in again, he was followed by a bewildered and disoriented Li Hongjie.

“Grandpa, please help my parents, they’ve been taken to the police who were saying something about abduction, car accident….”

“My parents couldn’t have done any of these things.”

Li Hongjie didn’t care who was in the living room.

He even ignored Li Qingzhou directly and went to plead with Old Master Li.

Old Master Li said, expressionlessly, “I can’t save them, nobody can. It’s a crime that they committed.”

Li Hongjie didn’t believe it: “Why? What crime did my parents commit?!”

Breaking down, he clawed his hair. He only felt that all of a sudden, everything had changed.

–He had only returned home from school and hadn’t spent much time with his parents when they were taken to the police station….

Old Master Li was silent.

Li Hongjie looked around blankly.

However when his eyes lighted on the figure of Li Qingzhou, he suddenly stood up and pointed at him, shouting, “I know, it was Li Qingzhou who set my parents up!”

“He’s always had bad intentions, he just wants the Li Group!”

Old Master Li said angrily, “Shut up, can’t you see the reality by now?!”

“Didn’t the police tell you what your parents did before they arrested them?!”

“It’s all true, how do you want Grandpa to save them!”

The old man covered his chest as he finished speaking, gasping for breath.

The old butler hurried forward to help pat his back in order to ease the circulation of air: “Master, you mustn’t get any more emotional.”

Otherwise he would get high blood pressure again.

Li Qingzhou asked the butler to support Old Master Li and take him upstairs to rest, stating that he would talk to Li Hongjie.

The butler did as he was told.

When the two left, Li Qingzhou said, “Do you want to know what your parents have done?”

“If the words of the police weren’t enough to convince you…. then here, there’s plenty of evidence.”

Saying this, he placed the video, documents and other evidence in front of Li Hongjie.

Li Hongjie opened them…. with trembling hands.

Time passed, little by little.

–The only sound in the living room was the noise that came from the video as Li Hongjie watched it, then the oppressive silence surrounding him as he flicked through documents….

In the end.

Li Hongjie no longer dared to look as he lowered his head. Clenching his fists, he crumpled the edges of the documents.

Li Qingzhou told him, “If you have nothing more to say, then leave. How innocent my parents were, is how much your parents deserve it.”

“They must be brought to justice.”

He paused, then added, “Grandpa won’t ignore you. He left you an inheritance and shares in the Li Group Corporation….”

“Moving forward, I hope you will take responsibility for your own life.”

Having said that, there was nothing more to say.

Li Qingzhou waited quietly for a moment before Li Hongjie raised his head slowly, his face pale, eyes red…. and whole body defeated through and through.

Without a word, he stood up and dragged his feet towards the door….

Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh.

[Sigh, the sins of his parents.]

–The little guy in the bubble looked depressed and dejected, a small wilted flower on his head as he crouched down to pull the tips of the leaves of the grass.

One by one he pulled, but without strength, he wasn’t able to pull them out.

Li Qingzhou was sighing secretly when he suddenly felt a hand touching the top of his head gently. He turned his head in surprise.

“Mr. Liu?”

Liu Bohuai withdrew his palm with an unchanged expression, “I hope you can be happy.”

[Wow, he’s actually comforting me. Is this the kind of concern friends have for each other?]

–The little guy in the bubble lifted his head abruptly and even the little wilted flower on top of his head became a little more spirited.

Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but be happy that there was some progress in their relationship.

Yes, this meant that he would soon be able to introduce Liu Bohuai to someone!

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