My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 71.1

Editor: Jodi

Seeing Liu Bohuai and Liu Xiahui at the door, Liu Jingyuan stood up straight to greet them, “Bohuai, Xiahui, come in quick!”

After saying this, he looked at Liu Xiahui and said, “Xiahui, don’t blame second uncle for inviting your mom without asking you.”

“After all, it’s been many years since we last saw each other, so let’s all catch up and chat.”

When Liu Jingyuan finished saying this, Lu Jizhen also joined the conversation.

Getting up, she pulled Pei Jing and walked to the door, “Yes, Xiahui, I ran into your mom by chance earlier and we had a long chat.”

“I really missed the old days when we used to hang out together, so we decided to have dinner together.”

“You won’t blame second aunt for not telling you in advance, right? I just wanted to surprise you.”

Liu Xiahui responded coldly, “More of a shock than a surprise, isn’t it?”

Pei Jing’s face darkened, “Xiahui, mom just wants to have a good talk with you…”

Liu Xiahui interrupted her, “You want to talk to me, or you want your current husband to talk to my Third Uncle? Think clearly before you speak.”

“Since this is a family gathering, why is this man here?”

“Doesn’t he feel out of place and redundant?”

Liu Xiahui jerked his chin at Yu Xudong, no sign of respect in his eyes at all.

Pei Jing: “Xiahui, what sort of words are you saying? Xudong is my husband.”

Liu Xiahui retorted coolly, “Oh, he’s your husband, not mine. He’s just a stranger, no, a total stranger, so how much respect am I supposed to show him?”

“He should take a look at himself to see if he’s worth it. The only person I respect is my third uncle.”

Not even Liu Jingyuan counted.

Pei Jing was so angry, she didn’t know what to say.

Yu Xudong, on the other hand, maintained his polite and scholar-like demeanor, and even when he heard Liu Xiahui’s unreserved remarks, there was no sign of anger on his face.

Liu Bohuai looked at him with a faint expression.

The atmosphere was undeniably awkward.

Lu Jizhen tried to smooth things over, “Xiahui, Mr. Yu is after all your mother’s husband. He might be a stranger now, but after this meal together, won’t you know each other?”

Liu Xiahui responded coldly, “Why should I know him?”

“I don’t even want to acknowledge this mother, so why should I acknowledge her second husband?”

“Auntie, is it your brain that’s not working or is it mine that’s sick?”


Pei Jing cried out incredulously, “You don’t acknowledge me?! I’m your mother!”

Liu Xiahui’s expression slowly started to change to one of irritation.

He opened his mouth, “You just gave birth to me. Did you raise me?”

“When you divorced my dad and took money from the Liu family, that already paid back the favor of you giving birth to me.”

“After so many years of you hardly coming back to visit, do you really expect me to have deep feelings for you?”

“I’m not a kid who needs to be coaxed, who would be led around foolishly just because of a few nice words.”

“The reason you’ve come back now to get close to me is clear to both of us. You, and him, isn’t it for my Third Uncle that you’ve come?”

Liu Xiahui’s gaze swept across Liu Jingyuan and Lu Jizhen.

As for Liu Yuecheng and Liu Yunfei, he didn’t even consider them.

He continued, “Because you couldn’t get through me, you’ve turned to my uncle’s family. You really won’t stop until you reach your goal, huh?”

“Second uncle, second aunt, you really don’t like to mind your own business.”

At this point, even Liu Jingyuan and Lu Jizhen’s faces turned sour.

And hearing this, Liu Yuecheng’s expression turned angry.

However just as he was about to slap the table and stand up, Liu Yunfei held him back firmly, signaling with her eyes that this was a matter for adults and that he shouldn’t interfere.

Liu Jingyuan’s expression darkened: “Xiahui, is that how to speak to your elders?”

After saying this, he turned to Liu Bohuai: “Bohuai, is this how you’ve taught Xiahui?!”

Liu Bohuai looked at Liu Xiahui, “Do you think what you said was wrong?”

Liu Xiahui: “I didn’t say anything wrong.”

“Second uncle also admitted just a few minutes ago that he acted on his own, completely ignoring my feelings on whether or not I wanted to meet them.”

“Since they think that it’s been so many years, they should just chat and catch up here.”

“As a junior, I should express myself a little, so I’ll pay for this meal. Third Uncle, let’s go.”

“Alright.” Liu Bohuai said then turned to leave.

Liu Xiahui also followed him, not looking back.

Lu Jizhen tried to stop them but failed, hence she shouted hurriedly, “Bohuai, Xiahui, wait….”

She followed them out of the private room.

Pei Jing also chased after them.

Yu Xudong’s eyes flashed, then he hid all the dark emotions that had been about to rise, leaving only a calm expression with a hint of a smile on his face.

Standing up, he opened his mouth, “Mr. Liu, why don’t we also go out and see? We don’t need to take the child’s words to heart, after all he’s still immature.”

Hearing this, Liu Jingyuan retracted the gloomy expression on his face and responded, “Mr. Yu is right.”

Then leaving his two children, Liu Yuecheng and Liu Yunfei in the private room, walked out with Yu Xudong.

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