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Chapter 36.2

Li Qingzhou didn’t know what was happening in Yanjing University.

He was now at the moment sending an email to Professor Buffett— hoping that he would meet with him after seeing his research on artificially intelligent robots.

Yang Huanlu moved really fast.

He had friends and alumni in Y Country who he could ask for Professor Buffett’s contact information from.

And it didn’t take long for a friend to give him a reply.

Then Yang Huanlu gave Li Qingzhou Professor Buffett’s email address.

After sending the email, Li Qingzhou received a message from Ge Yue.

Ge Yue sent him a screenshot of the comic fan support club which actually contained a picture of Li Qingzhou at the smart AI car launch and said—

I’m a Martian: [Many fans now think you’re a real-life version of the villain Mu Lin from my new comic ‘Into the trap’. Haha, they’re too observant. You are originally the prototype of Mu Lin.]

[However at the moment they are too excited and enthusiastic and some are even going to your Weibo to follow you and to leave messages …… Do you want me to intervene and put a stop to it? Otherwise it might disturb you.]


Li Qingzhou thought about it. No wonder he kept on feeling that he had recently gained followers again.

One leaf Qingzhou: [No, there’s no need.]

I’m a Martian: [Ok, but if it causes you any problems, remember to let me know.]

One leaf Qingzhou: [En. By the way, did you get the invitation I asked someone to send to you?]

I’m a Martian: [Of course I got it. I’ll definitely be there for your celebration party……]

The company had already hosted a celebration party for the smart AI car. This time, it was a dinner party to which people from the Yanjing business circle were invited.

—Specifically for Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai’s successful collaboration.

The party would be held at He Jianxun’s Jin Xuan Court Hotel in two days’ time.

Li Qingzhou didn’t plan to bring his little sister and little brother to it. It wasn’t the right time.

So, that evening, Li Qingzhou changed into a sapphire aquamarine suit and, after a phone call to Old Master Li, sent his siblings off to the Zhuang family.

Li Qingzhou had not wanted to hand the Cui family an invitation.

But the animosity between him and the Cui family was all in the dark whereas in the open, not many people knew about it…..

And the Cui family had prestige in Yanjing after all, so if a little respect wasn’t given, it would seem that he, Li Qingzhou was petty.

However Cui Gengjian was able to come to the party with a cheeky face.

Li Qingzhou had booked the entire Jin Xuan Court Hotel.

He had just met up with Liu Bohuai in the lobby when Cui Gengjian approached him with a glass of wine in hand to talk.

“Congratulations, President Liu, President Li. Your smart AI car is selling well. You’ve made a lot of money this time right?” Cui Gengjian said with a smile on his face.

Not only did he come, he also brought behind him a reluctant Cui Ting and a grim-faced Cui Miao.

[Beware of suspicious rats bringing gifts to the chicken, they are sure to be ill-intentioned …… Not right! I’m not a chicken.]

–The little guy in the bubble had his arms wrapped around him with an unhappy look on his face, then he sat cross-legged on the floor and squeezed a little yellow cushion chicken pillow until it pecked and pecked.

Cui Gengjian was completely unconcerned by Li Qingzhou’s indifference and Liu Bohuai’s disregard.

He said with an unchanged expression, “What happened in the South District last time was all Cui Miao’s fault. He didn’t know that Miss Xu was an important person to President Li.”

“I brought him here to apologize to President Li and I hope this previous matter can be written off. Hurry up and get over here…..”

Done saying that, Cui Gengjian turned his head to look at Cui Miao.

Cui Miao moved forward with a bad expression and said, “President Li, I ……”

Li Qingzhou: “There’s no need. President Cui’s son doesn’t need to apologise at all.”

“The matter between us is closed, and as long as he doesn’t touch my bottom line again and again, I will naturally leave enough face for President Cui and your son as well.”

The implication was— don’t even think of getting those pictures back.

The smile on Cui Gengjian’s face faded when he heard these words.

He said, “President Li, it’s better to leave a leeway for yourself. Who knows when you’ll need to beg someone to save you later.”

Li Qingzhou raised his eyebrows and was just about to reply when he heard Liu Bohuai speak.

“President Cui, Qingzhou is my partner. He would never have to beg someone.”

Cui Gengjian’s expression couldn’t help but change then he grunted and turned to leave.

Cui Miao and Cui Ting followed behind.

Li Qingzhou looked over and he noticed that Cui Ting quickly went off alone to chat with the other rich girls.

But immediately afterwards, Liu Xiahui and Qu Yufan went over to them and it wasn’t known what was said, but Cui Ting followed the two.

[…… Something is going on.]

It can’t be something about Ah Ning, right?

—The little guy in the bubble stared with rapt attention.

Just then, Liu Bohuai reached out and placed his hand on his shoulder, bending slightly to say, “Come on, Jun Jun’s dad is here too. Don’t you want to meet him?”

Xia Yijun’s father was Xia Cenze, the current chief of the Yanjing police department.

The second phase of the smart AI car project research included a voice recognition alarm system, which required some necessary cooperation with the police department.

And the laws and regulations regarding smart cars on the road needed to be improved as soon as possible ……

Nodding, Li Qingzhou followed Liu Bohuai to meet Xia Cenze as well as other important business bigwigs, celebrities within various fields, etc.

Naturally, there was no shortage of drinking during this time.

And as Li Qingzhou was the host who had organized the whole party— when others toasted, he couldn’t escape it and so had to drink.

People came and went and Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai finally had an empty circle around them when He Jianxun came over with his nephew Ge Yue.

Ge Yue greeted politely first: “Hello Uncle Liu!”

Then he ran happily to Li Qingzhou’s side to chat.

Liu Bohuai took a sip of his wine and then set his glass aside, no emotion visible on his face.

He stared at Ge Yue who was talking to Li Qingzhou so much that he straightened and his voice became smaller and smaller.

In the end, Ge Yue scratched his hair and stood quietly by Li Qingzhou.

[Dizzy……I drunk too much wine.]

—The little guy in the bubble leaned against the little yellow cushion chicken pillow from earlier with his little short legs spread open, his little face flushed and a circle of colorful butterflies fluttering around his head.

Li Qingzhou dropped his head slightly and pressed his fingers to his brow.

He Jianxun noticed again that Liu Bohuai was actually still wearing that same sapphire aquamarine cufflinks and couldn’t help but say, “You really like it.”

“Eh, I noticed that these cufflinks match the outfit President Li is wearing today….”

Liu Bohuai glanced at him and said lightly, “Good eyesight, much better than your nephew’s.”

He Jianxun: “Hm?”

Ge Yue didn’t understand what he had done wrong….

Liu Bohuai walked over to Li Qingzhou and said, “The party is almost about to be over, so just let Zou Ming and Fang Xiyan take charge of the after dealings.”

“There is a rest room upstairs in Jin Xuan Court Hotel. I can see that you’re not feeling well, so why don’t you go and rest now?”

Li Qingzhou was feeling increasingly dizzy, so he nodded his head in agreement.

And with that, Liu Bohuai pushed Li Qingzhou out of the banquet hall.

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