My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 48.2

Unique Studio had three types of robots participating in the competition.

Yu Zhe’s team mainly excelled in service robots, while their strength in the production of rescue robots and combat robots were slightly inferior.

Perhaps, they had exhausted their luck in the semi-finals, because they were to face the CW team in the finals for the rescue robot competition.

[How coincidental.]

Li Qingzhou thought to himself as Xu Mengning by the side asked him about his thoughts on the competition.

Strictly speaking, rescue robots rarely had human-like appearances because one, it wasn’t convenient for rescue work and two, it was also limited by technology.

These robots were made to adapt to different types of rescue work such as earthquake disaster relief, underwater rescue and/or disaster investigation.

So they usually had wheels, conveyor belts, smart mechanical arms for digging and grippers for ease of operation.

And the rescue robot made by Yu Zhe’s team was exactly like this.

The robot had the appearance of a flat racing car without a hood, it’s tires made of steering wheels and keel chains.

And extending upwards were sensors, night vision devices and cameras as well as all the equipment that could be used in rescue operations…. it was mainly used for post-earthquake rescues.

Li Qingzhou took a look at the robot brought out by Du Chenwei’s team then said, “The main criteria for this type of robot competition is rescue time, image transmission and search.”

“In the case of multiple scoring, the Unique Studio team will win.”

As soon as he said this, Qi Hao said next to him, “President Li is really confident, saying directly that your company’s studio will win, but I don’t think the CW team is bad either.”

Since sitting down in the audience, these two had been whispering unendingly.

Causing Xiahui’s face to darken directly.

However because Xiahui’s third uncle was sitting next to Li Qingzhou, he hadn’t dared to say anything. Now, he had found a chance to speak.

[I’m confident because I perfected the intelligent program which is absolutely great!]

–The little guy in the bubble sat in the chair with one small foot dangling cutely as it swayed back and forth, looking very pleased with himself.

Li Qingzhou: “Student Qi, just watch it, don’t talk too much.”

Otherwise it will expose your IQ easily.

Qi Hao pursed his lips and although he was somewhat annoyed, he didn’t dare to say anything more.

He really wanted to see if the Unique Studio team would win.

Due to the nature of the artificially intelligent robots exchange competition, the final on-site event was divided into time slots.

And this match was based entirely on rescue-type robots.

The stage was set up as a post-disaster rescue scene, with all the difficulties and dangers that one might encounter during rescue operations simulated— this was also the basis for the judges’ scoring.

Li Qingzhou was indeed confident that the Unique Studio’s team’s robot would win.

However he didn’t anticipate that the robot would malfunction directly at the match site.

Yu Zhe had just put the robot into the arena and pressed the start button when suddenly, the program malfunctioned, causing the robot to lose control and spin in place before charging towards the pile of dirt and flailing its arms about randomly to attack the rocks.

There were expressions of surprise on the judges’ faces and some of the audience members close by cried out in fear.

Comments began to appear online.

[What’s going on?! There’s a problem with the robot? And at the competition site… it’s over.]

[This is too irresponsible. Didn’t they check it properly before entering the competition? What if someone gets hurt? Those are real rocks… Not good, it has started moving the slabs again. So scary.]

[I think they’re going to lose. They are definitely going to lose.]

The robot could be controlled by either a computer or a remote control, but both of them had malfunctioned.

Hence Yu Zhe and Dong Lin could only rush to the scene to shut the robot that wasn’t listening to instructions down manually.

Then Lu Mei Shan, the repairman, came to inspect the robot.

At this point, the robot’s casing had also suffered some damage.

Several of the judges and staff gathered around, the competition temporarily suspended.

[What’s going on? I want to take a look.]

—The little guy in the bubble leaned anxiously against the wall, poking his little head out.

“Want to go and have a look?” Liu Bohuai asked Li Qingzhou in a low voice by his ear.

Immediately understanding his meaning, Li Qingzhou nodded. “En, then I’ll trouble Third Master.”

“It’s no trouble.”

Standing up, Liu Bohuai lifted Li Qingzhou onto his wheelchair effortlessly then pushed him towards the area of the match.

As he passed by Xu Mengning, he glanced at her lightly.

“Who are you?” A staff member asked, stopping them.

Dong Lin hurried over to explain: “He’s also our team member, he’s responsible for the technology aspect. He can help solve the problem.”

However after a while, he became so anxious that he broke into a sweat.

The staff member allowed them to pass.

If there were problems with an artificially intelligent robot during the competition, one repair opportunity was allowed.

However the corresponding score would be deducted and the overall score, lowered.

However they couldn’t care about that now.

Yu Zhe whispered to Li Qingzhou, “The entire intelligent control program of the robot is broken and it has been invaded by an unknown virus.”

“I’ve never seen this type of virus before….. I can’t get rid of it.”

The intelligent control system was the core program of the robot.

So now that the most important program had been destroyed, it meant that the robot was just an empty shell and couldn’t be started again. Not only that, it would have to be scrapped in the future.

And in this competition…. they could only admit defeat.

But to lose to Du Chenwei…..

Yu Zhe clenched his fists tightly, an unwilling expression on his face.

One of the judges asked, “Can you repair this robot immediately? The competition can’t be delayed any further, otherwise this will be considered a forfeit.”

“We forfei…..”

Li Qingzhou interrupted Yu Zhe, asking, “Don’t we have half an hour for repairs?”

The judge froze for a moment then nodded, “Yes, but it doesn’t look to me like this gentleman can fix it.”

“Then, to avoid delaying the continuation of the competition, it’s better to make a decision early.”

Li Qingzhou: “It can be fixed, half an hour is enough. Give me the computer.”

Dong Lin was the first to react, hurriedly going to get the computer.

Turning to Lu Mei Shan, Li Qingzhou told her: “Mei Shan, I need you to adjust the placement of the parts and equipment here, and also over there….”

He pointed out each part one by one.

“Is that okay?”

Lu Mei Shan nodded and gave a thumbs up. “Okay, I’ll adjust them right away.”

Right away, she crouched down to look for the relevant tools.

Dong Lin brought the computer over.

Li Qingzhou instructed Yu Zhe to connect the various cables and began to operate.

—Instantly, dense lines of code flashed across the computer screen.

And the speed at which he typed was extremely fast, so fast that even Yu Zhe and Dong Lin, who understood AI programs couldn’t keep up with him.

Of course, even if they could keep up with him, they wouldn’t understand the intelligent program he was writing.

“Du Ge, I think they are just wasting their time. We have already won this competition.” A member of the CW team whispered to Du Chenwei.

A hint of a cold smile appeared at the corners of Du Chenwei’s lips.

Another team member said, “That’s right, our Du Ge specially prepared this for them…..”

Du Chenwei glanced at him, causing the team member to immediately keep quiet.

[Isn’t that President Li? How come in just a moment’s time, even he is up there? Wait….. what is he going to do?]

[It seems President Li is going to repair the robot himself.]

[Doesn’t he specialize in selling cars?! Why has he switched to robots? If you don’t understand get off the stage, don’t delay Yu Zhe’s repairs.]

[I think the opposite team will win without even having to put up a fight.]

As time ticked by, half an hour passed by quickly.

When the judge approached, Li Qingzhou had just finished entering the final program code into the robot.

Meanwhile, Lu Mei Shan, who had also finished packing up her tools stood up.

The judge: “Is it ready?”

Li Qingzhou: “You can begin the competition now.”

Yu Zhe and Dong Lin had doubts in their hearts.

However they had no choice but to trust Li Qingzhou, so they nodded to the judge, indicating that they could continue the competition.

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