My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 21.1

As the buzz online heated up, the Liu Group and Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd. simultaneously announced a partnership between the two companies.

–They were going to jointly develop a new energy smart AI car, creating an environmentally friendly high-tech concept.

As soon as the news came out, it seemed to further confirm that the feasibility of AI-controlled cars to facilitate travel and experience a new driving experience could indeed become a reality.

This wasn’t just a breakthrough in automotive technology.

It meant that C Country would have smart technology in cars that other countries didn’t have yet and that they would be able to take the initiative and have a say to some extent or in some aspects, etc.

Everyone was waiting to see whether the development of intelligent AI cars would be successful or not.

As a result, not only did the number of fans on the official website of Yan University increase in number, the official accounts of the professors and the Liu Group’s official account also increased. Even the number of fans on Li Qingzhou’s newly registered account grew by more than 100,000 in an instant.

–Most of the comments were asking when the new smart cars would be made, when it would be sold, etc.

But Li Qingzhou didn’t have the time to check it out himself.

He was now busy with the new company, the establishment of the Auto City and other things.

In addition to this, after the He family’s party and the announcement of his partnership with the Liu Group, a number of people and companies had been expressing goodwill towards him and wanted to exchange contact details.

Many of them had contacts and resources that Li Qingzhou just happened to need….

The construction period for the Auto City was long.

But the new company would soon be able to start official business, including the already assembled research team, which was ready for research and development right away.

The Liu Group was also providing the interrelated premises, laboratories, etc.

Once everything was ready, the first thing on the agenda was dealing with the Wu Company’s Huihong Automobile business.


Wu Shiguang had been having a difficult time.

In order to secure the land in the northern suburbs, he had not only argued with the company to put the expansion of the new energy vehicle project on hold, to ensure that the company would be able to meet the requirements of the new energy vehicle project,

He had even put in place a loan guarantee….

Now that the land was useless and there was insufficient funds, his prestige in the company had been seriously affected.

Wu Shiguang wanted to retaliate.

But he couldn’t touch Li Chengkang.

–That man had sought refuge with the Jiang family through his wife Jiang Biling’s connections after he was thrown out of the Li Group Corporation and relieved of his duties.

Now Wu Shiguang couldn’t even see him, let alone teach him a lesson.

As for the Li Group Corporation….

Not to mention whether he currently had the ability to suppress them, he simply stopped thinking about it after the news of Li Qingzhou’s partnership with the Liu Group.

Since retaliation was impossible and out of the question, Wu Shiguang could only do his best to find out what he could do to save the company from going under.

He thought of Yanjing’s Cui family.

But Cui Gengjian was still abroad.

What’s more, he had only met the chairman of the Cui Group through Jiang Daikun…. so he didn’t know him very well.

After a few unanswered calls, even if Wu Shiguang was stupid, he understood what he was being told.

Wiping his face in dismay, he lost his temper and smashed the phone with a flip of his arm….

But that wasn’t the worst of it.

Three days later.

The Wu Company’s project to expand into new energy vehicles was also blocked and Wu Shiguang was unable to recover, ultimately causing huge losses.

The Huihong Automobile business started to go downhill.


Li Chengkang was staying with the Jiang family when he received the news that the Wu Company was facing the crisis of bankruptcy.

–This news was brought by Jiang Daikun.

He had returned to Xicheng from Yanjing and also brought some news about Li Qingzhou.

“Li Qingzhou is now a celebrity in Yanjing, a new upstart in the business world that many companies want to work with. He has received a lot of contacts.”

“Especially the plot of land near the new city center that he bought at a low price before. Construction has now officially started and is in full swing….”

“The value of this land will be incalculable in the future.”

“Not to mention the establishment of a business project on it and the future prosperity, who would not be enthused to see it?”

Jiang Daikun tsked and said with a jealous look on his face, “Brother-in-law, it doesn’t matter if it’s the opportunity to work with the Liu Group or this piece of land….”

“If it’s all yours, if you’re put in charge of it, in the whole Li Group Corporation you’ll be the one who has the final word.”

“And Old Master Li will have more reason to leave the entire family fortune to you.”

Saying this, Jiang Daikun gave a thumbs up.

But then he said regretfully, “It’s a pity…. that a Li Qingzhou has appeared by chance. Say, how did he get so lucky to be found again?”

Jiang Biling looked at Li Chengkang’s face, then hastily slapped Jiang Daikun’s arm, admonishing, “Enough, you’ve been talking since you arrived.”

“Where’s all this talk coming from, are you trying to anger us to death?”

Jiang Daikun stretched his hands out nonchalantly, “I wouldn’t dare anger you to death. If you and brother-in-law aren’t around, could it be that I would have to wait for Hongjie to pay back the money?”

“When would that happen?”

He couldn’t afford to wait.

After all, the Jiang family had given a considerable amount of money to help fill in the loophole created by Li Chengkang’s embezzlement of public funds from the Li Group Corporation, which had caused him a lot of heartache.

At this point in the conversation, Li Chengkang’s face turned even more embarrassed, but he couldn’t retort. He could only endure it.

Sitting down on one side of the sofa, the armrests that his hands were resting on had a few creases in them.

Hearing this, Jiang Biling said angrily, “It won’t take long, we will give that little money of yours back.”

Jiang Daikun: “Sister, don’t talk big.”

“Brother-in-law doesn’t even work for the Li Group anymore and that dividend you get from the shares alone isn’t enough. Even if you add your own money to it, you can’t pay it back….”

“Or could it be that you want me to wait for Old Master Li’s inheritance to be distributed? That is indeed one quick method.”

The speaker paid no attention to what he was saying, but the listener did.

Seeming to remember something, Jiang Biling turned to say, “Chengkang, has your father been doing a will notarization recently?”

“I heard earlier that Lawyer Wang seems to have gone over to the old house….”

Li Chengkang’s expression couldn’t help but turn bad.

Jiang Daikun raised an eyebrow, “I wonder how much share you and brother-in-law will get of the property.”

“That old man won’t leave the whole Li Group Corporation to Li Qingzhou, right?”

“In the past when Li Chengliang and Zhuang Wenying were still around, he was so eccentric that he could, and now Li Qingzhou is so capable….”

Jiang Daikun couldn’t help but grimace.

–In his opinion, Old Master Li could totally bypass his brother-in-law and give the Li Group Corporation to Li Qingzhou.

It was a real possibility.

Especially after Li Chengkang was kicked out of the company….

Thinking about this, the two men’s faces turned ugly.

“I should have done a better job with that one…. otherwise this wouldn’t be happening now….” Jiang Biling muttered with a frown.

Jiang Daikun: “In my opinion, you should be ruthless and unforgiving in everything you do, don’t leave any chance for the other side to make a comeback.”

“But that incident can also be considered as a mistake due to the strange combination of circumstances.”

“Who made the driver get the courage after drinking to put his foot on the accelerator….”

“But in hindsight, he should have run Li Qingzhou over too. If he had done that, there wouldn’t be so much trouble today.”

Jiang Biling made as if to speak then stopped: “I’m not talking about that….”

She couldn’t help but glance at Li Chengkang, but didn’t say anything in the end.

Just then, the butler of the Jiang family came over to say that there was a woman with a child in her arms at the gate calling Jiang Daikun to come out.

Jiang Daikun tsk’ed, his attention diverting instantly.

Jiang Biling couldn’t help but complain, “Why didn’t you take precautions? This isn’t the first illegitimate child that has come to the door. Aren’t you afraid that things will get messy?”

Jiang Daikun said as he stood up, “I don’t mind. As long as these women are not sick, it’s all good.”

“I married a wife who can’t give me a son, aren’t I allowed to find someone else who can give me one?”

“What’s more, we all play our own games. She doesn’t bother me and I don’t bother her. Look how free I am.”

“If Dad hadn’t forbidden it, we would have divorced long ago.”

He went to the bathroom then came and handed something to the butler, saying, “Uncle Wang, the usual. Take the woman and the child outside to the hospital for a paternity test.”

“If it’s a biological child, let them stay and then go and live in that my Xinhai property and give them an allowance for daily life.”

“If it’s not a biological child, get rid of the two of them.”

“Yes sir.” the butler responded, not surprised.

With that, he took the bag containing Jiang Daikun’s hair follicles and left.

Jiang Biling: “You’d better watch out for women in the future. Now that you’ve got a son, don’t cause the loss of lives again.”

“Otherwise those women will come with their kids every day to make trouble. Be careful that dad’s career isn’t affected….”

“Fortunately your brother-in-law isn’t like you.”

Jiang Biling added at the end of her rant, not noticing Li Chengkang’s slightly unnatural expression.

“All right, all right, I get it.” Jiang Daikun said impatiently.

After the two left the Jiang family, they were still thinking about the fact that Li Huai Min seemed to be making a will, so they planned to go to the old house to find out what was going on.


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