My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 44.2

There was much more to come later.

When Yu Li made mistakes, Du Li would made her kneel and write self-reflection reviews, which she had to read aloud while still kneeling.

He would insult and curse her and even hit her…..

But Yu Zhe was actually unaware of all these things.

With a hoarse voice, Yu Zhe continued, “Du Li controlled my sister and made her dependent on him, making it so that she couldn’t do anything without him.”

“My sister’s pregnancy and abo*tion were things that my family and I didn’t know about….”

“In the end, my sister wrote in her diary that Du Li didn’t love her anymore, that he had fallen in love with another woman and that she was so miserable that she wanted to die but couldn’t bear to leave her family behind….”

Yu Zhe’s emotions suddenly flared up, “She was obviously brainwashed by Du Li!”

“She didn’t realize at that time that Du Li was a bastard, a scumbag. She even still thought that the break up with Du Li was her fault.”

“How could she have been…. so foolish.”

Crying again, Yu Zhe covered his face.

He had drunk so much yesterday that he had a splitting headache today and so just felt that he couldn’t control his emotions.

Lu Mei Shan and Dong Lin quickly rushed to comfort him, holding his shoulders.

Yu Zhe had bottled up his emotions for so long that he finally had to let it out today.

After he had calmed down, Li Qingzhou said, “Later, Du Li….

Taking a deep breath, Yu Zhe answered, “Du Li didn’t realize that my sister had a habit of writing in a diary.”

“After learning about my sister’s experience, my family and I went to have a talk with Du Li, to teach him a lesson and to make sure he couldn’t study at H University anymore.”

“In the end, he dropped out of H University and lost his job at the time…..”

But at that time, his family had been afraid that this scandal would damage his sister’s reputation and that she wouldn’t even be able to rest in peace, and so had discussed all this behind closed doors.

Hence after Du Li lost his job and left Yanjing, they stopped their pursuit of him in order to teach him a lesson.

Later, Yu Zhe found out that Du Li had gone abroad, but he had no idea where.

Yu Zhe, “I never thought that he would come back with a new name and that he would be the head of CW studio and participate in this competition….”

This time, when he had met Du Li at the competition, he had held back his anger, however Du Li had whispered something about Yu Li in his ear while pretending to hug him.

And unable to hold back, Yu Zhe had hit him impulsively.

Lu Mei Shan continued, “Du Li is now called Du Chenwei and is in a relationship with the niece of the chairman of the Cui Group.”

“Du Li probably already knew about Ah Zhe’s participation in the competition through the list of participants and then began to suppress us and take revenge through the Cui Group.”

“And now, the situation at Unique Studio isn’t optimistic.”

“If things go on like this, we might not even be able to participate in the robots exchange competition…. but this is the dream we have always strived for.”

“So, I would like to ask President Li for help, but if it isn’t convenient for President Li, we….”

Yu Zhe asked in a deep voice at this point, “President Li, I wonder if your previous statement about funding Unique Studio still stands?”

“I don’t need funding…. I can sell Unique Studio to you.”

Hearing his words, Lu Mei Shan and Dong Lin were stunned.

Dong Lin, “Yu Ge, Unique Studio is your hard work!”

Could it be that he was really going to sell it?

Li Qingzhou looked at Yu Zhe, “Mr. Yu, you should think it over clearly, don’t act impulsively. Funding and selling the studio are to me, two completely different concepts.”

If it was the former, then the studio would still belong to Yu Zhe and he would have the final say.

But if it was the latter, Li Qingzhou would have full control and Yu Zhe would just be an employee…..

Yu Zhe told him, “I have already thought it through clearly. President Li, I need your help, so it can’t be that I won’t pay anything in return.”

“And the only thing I have of value….. is my studio.”

“Mei Shan, Xiao Lin, I’m sorry I made this decision without consulting with you, but it might be better to follow President Li instead of following me.”

Dong Lin, “Yu Ge, what nonsense are you saying?”

“Unique Studio is yours to begin with. You can make any decision, we have no objections.”

Lu Mei Shan also nodded in agreement.

A touched expression appeared on Yu Zhe’s face.

Li Qingzhou asked, “What do you want me to help with?”

After all, he wasn’t in the business of doing charity work.

If he wanted him to help, he would inevitably have to buy Yu Zhe’s studio, so for the time being he didn’t refuse.

As for Yu Zhe’s request, he had some guesses.

Yu Zhe: “We can’t resist the suppression of the Cui Group with just our strength, but I don’t want to quit the robots exchange competition just like this.”

“More than anything, I want Du Chenwei to lose his reputation!”

Why should he be able to come back to the country and start all over again?

Why was it, that after destroying a girl’s life, he could start anew, find another girlfriend and continue research in artificially intelligent robots?!

Du Chenwei didn’t deserve it!

After the conversation, Li Qingzhou agreed to Yu Zhe’s request.

—He purchased Unique Studio to protect its heart and sweat even under the suppression of the Cui Group.

However in the future, all the honor won by Yu Zhe and the others in the artificially intelligent robots exchange competition would belong to Li Qingzhou and his company.

As for Yu Zhe’s wish to defeat Du Chenwei in the competition and let him fall from grace and no longer be able to research artificially intelligent robots…. Li Qingzhou would also help and support him.

If necessary, he didn’t want to spare the Cui Group either.

After all, Cui Gengjian probably considered him a thorn in his eye now.

Li Qingzhou and Yu Zhe discussed things at length before finally leaving.

During the conversation, Liu Bohuai sent Li Qingzhou a message— asking if he wanted to go pick the children up from school together.

Li Qingzhou agreed.

So when Li Qingzhou came out, he saw Liu Bohuai dressed in casual clothes waiting by the car.

With his broad shoulders and long legs, his elegant demeanor and his handsome, mature and charming face, he drew a lot of attention just by standing there.

When Liu Bohuai saw Li Qingzhou, he walked towards him and his previously indifferent expression became more relaxed. Even the corners of his mouth seemed to curve slightly.

This attracted even more attention.

Even Lu Mei Shan couldn’t help but take a few glances, her eyes filled with admiration.

Li Qingzhou noticed this.

[Luckily, I just asked Miss Lu for her phone number and asked her out to dinner and also inquired about her preferences….]

This way, I can see if she is suitable for Third Master.

—The little guy in the bubble beamed, and wearing a red little jumpsuit, spun around and then made a heart above his head.

Liu Bohuai’s footsteps paused, the expression on his face suddenly sinking.

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