My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 38.2

Not long after breakfast, Zou Ming and Fang Xiyan arrived at Jin Xuan Court Hotel with a suit at the same time.

After entering the room, Fang Xiyan looked at Li Qingzhou with something on his mind.

Zou Ming also seemed to have something to say…

Li Qingzhou asked, “What’s the matter? Has something happened?”

Fang Xiyan hesitated then said, “President Li, it’s about you and Miss Xu… something from the past in Licheng, I don’t know who leaked it.”

“Now, there are already many people discussing it online.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Li Qingzhou received a message on his phone.

He looked down at his phone, not noticing that Liu Bohuai’s face sank slightly after hearing what Fang Xiyan had said.

The message on the phone was sent by Xu Mengning– also to tell him about this matter.

Just after, there was a phone call, so Li Qingzhou controlled the wheelchair to go to the hotel balcony to answer it.

On the phone, Xu Mengning’s voice sounded a little tired.

She explained that their past in Licheng had first been revealed on the Yanjing University forum.

Later, she found out that this matter had actually been done by Xu Qi Jin…

“Xu Qi Jin told me that the post on the Yanjing University forum wasn’t something he had someone post, he just mentioned it to some people at school…”

“Later, Liu Xiahui came to me and said that Cui Ting had given Xu Qi Jin money.”

“It was only then I found out that Xu Qi Jin has been gambling and that he owes several million yuan…. he did this in order to pay back the debt.”

Xu Mengning hadn’t slept all night and her face was pale.

She was currently in the room she had rented.

However, Xu Qi Jin had already bought a ticket and flown back to Licheng overnight.

She hadn’t even seen him when she had returned and could only interrogate him over the phone.

But Xu Qi Jin said that he had simply spoken the truth and hadn’t harmed anyone. He had even been able to earn a few million to pay off the debt.

–He had even asked why wouldn’t he take advantage of such a good opportunity that had fallen into his lap.

After that, he had pretended to be pitiful and asked if she could bear to watch the people who were coming to collect the debt chop off his arms, then without waiting for Xu Mengning to respond, had used the excuse that he was about to board the plane and hung up.

So Xu Mengning called Father and Mother Xu.

However after heming and hawing over the phone, they told her that Xu Qi Jin had already told them about what had happened.

After all, he owed a debt.

But now, no one had suffered any loss, what’s more it was just a few words of truth being spoken.

Father and Mother Xu hoped that Xu Mengning could understand and not blame Xu Qi Jin.

Xu Mengning was silent for a long time before hanging up sadly.

But she didn’t expect that someone would post the forum thread online and that…. the discussion would ferment further.

Xu Mengning said through her pale lips, “Qingzhou, I’m sorry… it’s all my fault, I’ve caused trouble for you.”

Li Qingzhou said, “It’s no trouble, it’s just idle talk.”

He was really telling the truth.

This issue, to him wasn’t very serious.

After all, when he first came to Xicheng, and when he first came to Yanjing to do business, he had been met with of lot cold eyes and mockery.

Not to mention in his previous life, when he couldn’t walk since he was a child and later could only lie in bed to do research, he had been subjected to many idle words and questioning behind his back….

He had already been through it all before.

Hence now, he didn’t take these words to heart.

Moreover they were just gossiping online and no one was attacking them maliciously.

So Li Qingzhou completely didn’t think much of it.

Comforting Xu Mengning, Li Qingzhou told her, “I will handle this matter, you don’t need to worry about it.”

“However your younger brother…. gambling isn’t something that can be stopped easily. Be careful that he doesn’t use the money to gamble again…”

Xu Qi Jin had really caused trouble, unexpectedly getting in contact with Cui Ting.

But this was something that Liu Xiahui should worry about and solve.

–Li Qingzhou didn’t care and didn’t want to get involved. As long as it didn’t cause any trouble for him or his family, then there was no problem.

Ending the call with Xu Mengning, Li Qingzhou turned around and entered the living room of the room.

He instructed, “Xiyan, spend money to suppress the hot search online. Delete all the comments and threads that can be deleted, and don’t worry about the rest.”

“Got it.” Fang Xiyan nodded.

Li Qingzhou looked like he didn’t care at all.

However Liu Bohuai took it to heart.

After he and Li Qingzhou left the Jin Xuan Court Hotel, he had Zou Ming investigate the causes and effect of the issue.

Soon, detailed information was placed on Liu Bohuai’s desk.

Zou Ming reported, “Third Master, Young Master Xiahui is currently handling this issue. The thread on Yanjing University has been deleted and certain nosy people have been warned.”

“Additionally, Cui Miao had a fight with Young Master Xiahui at school today….. it seems to be because Young Master Xiahui wants Cui Ting to withdraw from Yanjing University. “

It was almost common knowledge that Cui Ting was the one behind the posting.

“Cui Ting did this only to smear Xu Mengning’s reputation, and President Li was incidentally involved.”

It could be said that he was a victim of ‘unexpected calamity’.

“Of course, Xu Mengning’s younger brother Xu Qi Jin is also involved in this matter, but he probably saw that the situation was getting out of hand and ran back to Licheng overnight.”

Overall, it was a matter of the ‘love, hatred, and grudges’ of the young people.

Zou Ming couldn’t help but think to himself that Young Master Xiahui really cared for Miss Xu Mengning.

–He not only punished the Cui siblings, but also wanted to help Miss Xu solve the problem of her younger brother’s gambling debt.

Liu Bohuai had a cold expression and a low pressure around him.

After a while, he asked, “What lesson did Xiahui give the Cui siblings?”

Zou Ming answered, “Young Master Xiahui wants Cui Ting to withdraw from Yanjing University.”

“But Cui Ting ultimately has Cui Gengjian and the Cui family behind her, so it might not be easy for Young Master Xiahui to achieve his goal…”

What he was doing couldn’t be called a lesson, just a warning at most.

“Then help him.” Liu Bohuai said lightly.

Zou Ming was startled.

Liu Bohuai said, “Cui Ting cannot be Young Master Xiahui’s wife or have any relationship with the Liu family.”

“She has repeatedly touched the bottom line of the Liu family with her actions. Apply pressure to the Cui family and make her withdraw from Yanjing University.”

“And especially warn her not to appear in front of Xiahui again…”

“Also, send someone to Licheng…”

Three days later, Cui Ting voluntarily withdrew from Yanjing University and Cui Miao didn’t appear again.

A week later, Xu Qi Jin, although he got the money to pay off his debts, couldn’t help but continue to gamble.

After a few days, he secretly went to gamble again, hiding from his parents.

Twice, three times… after losing hundreds of thousands, Xu Qi Jin wanted to take a chance to double or triple his money ideally in one go.

However while he was participating in an illegal gambling gathering, a group of police stormed in and arrested them all, taking them to detention.

In the end, Xu Qi Jin was fined and administratively detained for fifteen days.

During these fifteen days, he was given special ‘care’ and received a thorough lesson.

After coming out, Xu Qi Jin was truly obedient for a while and dared not go gambling again.


The Liu family’s old house.

Liu Xiahui went to Liu Bohuai’s study room to thank him.

“Third Uncle, thank you,” Liu Xiahui said.

If it wasn’t for his third uncle’s help, Cui Ting wouldn’t have just disappeared in front of him and dared not bother him again.

Moreover, there was also what had happened to Xu Qi Jin…

At this moment, Liu Bohuai wasn’t wearing rimless glasses, his sharp eyebrows and eyes revealing nothing.

He leaned back in his chair, his hand casually resting on his knee as he said in a low voice, “There is no need to thank me. I didn’t do it for you.”

He didn’t want Li Qingzhou to be hurt by the idle talk. Even if it was just some discussion and gossip, he wouldn’t allow even a bit of it.

Liu Xiahui had been raised by Liu Bohuai from a young age, so at this moment he completely assumed that Liu Bohuai was angry with him, that was why he said this.

So he said, “Third Uncle, I didn’t handle this matter properly, that’s why I still needed you to help me with the aftermath…”

“I believe you already know that I like Xu Mengning, so even if you oppose it, I won’t give up.”

Liu Xiahui said resolutely with clenched teeth under Liu Bohuai’s gaze.

Liu Bohuai said meaningfully, “Oppose? No. Why would I oppose it?”

“You really didn’t handle this matter well. The entanglement between you, Xu Mengning and Cui Ting shouldn’t have affected others.”

“Especially when this person… is also my business partner.”

“Xiahui, there shouldn’t be a next time.”

Liu Xiahui first rejoiced that Liu Bohuai didn’t oppose him, then lowered his head obediently and said, “Yes, Third Uncle, I guarantee that there won’t be a next time.”

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