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Chapter 14.1

Ge Yue’s words left Li Qingzhou speechless.

He didn’t want to continue talking to someone who was sick in the head and suspected of being mentally ill.

So after a clear refusal, Li Qingzhou turned his wheelchair and left from the other side.

However, the man persisted and chased him outside the washroom, blathering on and on.

“Wait a minute, big brother, wait a minute. I really want to make friends with you.”

“Look at me, I’m not a bad guy. I’m a good socialist successor and by the way, my name is Ge Yue, I’m…..”

Who is your big brother?

Annoyed, Li Qingzhou stopped his wheelchair and asked with an unmoving expression, “Reason?”

Ge Yue was stunned for a moment, but he responded quickly, smiling sheepishly, “That….. it feels like we’re old friends after first meeting.”

Old friends after first meeting in the washroom?!

Li Qingzhou couldn’t understand.

He said, “Sorry, but you must know that the next line after ‘it feels like we’re old friends after first meeting’ is– goodbye stranger.”

Ge Yue scratched his head in confusion, muttering, “Goodbye stranger?”

“I’ve just come back from abroad and don’t really know much about this…. but isn’t the next line of ‘it feels like we’re old friends after first meeting’ — ‘the sign of a positive outcome is already on the horizon’?”

“Strange, could it be that I misremembered?”

Ge Yue muttered.

Hoping he understood his subtext, Li Qingzhou turned the wheelchair again to leave, only to be pulled back once again.

[Ah ah ah– are you crazy? Let me go quickly!]

— The face of the little guy inside the bubble even puffed up in anger as he pounced on the bubble wall to punch and kick Ge Yue who was on the outside….

When Liu Bohuai came over, he heard these words coming from the little guy in the bubble and saw this image.

Ge Yue was the nephew of Liu Bohuai’s friend He Jianxun, who had previously been abroad and only recently returned.

But just after he returned, he was hospitalized because he ran off to ski and fell.

He was probably just discharged from the hospital now ……

Liu Bohuai slowly walked closer and as his figure couldn’t be missed, they both turned their heads.

Ge Yue called out ‘Uncle Liu’ according to his seniority.

The string of beads Liu Bohuai had previously clutched in his palm was now rewound around his wrist.

He responded indifferently and then turned his gaze to Li Qingzhou, “The contract has been drawn up… I’ll send Mr. Li back.”

Li Qingzhou was about to say, ‘Please, Mr. Liu’, but Ge Yue spoke first.

Ge Yue’s eyes were bright: “Uncle Liu, you two know each other?”

“Then can you introduce us? I’ve only just returned to C Country and I don’t have any friends….”

[Please, I don’t want to make friends with a psycho!]

–The little guy in the bubble had his arms crossed as he still snorted in exasperation.

Liu Bohuai said in response, “It depends on Mr. Li’s wishes. I can’t just decide for him.”

[Of course I don’t want to.]

Ge Yue looked at the look on Li Qingzhou’s face and realized that his actions seemed, seemed to have really caused a lot of trouble for him….

Ah, he had indeed gotten a little too excited after meeting this gentleman.

Ge Yue couldn’t help but look apologetic: “Big brother, I’m really not a bad person.”

“My name is Ge Yue. I live in Yanjing, I usually draw comics and take manuscripts…. my author’s name is Mars Hill.”

“I’m really sorry, it’s because your looks are too much in line with my aesthetics.”

“Especially since lately, I’m working on a new manga series and you give me the impression of the big villain in it ……”

[Wait, wait, what did he say his author’s name was again?!]

–The little guy’s expression changed from a snort of exasperation to disbelief. His eyes widening, his hands cupped his little face while a big exclamation point popped up on top of his head.

[Mars hill! That Mrs. Touchy who drew the hot manga ‘Sky Juvenile’! That villain who woke up in shock from a dying illness is actually me?!]

[My goodness, I want to make friends with him!]

Liu Bohuai’s eyebrows jumped.

Just as Ge Yue said, ‘I’m sorry to have disturbed him, I’ll leave now’, the young man in the wheelchair spoke calmly, “For Mr. Liu’s sake, there’s no harm in us making friends.”

Ge Yue’s expression changed from one of apology to one of surprise at his words.

Liu Bohuai: “…….”

After a smooth exchange of contact details, Ge Yue left in high spirits.

Li Qingzhou followed Liu Bohuai back to the small courtyard.

Midway, Liu Bohuai glanced unobtrusively at the bubbly, flowery little guy and asked, seemingly offhandedly, “I wonder what Mr. Li’s hobbies are?”

Li Qingzhou: “Researching intelligent AI, reading some financial news and other such things…”

[Catching up on dramas, listening to tunes, comedy, reading anime and comics…… Sigh, I love anything that goes with coke and fried chicken!]

–The little guy in the bubble covered his mouth, his big eyes almost turning into slits from how wide he was smiling, little flowers floating down around him more happily.

Liu Bohuai twirled his Buddhist beads again, looking implacable.

It was only when the two were about to enter the room that he chuckled softly and whispered, “Mr. Li’s hobbies….. are very good.”

Li Qingzhou cocked his head a little in bewilderment.

You call such uninteresting hobbies nice?

Sure enough, this should be called the taste of successful people.

A little later, the two men signed a contract and Li Qingzhou succeeded in securing a partnership with the Liu family.


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