My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 10.2

The main control computer was connected to the two car driving simulators via two cables in order to accurately grasp, record and analyze the data.

All that remained to be done was to connect the two control cables to Li Qingzhou’s laptop.

Professor Yan asked two students to go over and help.

Qiao Huanming was puzzled: “Mr. Li, do you want to show the concept on the car driving simulator as well?”

How was that possible?!

Li Qingzhou shook his head and simply waved his bracelet, “Who’s coming?”

But without waiting for anyone to say anything, his gaze swept over the student who had said he wasn’t welcome at Yan University, “You, I remember your name is Zheng Jiang.”

Zheng Jiang held his breath then stepped forward: “….. What do you want me to do?”

Li Qingzhou said, “Put on the bracelet, enter your fingerprints and say a few random words into the bracelet…. and stand here, don’t go to the car driving simulator yet.”

With that, he quickly worked his laptop with both hands.

Fang Xiyan took out a fingerprint machine connected to the laptop: “Put your finger on it and press it three times in a row.”

Zheng Jiang finished as Li Qingzhou and Fang Xiyan had requested and said, “I’m done.”

Li Qingzhou, leaning back in his wheelchair after operating the laptop, said, “After all, a car driving simulator isn’t comparable to a real car.”

“My research needs to be in a real car to be fully realized…..”

“So there might be some displays that aren’t comprehensive in a moment.”

“I will now explain in detail and you will test it out in concrete terms.”

Pausing, he said, “A car that has an intelligent AI recognition control system needs more than just the presence of a steering wheel and a center console.”

“There is also a need for cooperation between the other configurations of the car…..”

“As mentioned — voice control is about making cars safer and reducing the likelihood of accidents.”

“My research results in full voice control and precise manipulation of the overall bodywork, including control of the braking system, anti-lock braking system, acceleration and anti-skid system, etc…”

“There are also zero maintenance reminders and tire pressure monitoring…. it’s truly a conversation between man and car.”

“For example, in the event of an unexpected situation…..”

“The AI would take over steering and braking in the event of a potential crash… quickly enable evasion, termination of travel, etc…”

“Or when a car accident occurs and a person’s arms and legs are trapped and the doors are locked, voice commands can be used to eject seat belts, shatter car glass, open locked doors, etc. to buy time and facilitate outside rescue.”

“The remote start car is a link between the car and the bracelet, which allows the car to be started and warmed up in advance without leaving home, or from a distance of up to 100 meters.”

“As well as real-time monitoring giving simple commands — locking the doors, flashing the lights and sounding the horn…..”

“The AI scan is a quick detection of abnormalities in the driver’s heart rhythm, facial expressions, eye movements, etc., by using the bracelet in conjunction with the in-car camera as well as other factors.”

“Based on this test, it is possible to determine whether a driver is driving under the influence of alcohol, or driving while fatigued.”

“Once the intelligent AI has determined the cause and the driver isn’t responding, the AI system will take over the car, slow down, and gradually pull over to a safe location.”

“For the moment, that’s all I’ve got.”

When Li Qingzhou finished, the room was silent.

It took a long time before someone muttered, “How is this… possible…”

If Qiao Huanming’s research results represented a significant advancement by adding one step to the already existing stages of automotive technology, then Li Qingzhou’s research results represented a direct jump to stage two, or three…..

This was already no longer a leap.

Rather, it was a degree that was simply impossible to accomplish today — the leads for algorithms alone for such programming were difficult to find.

But now Li Qingzhou was saying…. he had done it?!

“It can’t be…. Isn’t it a concept mock-up presentation? Could it be that it’s…”

Someone couldn’t help but look at the smart bracelet Zheng Jiang was wearing on his wrist and the two car driving simulators connected to Li Qingzhou’s laptop….

— It was really a live manipulation test?!

Li Qingzhou extended his hand, “Go ahead. You can now begin by remote starting the car first….”


The test took place from morning until afternoon, during which time the doors were locked and no one came out.

At lunchtime, a student from another department came to the laboratory building to look for his friend who he had waited for but was nowhere to be found.

He knocked on the door then called his phone.

Only then did his friend finally open the door a small crack to whisper through it, “What do you want…?”

“It’s noon, let’s go for a meal.”

The student wondered, “Aren’t you usually the most active at this point?!”

But his friend replied neatly — “No, I’m not going.”

The door slammed shut with a snap before the words were even out of his mouth.

The student scratched his head with a puzzled expression.

Why did he feel that his friend looked dazed, as if he was in a state of great mental shock….

He probably hadn’t seen it well?

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