My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 44.1

Wiping his face, Yu Zhe told Li Qingzhou about his history with Du Chenwei, including their friendship and the grudges between them.

“Du, Du Chenwei wasn’t always known by that name.”

“He used to be known as Du Li and was a student at H University. He was one year ahead of me and so was my senior back then.”

At the time, the two of them had had a pretty good relationship.

On the surface, Du Chenwei appeared handsome, gentle, highly educated and well-spoken.

And as a result, he was very well liked at school.

Yu Zhe also admired this senior of his.

Later, through his introduction, Du Chenwei met his sister, Yu Li.

Yu Zhe now regretted introducing them very much.

—Why had he introduced Yu Li to Du Chenwei at that time? If he hadn’t introduced them, his sister wouldn’t have…..

Yu Zhe said somberly: “Du Li, Du Chenwei, was one of my few friends in university and we spent a lot of time together.”

“—So one day, my sister came to visit me at school and Du Chenwei happened to be there, so I introduced them.”

“After that, as a result of Du Chenwei’s pursuit, my sister gradually developed a relationship with him.”

“At first, everything was fine. My sister looked happy and after a while, she moved in with him.”

But that was the beginning of the nightmare.

Yu Zhe had been in his third year of university at that time.

And so had been busy participating in robot exchange competitions and internships, leaving him with little time to pay attention to Yu Li’s situation.

As a result, he missed the chance to save his sister.

One time— there had been another competition coming up hence Yu Zhe went to another province with his team.

However when he returned, he received the news of Yu Li and Du Chenwei’s break-up.

Yu Li had looked haggard and depressed.

She had not only lost weight, her mental health had also deteriorated and she was often drowsy and unable to sleep in addition to having lost her appetite.

Initially, Yu Zhe had assumed that it was due to her heartbreak from the break-up, so he had stayed home and consoled her for several days.

He also secretly went to look for Du Chenwei and asked him why he had broken up with Yu Li.

At that time, Du Chenwei had explained sincerely with an apologetic expression that he and Yu Li weren’t compatible and so wouldn’t be happy staying together.

And that it was better to just get the pain over with rather than prolonging the agony.

It was better to break up now, so that although Yu Li would be sad for a while, she would recover soon.

Yu Zhe also knew that relationships couldn’t be forced.

What’s more, Du Chenwei’s apology had been so sincere that Yu Zhe couldn’t get angry, therefore he could only distance himself from his friend.

“But after that, my sister’s condition got worse and worse.”

“She wouldn’t sleep at night, just to send messages to Du Chenwei to get him back. She lost her job and stayed at home every day….”

“I, I, seeing her like that, I thought she was very unpromising. Couldn’t she just find another man after a breakup?”

“So, I scolded her for a while…..” Yu Zhe’s lips trembled as he spoke.

And because of the memories, was a little choked up.

Lu Mei Shan who was sitting next to him handed him a tissue.

Taking it, Yu Zhe thanked her in a hoarse voice.

Li Qingzhou didn’t speak, listening in silence. He seemed to have guessed what had happened to Yu Zhe’s sister later….

“That afternoon, my sister committed su*cide by cutting her wrists.” Yu Zhe cried, covering his face with pain.

“It’s all because of me. I’m the one who finally crushed her spirit…. I knew she was struggling, yet I didn’t try hard to pull her out…..”

Yu Li fell into the abyss.

Lu Mei Shan comforted him, “Ah Zhe, it’s not your fault, it’s Du Li who is a crazy monster.”

Dong Lin also tried to comfort him.

Yu Zhe calmed down his emotions and enduring his grief, continued to speak and Li Qingzhou heard the reason behind it.

Yu Li committed su*cide by cutting her wrists in the bathroom and hadn’t been able to be rescued.

That evening, their parents and relatives from out of town all rushed to Yanjing.

And when Yu Zhe had been sorting out Yu Li’s belongings, he accidentally found a thick notebook hidden under her bed— it had been full of densely written words.

The notebook recorded every detail of Yu Li’s relationship with Du Chenwei.

From their first meeting to the moment they fell in love.

The initial words had undoubtedly been sweet, but as Yu Zhe continued to turn the pages, the words recorded later gradually became dark…

‘I made a mistake again today and although A Li scolded me, he comforted me gently afterwards. He said I’m stupid and foolish and that if he wasn’t protecting me, I might be deceived in the future. He said he will love me for a lifetime, I’m so happy.’

‘I made a mistake again…. A Li asked me to reflect on my own at home. He took away my phone and wallet and wouldn’t let me go out or have dinner.’

‘I’m so uncomfortable, I know I was wrong, really really know. A Li come back soon.’

‘I’m pregnant, but A Li scolded me for deliberately getting pregnant to destroy his future….. He doesn’t want to get married now. Why is he doing this? I want to break up.’

‘A Li came back to comfort me. He made me many promises, asked me to have an abo*tion and said he would definitely marry me in the future.’


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