My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 54.2

The next day, Liu Bohuai took Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun to school then drove Li Qingzhou to his company as well.

Li Qingzhou was wearing new clothes that Zou Ming had brought with him early in the morning.

When he arrived at the office, the people he had sent messages to were already there— Fang Xiyan, Yu Zhe, Lu Mei Shan, Dong Lin.

Rescue One was there as well, the rescue robot having been stored in the office since the end of the AI robots exchange competition finals.

Seeing Li Qingzhou enter, Fang Xiyan stood up, “President Li.”

Yu Zhe, Lu Mei Shan, and Dong Lin, who had originally been sitting on the sofa reading something also stood up.

Li Qingzhou nodded, “Sit, what are you looking at?”

Fang Xiyan replied, “We’re reading the comments online. The buzz around Rescue One hasn’t died down yet.”

“President Li, you asked us yesterday to guide public opinion online to urge the organizers of the AI robots exchange competition to investigate what went wrong with the rescue robot thoroughly.”

“But despite the fact that many netizens have left comments on the competition’s official website, the organizers still haven’t provided a reasonable explanation…”

After the finals of the exchange competition, Lu Mei Shan had stayed behind to check and copy the surveillance footage, but as expected, no solid evidence was found.

That day, there had been many contestants who made it to the finals, and the robots that needed to be checked before the competition had all been placed in a warehouse full of surveillance cameras and security personnel. The inspectors were even required to use professional equipment to test each robot individually.

Lu Mei Shan guessed that the only possible time for their Unique Studio’s rescue robot to have been tampered with, causing the core system to malfunction, was during this period.

However, after questioning all the personnel involved in the inspection that day, they all denied any wrongdoing. What’s more there were also no problems with the professional equipment.

Nothing could be discerned from the surveillance footage and the organizers weren’t very cooperative either.

Lu Mei Shan told them, “Now, the main goal of the organizers is to quell this matter quickly.”

“They don’t want the flaws that appeared in this final to affect the upcoming grand finals and the already decided international robots competition.”

“And someone said….”

As she said this, she couldn’t help but pause, a hint of anger appearing on her face.

Dong Lin asked, “Sis Shan, what did that person say?”

Lu Mei Shan replied, “That person said that since President Li has the ability to repair the rescue robot and has already won the first place in the finals, then there’s no need to keep pursuing the matter.”

“He think it’s probably a competitor who felt that their skills were inferior and thus tried to sabotage our efforts.”

“He also believe that it’s impossible for the organizers to spend time investigating every single participant and that besides, they wouldn’t be able to find any conclusive evidence anyway.”

As soon as the words landed, Dong Lin shouted angrily, “Is that person sick in the head?!”

“Fortunately we had President Li who was able to repair the rescue robot so we were able to continue the competition after the malfunction, helping us make a comeback!”

“If it weren’t for President Li, Unique Studio’s team would have lost the finals by now and we wouldn’t have a chance to participate in the grand finals and international competitions.”

“What does he mean by ‘there’s no need to keep pursuing the matter’?!”

“Has he been bribed and so is colluding with those who tried to sabotage us?!”

Yu Zhe replied coldly, “It’s highly likely.”

“As for the person who planted the virus in the program…. I can’t think of anyone other than Du Chenwei.”

Fang Xiyan added, “If it’s really Du Chenwei, then it’ll be difficult to investigate.”

“With the Cui Group behind him, they might have already made all the arrangements in advance. They won’t make it easy for us to find any evidence…”

The Li Group Corporation was currently in its early stages of development in Yanjing and although it had achieved remarkable results, its foundation still wasn’t that deep, with its primary roots in Xicheng.

If they chose to confront the Cui Group head on, neither side would end up well.

Furthermore, the company’s main focus was currently divided between the office and the bio lab.

Li Qingzhou opened his mouth, “Don’t worry, someone will help us. This matter will be resolved soon.”

He looked at Rescue One, the rescue robot that was still missing a mechanical arm, standing quietly next to the table in the office.

Li Qingzhou added slowly, “After all, the people behind the scenes probably never imagined that I could create Rescue One, and that its value would exceed their expectations….”

Important enough that it would attract the attention and concern of the military.

The Xia family, or rather, the power in Xia Xinjian’s hands, wasn’t to be underestimated.

Because with the military’s involvement, the previous difficulties were resolved easily.

All the underhanded actions were brought to light and evidence was handed over to Li Qingzhou— the organizers, investors, the Cui Group, Du Chenwei.

Li Qingzhou originally thought that Du Chenwei’s primary target was the Unique Studio’s team and Yu Zhe.

However he didn’t expect that the Cui Group would actually try to collude with the organizers and investors, asking them to manipulate things in secret so as to make Du Chenwei win the grand finals.

Of course, this also included stepping on Professor Buffett and his student Keith to rise to the top.

Those two were just powerless academics.

Not to mention that they were kept in the dark, even if they knew, what could they do?

This was Yanjing, not a foreign country. Just giving them hush money and then using a mix of threats and incentives, they would undoubtedly keep quiet.

Dong Lin was incredulous, “Even if the CW team were to win the grand finals, won’t there still be the international competition afterwards?”

“Could it be that the Cui Group can extend its reach to the international competition?!”

That was impossible, as the nature of the two competitions were different.

Li Qingzhou told him, “The winner of the grand finals can advance directly to the end of the international competition.”

“At that time, the CW team would not only avoid facing many opponents from the very beginning, they would also have ample time to come up with strategies….. This would minimize the chances of failure.”

“As for the methods, there are plenty. It all depends on what means you choose to use.”

“So what if it’s an international competition, there’s no lack of behind the scenes manipulations.”

There was an expression of doubt and disbelief on Dong Lin’s face.

He muttered, “…..My horizons have been broadened.”

Not long after, the organizers and investors involved were all investigated— some were dismissed, others were fined…..

Of course, the outcome for the Cui Group and Du Chenwei and his team was even worse.

Under intense pressure from the military, the organizing committee of the AI robots exchange competition underwent a major reshuffle.

Meanwhile, the official website immediately announced the reasons behind the malfunctioning of Unique Studio’s rescue robot and the relevant agencies reposted and severely criticized the personnel involved.

In addition to that, there was a shocking revelation about Du Chenwei…..

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