My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 1.2

Inside the silver car, Li Qingzhou lay half-slumped in the back seat, his tightly closed eyelids fluttering.

His head was bruised, blood flowing through the corners of his eyes and cheeks …… The smell of blood filled the end of his nose, and his consciousness was dull, and he could faintly hear the driver opening the door and getting out of the car to call for help.

At that moment, a mechanical electronic voice sounded in his ears –

[Host, the plot has been transmitted, and the first intelligent brain you need has been reproduced in the system, you can check it yourself later ……]

[Lucky System 033 will be leaving soon, I wish you a good time in this world and perfect completion of your mission.]

In the car, the small invisible blue ball of light gently touched Li Qingzhou’s cheek, as if to say goodbye.

Li Qingzhou mentally responded, “Goodbye.

-Where do people go when they die?

Li Qingzhou didn’t know.

Because after his death he was actually bound to another world by a small blue ball of light that called itself Lucky System 033.

A world formed by “books”.

According to Lucky System 033 – he started a new era, died with regret and was chosen to live a new life in a book.

Li Qingzhou: How can this be true?

He didn’t believe it, how could a pie fall from the sky for no reason.

As expected, the little blue ball of light replied helplessly, [According to the inviolability of the rules of the universe – ‘books’ are worlds, and an ultra-popular book will automatically form an entire world].

[But such a world has drawbacks.]

“What are the drawbacks?”

[The world of the book is very unstable when it first forms, and it needs the base of the world to maintain it, and the base of the world is the most popular character in the book].

Li Qingzhou: “A male or female protagonist?”

[Not necessarily male and female.]

[If the supporting character is more popular than the hero or heroine, then the cornerstone of stability in the world is the highly popular character.]

[For example, in the world the host is about to enter, the most popular supporting character is the third uncle of the male protagonist, Liu Bohuai.]

[The foundation of the world will become more and more stable if it follows the reader’s strong will towards the ending, and will eventually become one of thousands of worlds.]

[Conversely, the world will collapse with the foundation of the world].

Li Qingzhou listened quietly to the little blue ball of light as it rambled on and on with its explanation.

[Not all worlds of books can be successfully born.]

[033 will use this world as an example for the host – the most popular character is the male protagonist’s third uncle, Liu Bohuai, who ends up alone and unmarried for life in the book.]

[But readers strongly hope that Liu Bohuai will find a lover and be happy.]

[An ending that conflicts with the will will create instability in the world, and in time the world will collapse and disappear.]

[So the system follows the conventions of the universe to find people who change the endings of highly popular characters and follow the reader’s wishes, and after the task is completed, the world no longer needs to be maintained.]

[The host fits the book’s villain, Li Qingzhou. Fortunately, Lucky System 033 captured the host’s regret, which was why I am bound to you.]

Li Qingzhou’s regret was that he didn’t finish his research on spinal cord repair injection and have a healthy body before he died.

He had been in very poor health since birth.

  • Born with weakness in his legs, he couldn’t stand up and walk and had to rely on a wheelchair for a long time and was constantly ill with minor illnesses.

As he grew older, Li Qingzhou even developed a malignant spinal cord tumour.

But because of his frailty, even with the most renowned specialists in the country and the world, the results weren’t good.

Misfortunes never came singly.

Later in life, Li Qingzhou suffered from bone cancer again.

Then he finally came to the end of his life at the age of

But as the saying goes – if God closes a door, he will open another window for you.

Li Qingzhou was blessed with an exceptionally bright and intelligent brain, a happy and caring family, grew up well fed and clothed, and with a family that had more money than they could spend in several lifetimes.

He himself received many accolades in the face of adversity.

But Li Qingzhou’s greatest wish was to be able to stand up and run and jump around like a normal person.

So, after learning about the villain with the same name through System 033, Li Qingzhou burst into tears instantly, laying on the ground and crying, “I won’t do it, I refuse!”

How come this villain was also wheelchair-bound with leg problems? He had PTSD!

The little blue ball of light bobbed up and down anxiously: [Host, if you complete the task, your legs will heal.]

-The task was to find a lover for the male protagonist’s uncle, Liu Bohuai, to prevent him from ending up alone.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to act as a matchmaker to introduce someone to another.

Li Qingzhou then accepted the mission.

But he had a request.

-He needed the first intelligent brain developed and produced by himself, and the information stored in it to be complete.

033 sighed with relief: [No problem, host, 033 can reproduce your first intelligent brain in the system for you, including all the information in it.]

[033 will leave after sending the host to this world, and will dock again when the host has completed the mission.]

[Love tip – It is best not to break your persona before the mission is completed.]

Then came the farewell in the silver car.

The small blue ball of light, which no one saw, floated out of the car into the air and suddenly stopped, as if it had discovered something and spun in place.

[Ah yes, 033 has another golden finger, I will give it to the host too.]

A thumb-sized golden star point separated from the small blue ball of light, which then slowly floated towards the silver car ……

Seeing this, 033 turned to leave.

But just as the little blue ball of light disappeared in mid-air, the door of the black Maybach opened abruptly and a man stepped out of it.

The golden star paused, turning as if attracted then finally disappeared into the man’s body.

In a place where the man couldn’t hear it –

“Gold finger Mental Activity Embodiment (see what’s in a specific person’s mind within 10 meters, hear what’s in a specific person’s mind within 3 meters) is bound to the host …… Binding error, error …… “

“Request to modify …… failed, request again ………… failed, cannot be changed.”

Liu Bohuai frowned and pressed his brow.

His assistant Zou Ming said, “Third Master, your arm is injured, you need to go to the hospital to dress the wound.”

Liu Bohuai’s left arm had endured an impact.


Liu Bohuai looked at the man being carried out of the silver car and followed him into the ambulance.

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