My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 45.2

Although Father Li also left many things to Liu Jingyuan, how could those things compare to the massive Liu Group…..

Naturally, not only did Liu Jingyuan have trouble understanding it, Liu Jizhen also disagreed with the will’s distribution.

So she made a scene at the Liu family’s old house.

At the time, Xia Qingwan had still been in the country, having shares in the Liu Group and having a say in the matter as she was also their mother.

At that time Liu Jizhen had sought her judgment, hoping that Liu Jingyuan would get what he deserved.

“Mom, dad’s will is simply unfair.”

“Big brother has passed away, so it stands to reason that Jingyuan should take his place…. shouldn’t the Liu Group be handed over to Jingyuan?” Liu Jizhen said.

Liu Bohuai had just sat silently on the sofa at the time, not saying a word.

And Xia Qingwan only said a few words, “I respect my late husband’s decision.”

“Since he chose to hand the Liu Group over to Bohuai, it proves that Bohuai is more suitable to lead the Liu Group than Jingyuan.”

“Your father was of a very sound mind before he died, so you don’t need to say much. Just do what you’re supposed to do.”

The Liu family’s old house and the Liu Group were left to Liu Bohuai.

As as a result everyone, with the exception of Mother Xia, who wanted to stay in the old residence needed Liu Bohuai’s permission.

At that time, Liu Jingyuan’s family made a little bit of scene then without waiting for Mother Xia or Liu Bohuai to say anything, moved out immediately.

Not getting what one wanted was one thing, but losing face was another.

And Liu Jizhen valued her reputation highly.

Afterwards, Mother Xia’s health wasn’t good, so she went abroad to recuperate.

Not long after, Liu Jizhen made a decision and also moved abroad with her family, however their nationality didn’t change.

What He Jianxun was thinking was– Aunt Xia still held 15% of the shares in the Liu Group.

And with Liu Jizhen trying her best to please Aunt Xia, perhaps it might even be because she wanted to get her hands on those shares.

But Aunt Xia had been smart and rational when she was young, hence although she was now old, she wasn’t easily fooled.

Just by taking a look at the number of years Liu Jizhen had spent abroad, it could be seen that there had been no progress at all.

No wonder she had returned to the country. It was probably because she thought she couldn’t afford to stay abroad anymore.

Funding it amusing, He Jianxun told Liu Bohuai, “Be careful of Liu Jizhen, she’s not simple.”

Liu Bohuai responded, “I know.”

Although Li Qingzhou had wanted to invite Lu Meishan to dinner to get to know her better,

The Cui Group had been suppressing Unique Studio recently and since he had taken over, he naturally had to deal with them.

What’s more, the semifinals of the artificially intelligent robots exchange competition were coming up and Yu Zhe and others were busy preparing for it.

There were no restrictions on the types of individuals or studios participating in the competition.

And if their strength allowed it, they could also participate in multiple categories in the competition with different types of robots.

This was what Yu Zhe and others did.

Unique Studio developed and produced three types of robots, all of which were in the most basic categories of the competition– service, rescue, and combat types.

Therefore, their pre-competition planning and preparation was much more complicated than that of others.

Because Yu Zhe had hit someone during the official competition in the middle of the live broadcast, the video had spread online.

And although it had had somewhat of a negative impact, it had also generated a lot of discussion and attracted more attention to the artificially intelligent robots exchange competition.

Making it so that the number of people paying attention to the competition had increased gradually, with the tangible benefit being that the audience and online ratings had gone up.

Some netizens even went to check the official Weibo page of Unique Studio to see if the person who had hit someone had apologized and to see how the organizers had resolved it.

But who knew that the introduction on Unique Studio’s official Weibo page would suddenly change.

–The person in charge, Yu Zhe, had been changed to Li Qingzhou and the studio had become a studio under Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd.

[Li Qingzhou? Is that who I think it is?! He bought this person’s studio?]

[No wonder he didn’t apologize for hitting someone, he’s found a backing.]

[I think this studio is quite powerful and has a chance to make it to the finals, but President Li…. isn’t he in the car business? Why is he getting involved with artificially intelligent robots?]

[Probably…. because they’re all artificially intelligent robots?]

The online discussion about this matter was quite hot.

However neither Li Qingzhou nor Yu Zhe and the others came out to respond.

Shortly afterwards, the official website of the artificially intelligent robots exchange competition released a short statement– stating that the two had resolved the issue privately and that apologies had been made.

The competition continued as usual, and people looked forward to the semifinals.

Of course there was no apology.

The organizers couldn’t offend either side. After all, one side was the Cui Group and the other side was the Li Group Corporation.

Neither side wanted to back down, so the organizers could only come up with a compromise, and that was making a show that they had temporarily resolved the issue to give the netizens an explanation.

The semifinals of the artificially intelligent robots exchange competition were about to begin.

Li Qingzhou called Liu Bohuai and invited him to go watch the competition together.

After extending the invitation, Li Qingzhou also praised Lu Meishan, exhorting, “Miss Lu is really unique. She’s mainly responsible for making the robot’s shell.”

“She can complete such a heavy workload so quickly, it’s really amazing.”

This outstanding woman definitely had to be introduced to Third Master.

Liu Bohuai turned the buddhist beads in his hand, the sound of the beads colliding with each other, ringing out as he did so.

His voice was without emotion as he said, “Alright, I’ll go.”

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