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Chapter 75.2

Editor: Jodi

The Domestic Service Robot Zone match was to take place a day later.

And Li Qingzhou’s team’s match was scheduled for the afternoon of the second day of the competition.

—While the morning of the first day of the competition was the match between Bernie’s team and R Country’s Sakato Ichiro’s team.

Li Qingzhou chose to watch the live broadcast of the competition at the Liu family’s Old Mansion.

Sitting at the venue was too tiring and wasn’t as comfortable as it was being at home— where he could sit on the couch with plenty of fruits and desserts available.

Most importantly, his legs were resting on Liu Bohuai’s lap, enjoying a gentle massage.

At first, Li Qingzhou was quite shy and didn’t want to take off his pants in front of Liu Bohuai.

Regarding his legs, he had a dedicated masseur who did spot massages to prevent muscle atrophy because of prolonged immobility.

Moreover….. although Liu Bohuai had already seen what his legs looked like before.

The two of them were now in a somewhat ambiguous stage where their relationship hadn’t been defined completely yet, causing shy and anxious emotions to surge, making Li Qingzhou a bit hesitant and resistant.

[No, it’s better if he doesn’t.]

—This time the little guy in the bubble curled up inside a turtle-shaped plush pillow, however unfortunately, the space in the pillow was a bit small, hence his round little bottom, along with his ‘jiojio’, were exposed.

Liu Bohuai coaxed him, “Qingzhou, be good, this is nothing.”

[I know it’s nothing, but I still feel embarrassed.]

—The small head of the little guy in the bubble poked out as he pouted.

Li Qingzhou: “Then, then okay.”

His refusal hadn’t been very firm to begin with.

Recently, because Li Qingzhou had been very busy, he hadn’t had the masseur go over to his house, hence Liu Bohuai had offered to give him a massage after learning about this.

—Then his trousers were taken off and then replaced with loose-fitting pajama bottoms.

And leaning on the side of the couch with a soft cushion behind him, his legs were placed on Liu Bohuai’s lap, his abdomen and thighs covered with a thin blanket.

Then Liu Bohuai started to massage his calves skillfully.

Li Qingzhou bit his lips, “Third Master, my legs…..”

[….. Aren’t they ugly? Pale, skinny, and all bones….. it’s as if they are dried sticks.]

—There was a lost expression on the face of the little guy in the bubble as he crawled out slowly from the turtle-shaped plush pillow, then stretching his fingertips, poked his chubby leg cautiously.

Liu Bohuai retracted his gaze from the top of Li Qingzhou’s head without a trace.

And because Li Qingzhou was looking down, he didn’t see this.

And just as he was hesitating, thinking about whether he should voice his thoughts, Liu Bohuai lifted one of his legs gently and kissed his calf lightly.

Then he raised his head and said, “I will be the one to give you massages in the future, okay?”

Li Qingzhou’s eyes widened slightly, “Third Master….”

Not waiting for him to respond, Liu Bohuai kissed his other leg.

A faint blush colored Li Qingzhou’s face.

No one spoke, but the atmosphere was cosy.

After enjoying himself for a while, Li Qingzhou suddenly became curious, “Third Master, why are you so skilled at massaging?”

[It’s as if you’ve practiced before….]

—The little guy in the bubble scratched his small head.

Liu Bohuai’s hand paused, then he told him, “I’ve read books on this before and learned.”

He had indeed read the relevant books, however he had indeed also massaged Li Qingzhou’s legs after he had fallen asleep….

[Did Third Master do this especially for me? Woo, he definitely did. After all, apart from me who else could it be?]

—The little guy in the bubble covered his mouth, teary-eyed, his two large eyes looking as if they were filled with hot tears.

Li Qingzhou, “Third Master…. did you read those books for me?”

He voiced his question.

Liu Bohuai nodded, then focused on the massaging.

There was nothing to hide.

[Woo….. Third Master must have practiced many times in private, so touched.]

Then Liu Bohuai felt Li Qingzhou’s body move.

And immediately after, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Li Qingzhou suddenly lean in closer— then a gentle kiss landed on his cheek.

[Hehe, a reward.]

Liu Bohuai looked at him immediately, making Li Qingzhou shy, his lips pursed slightly, however he was clearly smiling.

And in the bubble above, the little guy had the same expression.

[Hehe, aren’t I sweet~]

—The little guy in the bubble cupped his chubby and rosy cheeks.

Sweet, so sweet that it had reached his heart.

The corners of Liu Bohuai’s lips couldn’t help but lift, then he also leaned in and whispered, “Do you want my kiss in return?”

Li Qingzhou responded softly, “…. I’d like one.”

Immediately, Liu Bohuai hugged his waist, using his arms to lift him onto his lap…..

When the temperature in the living room finally came down, Li Qingzhou snuggled into the sofa, and Liu Bohuai had finished his massage.

The laptop was playing the live broadcast of the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals’ — Domestic Service Robots match between Bernie’s team and Sakato Ichiro’s team.

These types of robots had a more humanoid appearance.

Watching the two teams competing, Li Qingzhou commented, “For Domestic Service Robots, their ability to execute commands is the main focus.”

“In this aspect, Sakato Ichiro’s team has done an excellent job with their Robot Little Lily.”

“But Sakato Ichiro shouldn’t have designed the lower part of this service robot to look like legs just for aesthetics…”

Of course, this didn’t mean that robots with leg-like structures were bad.

It was just that due to technical limitations, robot legs still couldn’t truly replicate the appearance, support, and structure of human legs.

And Sakato Ichiro’s Little Lily was a perfect example.

—Its lower part, although resembling legs, were clearly more like two thick mechanical pillars.

And although they had made some slender adjustments at the ankle, the foot part was larger to support the robot’s entire body…

And despite Lily’s appearance being closer to that of a human’s.

Whether it was in terms of speed or convenience, it wasn’t a match for the roller style ‘legs’ of Mervylle, the robot Bernie’s team had designed, something which was more practical.

Hence over time, the disadvantages of Sakato Ichiro’s Domestic Service Robot, Little Lily would become obvious….

And as expected, Sakato Ichiro’s team ended up losing the match.

Liu Bohuai told him, “Qingzhou, it’s very likely you’ll meet Bernie’s team again in the Domestic Service Robots competition.”

Li Qingzhou nodded, “En.”

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