My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 35.1

Li Qingzhou eventually recalled the person called Xu Qi Jin, or more specifically, this cannon fodder character from the original book— someone unimportant and who was given little space.

The main purpose of his appearance was to emphasize the female protagonist’s pathetic life, thereby triggering the male protagonist’s heartache, further fermenting and deepening feelings, etc.

In the original book, the female protagonist Xu Mengning was adopted by Father Xu and Mother Xu.

These two had a daughter, who unfortunately died.

Afterwards, because Mother Xu was so distraught and kept getting sick, Father Xu suggested that they adopt a girl from an orphanage.

Mother Xu agreed.

When they went to the Red Star Orphanage, Mother Xu immediately fell in love with the female protagonist who was at that time a child and after discussing the matter with Father Xu, they immediately went through the adoption process.

However after a few years of raising Xu Mengning, Mother Xu became pregnant again and gave birth to Xu Qi Jin, a son.

–The original book didn’t contain the plot of Xu Qi Jin coming to Yanjing.

He owed millions in gambling debts in Licheng.

Initially, he had wanted to hide it from Father Xu and Mother Xu, but it wasn’t until someone came to their door demanding he pay the debt that this finally became impossible to hide.

Father Xu and Mother Xu sold their house to raise money for their son, trying to pay back the money by any means possible.

In the end they were able to pay off the debt, but they were also left without a place to live.

So they had to rent a house to live in.

However it all came to this.

Instead of repenting, Xu Qi Jin intensified his efforts to win back the money he had lost by going back to gambling.

And the result was predictable.

After owing another two million yuan in gambling-debts, the gang told him that if he didn’t have the money to pay back, they would take body-parts to cover the debt. Internal organs or arms and legs would do……

Afraid, Xu Qi Jin didn’t dare stay in Licheng any longer and planned to pack up to flee overnight without even telling his parents.

Fortunately, he still had some conscience left in regards to his parents.

What Xu Qi Jin left with the gang that he owed was Xu Mengning’s address and telephone number in Yanjing.

So, after not hearing from Xu Qi Jin, the gang traced the address and phone number to Yanjing……

There, they found the female protagonist and demanded forcibly that she pay back the money and also made the matter known to everyone at Yanjing University.

Later, naturally, it was the male protagonist Liu Xiahui who solved this problem for Xu Mengning.

–Not only did he stop the gang from causing trouble forXu Mengning, he also took her to Licheng personally to deal with the source of the trouble and to find Xu Qi Jin.

And ‘Li Qingzhou ‘ was abroad at this time.

The ending of Xu Qi Jin in the original book was passed over in one stroke.

The female protagonist Xu Mengning was, however, heart broken by Father Xu and Mother Xu’s approach.

However in the end, the kindness of the couple having raised her from a young age was great and Xu Mengning always remembered it.

So she borrowed money from Liu Xiahui to help pay off Xu Qi Jin’s gambling-debts, but from then on she and the Xu family never had any relationship again.

After that, Xu Mengning and Liu Xiahui returned to Yanjing…… and the relationship between the two was finally somewhat clear.

However, ‘Li Qingzhou ‘ returned to C Country and again took advantage of the female protagonist’s guilt towards him to tie her down……

From beginning to end, ‘Li Qingzhou’ never got into contact with Xu Qi Jin, the cannon fodder’s trouble.

But now, the ‘trouble’ had come of its own accord?

And look what Xu Qi Jin was saying at the moment– help him pursue the female protagonist? Do him a favor? A new smart car plus money?

[…… Exactly how thick skinned does he have to be to say something like that?!]

–The little guy in the bubble couldn’t help but stare in disbelief, so embarrassed to the point where the corners of his mouth twitched and he held his head in his hands, feeling that his head was swelling.

This isn’t the kind of drama I should be dealing with!

Li Qingzhou said with a cold expression, “No need, I’m just friends with Ah Ning right now. There’s no need to go any further.”

“Mr. Xu, if you want the new smart car, please go to my company’s official website or to Auto City to buy it. Apart from that, there are no other channels.”

“Furthermore, I am not related to Mr. Xu and there shouldn’t be any unwarranted money transactions, even if it is only one cent.”

“Of course, if the person standing in front of me at this moment were a beggar, I think I would be quite willing to give him alms.”

But are you?

Li Qingzhou said without mercy, simply stamping Xu Qi Jin’s face into the ground.

However Xu Qi Jin was thick-skinned enough to listen to it and still be completely indifferent.

He didn’t even believe it and said, “Impossible, how could you have no feelings for my sister anymore? You were able to get disabled to save her back then, let alone……”

—He had gone to Yanjing University to inquire clearly. It didn’t seem like Li Qingzhou had no feelings for Xu Mengning.

Could it be that…… that he had asked him for too much money?

No way, right? He was already a president worth millions, could it be that he wasn’t even willing to part with this little money?!

[I don’t, I don’t, what rubbish are you spouting! I’m only concerned about work and not feelings, making money makes me happy!]

–The little guy in the bubble crossed his arms furiously, looking very much like he wanted to come out to punch and kick Xu Qi Jin.

I’m only concerned about work and not feelings…..

Liu Bohuai, his expression unchanged, tucked the broken string of Buddhist beads into the trouser pocket of his suit with one hand.

Then, walked to Li Qingzhou’s side and placed one hand on his shoulder and said to Xu Qi Jin, “I think Qingzhou has already made it very clear.”

“This Mr. Xu, please stop pestering him and leave this place now immediately.”

After saying this, Liu Bohuai looked at Fang Xiyan next to him.

Fang Xiyan understood and immediately turned around and went into the company.

Xu Qi Jin said, “I’m not pestering anyone, I just want to find out Li Qing, President Li’s attitude towards my sister.”

“If President Li likes my sister, I can be the matchmaker to set you guys up and when the time comes, won’t we be a family?”

“If you become my brother-in-law, it’s only right that you give me money and a car.”

[Where’s my knife, where’s my knife?! I can’t help but want to hack him to death! Where the h*ll did he get such thick skin?!!!]

–The little guy in the bubble was dumbfounded at first, his hands pulling at his hair with a frantic expression, then his little head looked around and then finally dragged a large knife that was taller than him out from the corner of the bubble……

Now, this large knife was being held shakily in the little guy’s arms, with its tip pointing at Xu Qi Jin.

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