My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 22.2

Li Qingzhou immediately took control of the wheelchair and went over.

At this time, when Li Hanyu tried to carry her little brother out from under the table, Li Xusheng didn’t resist– he was then handed to Li Qingzhou who took him into his arms and held him tightly.

“Woo woo– big brother, big brother…..”

Feeling the warm familiar scent and gentle patting, Li Xusheng could no longer hold back his cries.

He clutched Li Qingzhou’s clothes with one hand and buried his little head in his chest, crying so hard that even his body trembled slightly and he wasn’t able to breathe well…..

Li Qingzhou couldn’t stop soothing him as he whispered, “Shhh, Shengsheng, Shengsheng be good, don’t cry, big brother is right here…..”

“Be good, Shengsheng don’t cry anymore.”

–What the hell was going on?!

Li Qingzhou asked with his eyes as he looked at the butler and others while his hand rubbed Li Xusheng’s back.

The doctor and the nanny had arrived later at the old house and so neither knew exactly what had happened before.

Li Xusheng wouldn’t allow them come near him and if they tried to, he would become very agitated and alert.

Then Li Hanyu came back and only then did Li Xusheng look less tense and shaky and said something about wanting to see his big brother…..

And then it went on until now.

The old butler hesitated: “Before the little young master became like this….. Sir and Second Madam came to the old house, but I don’t know if they met with the little young master…..”

“After all, Sir and Second Madam only stayed for a short time before they left.”

“After that, by the time I entered the living room again, little young master was hiding under the dining room table and crying non-stop…..”

He also suspected that perhaps it was because of Sir and Second Madam.

But without any evidence, he, a butler, didn’t dare speculate.

As the old butler said these words, Li Qingzhou could clearly feel the small body under his palm tremble even more.

He couldn’t help but pause, and then stroking Li Xusheng’s little head, asked softly, “What did Shengsheng see, can you tell big brother?”

“No matter who it is, big brother will not let them hurt you.”

“No, it’s not…..”

Li Xusheng fought back his sobs and struggled to speak up and explain.

— He held up the tiny camera clutched tightly in his other hand, his knuckles white from the sheer force of his hold.

“Big brother, look at….. look at this.”

Li Xusheng whimpered, “They are bad, big brother woo….. don’t, don’t be sad…..”

Confused, Li Qingzhou took the camera and rubbed Li Xusheng’s little finger and said, “Big brother will watch it, but Shengsheng don’t cry.”

“Promise big brother, okay?’

Li Xusheng’s mood finally became somewhat stable and he nodded, saying in a hoarse voice: “En…..”

Then he clutched Li Qingzhou’s clothes tightly, not wanting to leave his big brother’s embrace, but having spent too much energy and strength before, and already having a cold, together with him only relaxing a little now, his eyelids slowly twitched and then closed…..

Li Qingzhou waited for Li Xusheng to drift off to sleep and then carrying him, controlled his wheelchair and went to his bedroom.

After the nanny laid out the bedding gently, Li Xusheng was placed slowly on the bed, followed by the doctor who went up to examine him.

When the examination was finished, the doctor gestured for them to go out to talk.

The door was closed gently.

The doctor said, “Little young master cried very much at the end, so all the emotions were let out, hence there is nothing seriously wrong now.”

“He just has a little cold, so he should take some medicine and he will be good.”

“And, little young master seems to be a bit frightened….. It’s best to have someone with him at night to prevent him from having nightmares.”

Li Qingzhou nodded, “I’ll sleep with Shengsheng in the night.”

After seeing that nothing was wrong, the doctor left the old house first.

Then Li Qingzhou went to the living room and turned on the camera.

He located today’s date– the scene started with Li Xusheng holding a small yellow duck pot and taking it out into the courtyard to sunbathe and then him going back to the living room to take his medicine…..

One could see that the camera had been left on and had been placed on the dining table with the camera pointing at the sofa, stairs, etc.

Shortly afterwards, the old butler, Li Chengkang and Jiang Biling appeared in the shot– after a brief conversation, the old butler left and the couple went upstairs.


Li Qingzhou suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart as he continued to watch.

After Li Xusheng came out after washing his hands, the pills and the camera fell onto the carpet and then he crawled under the dining table to look for them…..

And at that moment, Li Chengkang and Jiang Biling came down the stairs…..



Li Hanyu suddenly covered her mouth, an incredulous expression on her face as tears spilled, her body trembling slightly.

The old butler and the nanny were even more shocked and stunned.

The nanny even covered her chest, taking two steps back in fear at the information contained in the words they had just heard.

The scene ended with Li Chengkang and Jiang Biling leaving the old house…..

“Eldest young master…..” The old butler tried to say something, but remained silent in the end.

Clutching the camera, Li Qingzhou closed his eyes and then said in a deep voice: “You guys go out first, when grandpa comes back, I’ll talk to him about this.”

He would never let Li Chengkang and Jiang Biling and of course, the Jiang family go…..

After the butler and the nanny left,

Li Hanyu could no longer resist jumping onto Li Qingzhou’s shoulders and hugging him tightly, her hot tears almost soaked through the clothes on his back.

“Woo….. big brother, big brother.” Li Hanyu sobbed incoherently.

Li Qingzhou patted her comfortingly.


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5 thoughts on “My outside expression is different from my inner expression

  1. Bastards! I- oh god. I really can’t understand how vicious one has to be to do that to one’s own nephew. I pity the OG Li Qingzhou a lot. He suffered so much but still didn’t end well…
    My babies Xusheng and Hanyu…(⁠个⁠_⁠个⁠)
    Thanks for the chapter! Now back to sobbing

  2. annoying(°ㅂ°╬)
    Those scums won’t get away with it now that MC is here!

    Thanks for the update ~♡

  3. Im so glad that our MC connected with his blood family even after everything the viscous uncle and aunt pulled. And that he is someone else in the villians body, so he can rebuild and remake rather than seek broken vengeance along.

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