My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 18.1

Back in Yanjing, Li Qingzhou was busy again.

—The site selection for the new company, contacting Qiao Huanming and others to set up relevant labs, building the research team……

Most importantly, in just one day, his paper would be published.

The land that Li Qingzhou bought off at a low price was right next to the new address of the new city.

Here, he intended to build a large automobile city with an intelligent high-tech car experience and sales.

A continuation of the previous Auto City project, but with changes.

–This would also be Yanjing’s first high-tech, eco-friendly 4S shop that combined new energy vehicles with intelligent AI.

The company’s offices and technology development would be located in Yanjing, preferably in a convenient location with good transport links, etc.

However, it wasn’t easy to find a place that took all aspects into consideration.

Shortly afterwards, Zou Ming contacted Fang Xiyan– a location had been found for the company.


The address given by Zou Ming was in the center of Yanjing.

–It was a commercial building that had just been vacated, it only needed to be refurbished again and it would be ready for use.

Fang Xiyan drove there according to the address.

Li Qingzhou got out of the car but didn’t enter the building for the time being. Instead, he took in his surroundings first– it was a really good location in the city center, with greenery, restaurants, and good transportation links all around…

Zou Ming walked out of the entrance of the commercial building and welcomed both Li Qingzhou and Fang Xiyan inside.

The building had twenty-eight floors in total.

Although the building was emptied of equipment, tables and chairs, the water and electricity were working properly.

The doors of the elevator opened with a ‘ding’ sound.

Zou Ming waited sideways for Li Qingzhou to go first before following him into the elevator.

He pressed the twenty-eighth floor.

During the gradual rise of the elevator.

Zou Ming introduced, “Mr. Li, the whole top floor is your future office and rest area. The lighting is excellent and you can overlook almost half of the city center….”

Opposite the doors of the elevator was clear glass.

Looking down, things were getting smaller and smaller, while the view opened up gradually. The elevator wasn’t ascending too slowly, hence it gave the feeling of weightlessness.

As Li Qingzhou listened to Zou Ming, he looked outside the elevator, his eyes slowly coalescing on an unusually conspicuous building.

The building was just diagonally opposite the commercial building and also tall.

There was a ding, they had arrived at the twenty-eighth floor.

The doors of the elevator opened into a spacious lobby, and there were several rooms further in.

The largest of these would be used as Li Qingzhou’s office in the future.

Zou Ming opened the doors and there was a man in the empty room standing in front of the bright floor-to-ceiling windows. He opened his mouth and said, “Third Master, Mr. Li has arrived.”

Liu Bohuai turned around.

He was wearing a grey suit waistcoat, without a tie, with two buttons undone, with the charm of a casual – and mature – man.

The harsh but warm sunlight outside the window seemed to have gilded him with a dazzling layer of gold, adding to his broad shoulders and long legs, handsome and noble.

[He’s so good looking, but I’m the prettiest, he he he].

–The eyes of the little guy in the bubble curved with a smile and cupping his hands, rubbed his round cheeks, looking self-absorbed and proud.

Liu Bohuai’s eyes fell uncontrollably on Li Qingzhou’s face…. with pale skin and red lips, he indeed an appearance that was instantly appealing.

“Long time no see, Mr. Li.”

Liu Bohuai’s voice seemed to be filled with sunlight, with an imperceptible soothing gentleness and lightness.

Li Qingzhou raised his hand, indicating to Fang Xiyan that he didn’t need to follow him, turned his wheelchair over and also stopped in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

“Mr. Liu, it’s been a long time.”

He looked at the office building directly across from his office and said, “I didn’t expect that I would one day be neighbors with the Liu Group.”

“Of course, I also have to thank Mr. Liu for his generous help.”

After all, without Liu Bohuai pulling the strings, such a well-located commercial building in downtown Yanjing wouldn’t have landed in his hands.

Not to mention being purchased by him at a low price.

Liu Bohuai said, “I always treat my partners like this, so there’s no need to say thank you.”

When Zou Ming, who was standing near the doors heard this, the expression on his face changed slightly– when had he ever been so generous….. Mr. Li was the only exception, it seemed.

When he had been instructed by Third Master to go and do this, he had almost lost the calm expression he usually wore.

Li Qingzhou did appreciate Liu Bohuai’s help.

It had definitely solved a problem for him and saved him a lot of time.

–The little guy in the bubble held his left hand in front of him, his right hand in a fist above his head and swayed it back and forth uncontrollably above his little head.

Opposite the office was the Liu Group’s commercial building.

Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but ask curiously, “I wonder what floor Mr. Liu’s day to day office is on?”

Liu Bohuai’s expression turning slightly, his dark eyes looked out of the window then he pointed to the one-way glass layer facing Li Qingzhou and said, “Right there.”

“…… It’s on the same height as where Mr. Li’s office is located.”

[Ooooh, it’s a pity that commercial buildings use one-way glass, otherwise we could still wave hello when there’s nothing to do.]

–The little guy in the bubble lay on the wall of the bubble, shook his little hand in the direction of the commercial building in small increments then pursed his lips and giggled afterwards.

The handover of the commercial building would be done in two days.

Before leaving, Liu Bohuai took out an invitation and handed it to Li Qingzhou.

He said, “Tomorrow night is He Jianxun’s grandfather’s 80th birthday. Not only will big wigs in the business world come, some old professors specializing in academics will also be there.”

He Jianxun’s grandfather, named He Zhangling, had been a member of the National Academy of Sciences, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to praise him as a man of high moral standing.

As Li Qingzhou was now setting up his roots in Yanjing, it was imperative that he build up his contacts, so it was natural for him to attend more of these parties which would do him a lot of good.

Li Qingzhou also understood, and so accepted the invitation.

But what he had in mind was– the plot from the original book was back.

The plot of the original book was that the male protagonist Liu Xiahui asked the female protagonist Xu Mengning to be his female companion in return for the hand he had given at the hotel party the last time.

Xu Mengning reluctantly agreed, and for this reason, rejected the invitation to dinner with ‘Li Qingzhou’.

As a newcomer to the business world in Yanjing at the time, ‘Li Qingzhou’ wasn’t qualified to attend the 80th birthday party of Old man He Zhangling.

Therefore, the plot revolved around the female protagonist dressing up to stun the male protagonist, being given a hard time by the cannon fodder at the party, and being helped by the male protagonist at the same time.

–It was a sublimation of the male and female protagonist’s feelings.

There was absolutely nothing about the villain ‘Li Qingzhou’.

Oh no.

There was still a little bit of description– that is, with the strong contrast between ‘lively’ and ‘lonely’, the villain’s hatred of the male protagonist deepened again.

The little guy in the bubble sat cross-legged, with his cheeks in his hands, as if he was thinking.

Liu Bohuai, however, didn’t hear any words.

He collected his inner doubts and said, “Mr. Li might as well attend with me tomorrow night.”

[Oooh wow~ Is he afraid that I will be sneered at and looked down upon if I go over there by myself? A good person, a good person. Good people live safe and sound throughout their lives!]

–The little guy in the bubble raised his hands above his head, making a big heart.

The corners of Li Qingzhou’s lips rose for a moment, then he nodded and said, “Then thank you, Mr. Liu.”

Liu Bohuai paused before returning, “No need to be polite.”


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