My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 53.2

Some of the furniture in Li Qingzhou’s villa had been custom-made to accommodate his daily needs, but the Xia family’s furniture had normal heights and dimensions.

Take the bathroom vanity for example— it was luxurious and spacious.

But if Li Qingzhou were to move towards it in his wheelchair, it wouldn’t be very convenient for him to wash up. At the very least, he would have to stretch his arms.

Liu Bohuai: “Qingzhou, we’re friends, so it’s only right that I help you. Besides…..”

He lowered his voice slowly as he leaned in closer to Li Qingzhou and said gently with his hands on his shoulders, “Besides, you’ve been so concerned about me and my life long event….”

“Compared to that, helping you with this small favor is really nothing.”

“Qingzhou, never, ever be polite with me.”

[Huhh…. these two things shouldn’t be mixed up.]

—The face of the little guy in the bubble scrunched up, making it look like a steamed bun as he looked slightly worried as he clutched the corner of his clothes, not knowing what to do.

Li Qingzhou: “Third Master, I…. I’m not being polite with you, but, uh…..”

However before he could finish speaking, Liu Bohuai suddenly picked him up.

Li Qingzhou’s eyes couldn’t help but widen and unprepared, he wrapped his arms around Liu Bohuai’s neck instinctively.

Immediately after, he found himself sitting on the vanity.

—The cold sensation under his butt sent a shiver up his spine.

Li Qingzhou’s legs somehow dangled on either side of Liu Bohuai’s body, while Liu Bohuai stood in front of him, one hand around his waist while the other unbuttoned his vest slowly.

[Eh? Eh eh eh!]

Li Qingzhou grabbed Liu Bohuai’s hand hurriedly, his usually calm voice finally changing, “Third Master…”

His head was lowered, hence he didn’t notice the dark emotions swirling in Liu Bohuai’s eyes.

Liu Bohuai made an ‘en’ sound then told him, “Qingzhou, this surface is quite slippery, so hold on to me.”

Saying this, he moved Li Qingzhou’s hand that was holding his and placed it on his shoulder and as the vest didn’t have many buttons, it was unbuttoned quickly.

[But I’m sitting on the vanity, I’m not slipping off at all.]

—Sitting on a vanity that was only half the size of his little arm, the little guy in the bubble shifted his small butt uncomfortably.

Liu Bohuai’s eyes looked up subtly.

Seeing that he couldn’t stop him, Li Qingzhou decided to let it be.

[Why, we’re both men, what am I afraid of? It’s not as if we haven’t seen each other before…. Third Master and I have even taken a dip in a hot spring together.]

—The little guy in the bubble clenched his fists to psyche himself up, however he was tough on the outside but soft on the inside.

Li Qingzhou’s jacket had long been taken off shortly after they entered the Xia Residence.

At this moment, Li Qingzhou’s vest was taken off and thrown into the laundry basket. Then, a finger hooked his tie and yanked it off….

Liu Bohuai unbuttoned Li Qingzhou’s shirt, one button, two buttons, but stopped when he reached the third button.

Li Qingzhou looked up with a confused expression, “What’s wrong?”

Liu Bohuai had noticed that the little guy in the bubble had relaxed gradually and was feeling at ease, so he said, “It’s nothing, I just think it’s faster to take this shirt off directly.”

Then he placed one hand behind Li Qingzhou loosely while the other left the buttons of his shirt and reached around to the back, slipping in from the bottom of the shirt…

Instantly, Li Qingzhou sat up straight.

The hand wasn’t cold, but rather warm and dry, with a slight heat to it.

However it wasn’t clear whether it was intentional or coincidental, but the hand was placed on Li Qingzhou’s spine— then moved up, following the contours of his spine…

And as if gliding gently, it passed through his distinct indentations, his shoulder blades and stopped just below the back of his shoulders.

A tingling, numbing, tickling sensation seemed to travel from the tips of Liu Bohuai’s fingers into Li Qingzhou’s heart, causing his scalp to unconsciously tense up slightly….

There seemed to be something wrong with the atmosphere in the bathroom.

But Liu Bohuai’s expression was so serious that it made Li Qingzhou suspect he was overthinking things.

After all, it was just a normal undressing….

[I must be overthinking things; Third Master is just helping me take off my clothes. En, that’s it.]

—The little guy in the bubble nodded his little head in certainty.

“Raise your arms a little.” Liu Bohuai suddenly said, his voice a little dark.

Li Qingzhou, oblivious, raised his hands and arms obediently, assuming a surrendering pose.

—The little guy in the bubble did the same.

The shirt slid up from the bottom, the hem brushing over Li Qingzhou’s body, covering his lips, nose… his entire face.

As the collar moved up slowly, it revealed his chin and lips gradually, but then stopped at the bridge of his nose.

[Huh? I can’t see.]

—With his head covered by the shirt, his arms extended upwards, the little guy in the bubble spun around blindly in place.

Without being watched, a dangerous vibe was unleashed uninhibitedly.

Liu Bohuai’s throat moved slightly, the look in his eyes deep and unfathomable.

Removing his glasses gently with one hand, his unobstructed eyes instantly turned sharp, like a lion lurking in the shadows, finally revealing its fangs, waiting for the right moment to pounce on its prey….

—The faint sound of the glasses being placed on the bathroom counter caught Li Qingzhou’s attention.

He tilted his head slightly, confused, “Third Master?”

[What are you doing?]

“En, I’m here.” Liu Bohuai replied casually, his tone seemingly unchanged.

He leaned in slightly, imposing and overwhelming, as if he wanted to envelop this person entirely. His obscure and dark gaze fell on Li Qingzhou’s lips as he inched closer and closer…..

[Woo, dark, why hasn’t it come off yet?]

—Standing still, the little guy in the bubble rubbed his head covered by the shirt, feeling aggrieved.

Liu Bohuai’s movements paused, then stopped.

He seemed to sigh, but seemed to not have as well. It was barely audible and unnoticed by Li Qingzhou.

Immediately afterwards, the shirt was removed.

Blinking, Li Qingzhou saw Liu Bohuai clearly once more.

[Why did Third Master take off his glasses?]

—The little guy in the bubble shook off the shirt to reveal small white teeth as he giggled heartlessly.

At this moment, Liu Bohuai put his hand on Li Qingzhou’s waistband and with a slight movement, the button of his trousers loosened and the zipper slid down a little.


—The little guy in the bubble rushed to cover his bottom in panic.

Li Qingzhou immediately pressed down on Liu Bohuai’s hand. Despite being mentally prepared, he still felt embarrassed.

He said, “Third Master, maybe just a quick wash would do. The smell of alcohol on me isn’t actually that strong.”

“Besides….. there’s no underwear here for me to change into, so it’s not very convenient.”

[I don’t want to take a shower, I don’t want to take a shower!]

—The little guy in the bubble made an X with his hands, his little face so red that it was as if it were about to emit smoke.

A little bit of Li Qingzhou’s underwear was exposed.

Hearing this, Liu Bohuai removed his hand from the zipper, but extended a finger and seemingly unintentionally, traced it across Li Qingzhou’s abdomen. Then hooking the edge of his underwear, said softly, “Indeed, I don’t have any extra ones here that would fit you. They are all, big.”

Li Qingzhou: “….”

[Bi, big?! Are you big or am I big….]

—The expression of the little guy in the bubble collapsed.

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