My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 43.2

Although Li Qingzhou’s sweat had been wiped off earlier, his clothes were still damp and at the moment, despite wearing a coat, he could still feel a chill and a touch of discomfort.

So he said, “I want to go take a shower.”

The exoskeleton walking aid was still on and while Fang Xiyan had been handling business and making phone calls, he had been sitting in a chair in the practice room.

Now, he stood up slowly with the help of the chair, intending to remove the exoskeleton equipment.

Liu Bohuai walked over to help.

[After practicing for so long, I’m hungry.]

—The little guy in the bubble rubbed his belly.

Liu Bohuai, “You go take a shower first, it’s almost noon. I’ll go make lunch and then we can eat after you’re done.”


Liu Bohuai pushed Li Qingzhou to the bathroom, helped him turn on the water and then went out. However before leaving, he told him, “If you need anything, just shout for me. Be careful when you go in.”

The bathroom was full of non-slip tiles because of his legs, hence Li Qingzhou needed to brace his arms in order to be able to get up to go to the bathtub to take a shower.

He nodded to Liu Bohuai to put his mind at ease.

After Liu Bohuai left, Li Qingzhou took a moment to undress before carefully and slowly sitting down in the bathtub.

The warm water enveloped his body, causing him to exhale in comfort.

However after just a simple rinse, he got up quickly and sat on the special chair in the bathroom to dress….

Each time he took a bath, there was a bit of a hassle, making it so that, by the time he came out of the bathroom, Liu Bohuai had already almost finished making lunch, as a delicious aroma filled the air.

Then Li Qingzhou saw Liu Bohuai, who was wearing an apron carrying a dish from the kitchen.

[Puff….. the nanny’s apron.]

—The little guy in the bubble covered his mouth to stifle his laughter, his big eyes narrowing with delight.

Liu Bohuai’s expression remained unchanged as he placed the dish on the table calmly then said to Li Qingzhou, “Come and have lunch.”

“En, I’ve troubled Third Master.” Controlling his wheelchair, Li Qingzhou went over.

[A man who can cook is handsome! Third Master is especially handsome!]

Li Qingzhou’s eyes lit up after he tasted the food and the little guy in the bubble gave Liu Bohuai a big thumbs up.

Liu Bohuai waited until he had to pick Xia Yijun up from primary school before he left.

The Xia family’s driver had been supposed to pick Xia Yijun up from school today, however Liu Bohuai called to say that he would pick him up instead.

As Xu Shan put the phone down, she was still a bit confused— why had Bohuai become so diligent in picking up her son lately?


The next day, Li Qingzhou and Fang Xiyan went to the agreed upon location.

Yu Zhe, Lu Mei Shan and Dong Lin were already waiting there.

“President Li.”

Yu Zhe had two dark circles under his eyes, showing clearly that he hadn’t rested well the night before and that he was in an even poorer state today. The beard on his chin hadn’t even been shaved clean.

Li Qingzhou nodded at him: “Sit down first. I wonder what Mr. Yu wants to talk to me about?”

“And, concerning the AI robots exchange competition….. if Mr. Yu needs it, I can help talk to the organizers to spare you from any pursuit of accountability and payment for damages.”

The Li Group Corporation could naturally operate in this area.

Yu Zhe however shook his head, “These are minor issues. I can apologize to the organizers, after all I’m to be blamed for hitting him during the competition.”

“Besides, one of the organizers, H University, is my alma mater. They shouldn’t give me too much of a hard time.”

“What’s more what’s left now is to just give a statement to the outside world. President Li, you don’t have to worry.” Dong Lin added.

“Yu Ge was very famous in H University before he went to study abroad. All the professors like him.” Dong Lin said.

“This time, a professor he knows who is serving as a mentor in the competition has already pleaded on Yu Ge’s behalf.”

“It turns out it’s like this. That’s good then.” Li Qingzhou nodded.

Yu Zhe rubbed his eyebrows, a slightly embarrassed expression on his face as he said hesitantly, “Actually….. there’s something we would like President Li’s help with.”

“Is President Li familiar with the Cui Group?”

Li Qingzhou: “I’ve had some dealings with them, but we’ve had some unpleasant experiences. What’s wrong?”

Yu Zhe: “To be honest, lately it seems like Unique Studio is being suppressed intentionally by someone. I thought it was just a coincidence, but….”

He explained the situation and the events that had led up to it to Li Qingzhou.

The majority of the studio’s revenue came from the sale of product robots.

However for unknown reasons, certain buyers recently stopped cooperating with their studio.

Some buyers even broke their contracts and stopped cooperating even after knowing how much compensation they would have to pay for breach of contract….

So Yu Zhe could only go look for new buyers in his spare time.

However even more frustrating things were yet to come— the manufacturers who supplied them with materials to make robots also refused to provide them for unknown reasons.

The materials needed to make robots were hard to find and gather on the market, hence there were specialized suppliers that supplied them.

And Yu Zhe had always had a happy cooperation with them.

However lately, they just said they wouldn’t sell to him and did just that, which he found hard to understand.

Finally, under Yu Zhe’s questioning, the head of one of the suppliers hinted that he might have offended the Cui Group.

However, Yu Zhe was even more puzzled.

His company, Unique Studio, wasn’t in conflict with the Cui Group at all and hadn’t even had any contact or encounter with them…..

After all, the Cui Group was a big group of companies and they were just a small studio, so there was no friction between the two.

This was a difficult situation that Yu Zhe didn’t understand until the official competition.

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