My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 55.1

The Cui Residence.

Aside from the housekeeper and maid, only Cui Miao and Cui Ting were at home.

Their mother had already divorced Cui Gengjian a long time ago and was now living abroad, only returning during holidays and special occasions.

The two didn’t share any deep feelings. It was a marriage of convenience, and having children was just another task to be completed. After that was done, they went their separate ways.

And once Cui Miao and Cui Ting were old enough to understand things, they had an amicable divorce and parted ways.

With no deep emotional attachment, Mother Cui left without any regrets.

After being taught a lesson and warned by Li Qingzhou, along with the Liu family, Cui Miao and Cui Ting had been quite subdued for a while.

Not to mention that with the Liu family’s Third Master’s warning, Cui Ting, no matter how unwilling, didn’t dare approach Liu Xiahui anymore.

However, she still held a grudge— she didn’t dare hate Liu Bohuai and the others, but her hatred for Xu Mengning grew deeper by the day.

At this moment, she was trying to involve Cui Miao in some mischief.

But Cui Miao was just going through the motions. Occasionally nodding and making sounds of agreement, it was obvious that his mind was elsewhere.

Cui Ting couldn’t help but get angry, “Big brother, what are you thinking about? Are you even listening to me?”

She yelled while tugging at Cui Miao’s arm.

Cui Miao said impatiently, “I really don’t know what’s so great about Liu Xiahui that you’re still hung up on him. Can’t you just let it go?”

“If you want to cause trouble for Xu Mengning, find your own way to deal with her yourself. Li Qingzhou still has the drop on me…”

Cui Ting pursed her lips, “But you never say what that drop is.”

Cui Miao’s face darkened instantly.

Seeing this, Cui Ting didn’t dare to continue discussing the topic.

However she was curious about what Cui Miao had been thinking about just now, so she asked.

Cui Miao replied, “It’s about the AI robots exchange competition….”

Cui Gengjian had recently brought Cui Miao closer to him to teach him.

—He didn’t hide the fact that he had bribed the organizers and staff of the AI robots exchange competition, worked behind the scenes, and so on from Cui Miao.

However after the finals, the CW team didn’t take the first place as Cui Gengjian had anticipated.

Not only that, Cui Gengjian had been extremely busy lately, as if something was about to happen.

Cui Miao couldn’t shake the bad feeling in his heart.

Especially when he thought about how the popularity of the robot Li Qingzhou had created online…. still hadn’t diminished even up till now.

What’s more…..

Before Cui Miao could figure it out, there was a sudden noise from outside the door.

And Cui Gengjian walked in shortly after, sweating profusely. The calm and composed demeanor he usually had, as if he could control everything, was gone, replaced with a hint of anger and panic.

“Dad, what’s going on…?” Cui Ting asked, puzzled.

Standing up directly, Cui Miao asked, “Dad, what happened?”

Could it be that something had gone wrong?!

Indeed, something had.

When Cui Gengjian found out that Li Qingzhou had actually created such an incredibly intelligent rescue robot that was unparalleled so far, and that it had caught the attention and esteem of the relevant departments online after the competition, he knew trouble might be brewing.

However Cui Gengjian didn’t expect Li Qingzhou’s counterattack to come so quickly.

—First, the organizers and staff he had bribed in the AI robots exchange competition were investigated one after another, with no room for negotiation or avoidance. The military had stepped in…

Immediately afterwards, the project he was about to collaborate on was called off.

The other party stalled. Having previously agreed, they were now suddenly backing out.

How could Cui Gengjian not realize that someone was trying to sabotage him from behind the scenes….. and that the other party would rather offend the Cui Group than continue the collaboration.

Furthermore, today, someone from higher up asked to speak with him, demanding immediate rectification of the Cui Group.

Cui Gengjian’s face was gloomy, but he couldn’t hide his exhaustion and somber mood, “The reason for the rescue robot from Unique Studio malfunctioning during the finals has been investigated.”

“The higher-ups are taking this matter very seriously. Not only are they demanding rectification from the Cui Group, they will also be sending people to investigate…”

“During this time, many watchful eyes might be focused on the Cui Group.”

“You two had better behave and absolutely not cause any trouble; otherwise, you’ll go abroad and never return.”

Cui Gengjian looked at Cui Ting.

He was aware of his daughter’s recent antics. He could ignore and even indulge her before, but not now.

Not daring to argue, Cui Ting nodded her head hurriedly, putting her plans on hold for the moment.

Cui Gengjian had rushed back to grab some documents.

So after saying these words, he went upstairs then returned to the company immediately.

The problems weren’t over yet though.

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