My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 20.1

If the development of new energy vehicles was the first step being taken in the field of new automotive technology.

Then, the smart technology and driverless technology to be researched in the future would be the second, third and even fourth stage to be broken through.

But today, an article published on the International Academic Papers website had caught the attention of many people– including Professor Calvin Stanley.

This professor had won several science and technology awards abroad, and had served as an honorary tutor at prestigious universities abroad.

He later concentrated on intelligent AI technology.

At the invitation of Old Man He and with the sincere offer of Liu Bohuai, Professor Stanley came to C Country to become a technology consultant for the Liu Group.

There were many professors and scholars who studied intelligent AI.

But the expert professors and others who specialized in intelligent AI technology for automobiles could be counted…..

— At least in C Country, these professors had heard each other’s names or knew each other….. After all, there was only one circle.

Li Yongkuan, Professor Li of B University had met Professor Stanley a few times.

In the end, both parties exchanged contact information in order to facilitate further discussion on some issues.

After the publication of Li Qingzhou’s paper,

Professor Li then sent a message to Professor Stanley, hoping that he would read it….. which led to the recommendation from Professor Stanley afterwards.

In the beginning, the practical theory about AI technology for automotive intelligence was only widely discussed within the academic circle.

And so even though Professor Stanley shared the article on Weibo, it only attracted a few comments, the jargon between the words so unintelligible to ordinary passers-by that they couldn’t even read it.

Presumably, even if someone had searched for it inadvertently, it would have been quickly scratched away.

But the reason why the paper was later ranked in the top few hot searches, was all because of the sharp posts and questionable reposts of a micro-blogger.

If that was all, it would only have given the matter a slight amount of popularity.

But the micro-blogger was probably trying to use the story to gain attention, or simply questioning the implementability of this future technology.

Therefore he even talked about it and commented on it later in his live broadcast.

This person’s account name, was: ‘Eating melon science fan’.

His account credentials were that of a PhD student at a certain prestigious university, and the information on his profile was– interest driven, exploring all the respectable sciences in the world.

His past posts were all related to scientific research and he covered a wide range of topics, reposting or commenting a bit each time and then saying a bit more about his own opinion.

Because the terminology used was quite professional, even though there were a few obvious holes in the content of his comments or opinions, and even very valid ones, he had actually gained some fans.

Later, Eating melon science fan started teaching live.

And although he didn’t appear in person,

His low magnetic voice and long bony fingers did give fans a small thrill.

And his own reservoir of knowledge, genuine explanatory questions and so on gradually garnered him a lot of fans during his daily live broadcasts.

And now, he was approaching the 5 million fan mark on Weibo.

This wasn’t bad for a field that few people were involved in.

Today, instead of lecturing first, Eating melon science fan started usual his live broadcast with a comment on the paper he had just reposted, expressing his thoughts–

“Let me start by saying that Mr. Calvin Stanley is a professor I have great respect for. You guys can go to Weibo to search the professor’s life, it’s awesome.”

“But Professor Stanley’s previous major research specialty and award-winning field is not automotive intelligence AI.”

“He only turned to AI in cars at a later stage and currently lives in C Country, right here in Yanjing.”

“I personally love cars with a high-tech feel and so follow Professor Stanley’s account.”

“Didn’t I also share a video explaining a car with a touch screen, which was the latest XS5 series that I bought from a friend abroad for a lot of money?”

After that, Eating melon science fan gave a very ‘painful’ tsk and said, “I had no other choice, who made this country not yet introduce this car model? If you want to buy it, you can only go abroad.”

All of a sudden, pop-ups floated on the screen of the live broadcast…

[Cool, cool, cool, the big man is rich, worship!]

[The big man has talent, money and beauty! We ordinary people are too far behind to catch up, teary eyed.]

[I’ve seen that video, it’s really high tech. It’s much more than the models I’ve seen in C Country….. and although I hate to admit it, according to the current technology in C Country we are really not up to this level…..]

[So, our country now mainly relies on importing car parts and so on to produce cars, or just fly the whole car over….. but the price is really unaffordable.]

[Tsk, rich people’s stuff.]

[If the country can produce such high-tech cars on its own, even though the price wouldn’t be low, we still wouldn’t be able to afford it.]

[But at least the technology would be ours, we would be able to make other countries greedy for it and cause them to take the initiative to do business with our country…..]

[Of course, researchers still need to work hard at this stage.]

[Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered the article that Big melon just reposted! Is what it says in there true or not?!]

[It should be. After all, it was recommended by Prof. Stanley, and also published on the International Academic Paper Network….. So it should have authenticity and reliability, right?]

[Wasn’t Big Melon just about to say something about this? I’d like to find out too!]

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