My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 13.1


Li Chengkang and Jiang Biling met with Wu Shiguang at the hotel by arrangement with Jiang Jihong.

After the four of them were seated, Jiang Jihong spoke a few words first to warm up the atmosphere and make it less awkward and stiff.

Wu Shiguang was in his forties, of medium build and slightly chubby, always with a smile on his face, looking as if he was very kind and not like a bad person.

But Li Chengkang and Jiang Biling were both aware of his smiles with knives hidden behind them and his cruel means in the business world…..

Otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to developed the Wu family to the extent he had.

Wu Shiguang had the capital to be arrogant.

Therefore, even though Jiang Jihong was present, he didn’t show much courtesy and pleasantries and said as soon as he was seated, “Does Li Huai Min know about your coming to me for cooperation?”

“Oh yes, and that Eldest young master that your Li family finally got back. Isn’t he in charge of the land in the northern suburbs project now….”

“Is it possible that your Li family has split up?”

When Jiang Biling heard this, the expression on her face was a little less than pleasant.

Li Chengkang said with an unchanged expression, “I am here to talk to Mr. Wu about cooperation in a private capacity, there is no need to let irrelevant people know about this matter.”

“As for my father, he will naturally understand when we complete our cooperation.”

Wu Shiguang couldn’t help but chuckle, but his voice wasn’t necessarily warm: “Is Mr. Li so sure that we will work together?”

Jiang Biling’s father, Jiang Jihong, said at this point, “Although the Li and Wu families have been at loggerheads in Xicheng for many years, there are no absolute enemies in the business world.”

“That plot of land in the northern suburbs of Yanjing is a good one.”

“I’m sure Mr. Wu would have wanted to take the project as well if he wasn’t temporarily unable to make ends meet.”

“Since Chengkang has handed out the olive branch first, why doesn’t Mr. Wu take it?”

“How can I be sure if this is an olive branch and not something else? In case….”

The smile on Wu Shiguang’s face remained unchanged and his already small eyes were almost on the verge of squinting into slits, making it difficult to discern his true emotions at the moment.

Li Chengkang said, “I can give Mr. Wu a glimpse– Li Qingzhou has secretly suspended his bid for the land in the northern suburbs project and he has offended the Liu family.”

“And this matter has not yet been made known to my family’s old man yet.”

“Since the death of my elder brother and sister-in-law, Li Qingzhou has been using the old master’s guilt over him to seek to seize the rights of The Li Group Corporation, even going so far as to go to Yanjing take the project of bidding for the land…. “

“Recently in the company, he is on the verge of overpowering me and not putting me, his second uncle, in his eyes as well as disrespecting his elders.”

“Mr. Wu, with all this, don’t you think I have to plan a way out for myself?”

Otherwise, should he wait for the Li family to be taken away by Li Qingzhou, that little b*stard?

The expression on Wu Shiguang’s face turned to one of relief.

Jiang Jihong added with a smile, “Mr. Wu, I’ll take the liberty of calling you big brother.”

“You are short of capital and this son-in-law of mine has information, contacts, etc. in his hands about the land in the northern suburbs.”

“We all hit it off right away.”

“As long as we succeed in taking that land in the northern suburbs, it won’t do any harm to anyone. Don’t you think so?”

Wu Shiguang swirled the wine in his glass slowly, holding off on answering.

Jiang Jihong and Li Chengkang looked at each other and added: “If Mr. Wu is still worried, why don’t I be the middleman, what do you think?”

Wu Shiguang put down his glass at this and said, “And how can Secretary Jiang and Mr. Li guarantee that the plot of land in the northern suburbs will inevitably be auctioned off to us?”

“In case of failure, we may not necessarily get back our initial investment….”

Li Chengkang laughed, “Naturally there is a foolproof guarantee and when we have time, I’ll tell Mr. Wu about it.”

Wu Shiguang: “It seems Mr. Li is determined to win this piece of land…. In that case, I wish us a happy cooperation in advance.”

“Happy cooperation.”

Standing up, Li Chengkang clinked glasses with Wu Shiguang.


On the weekend, Li Qingzhou emailed his revised and improved thesis to Professor Li at B University from home.

–He had been introduced to him via Qiao Huanming.

Li Qingzhou and Professor Li then spoke more about automotive artificial intelligence.

Finally, Professor Li kindly agreed to recommend Li Qingzhou’s academic paper and to publish its introduction on the International Paper Network, which took about a week to review.

Leaning back in his wheelchair, Li Qingzhou looked at the notification of the email having been delivered successfully and held his chin in thought, “The next step is to contact Liu Bohuai to continue the discussion about cooperation with the Liu family….”

That was if he wanted to introduce Liu Bohuai, the giant, to someone to complete the task given by the system.

First of all, he had to have a status with enough power to speak, a status that Liu Bohuai would regard with respect….

Otherwise if he just went up to him with his task, he would be slapped back in an instant.

This wasn’t the outcome he wanted.

“Sigh…. it’s not easy to be a matchmaker.”

When he became a friend and business partner who could stand shoulder to shoulder with Liu Bohuai, wouldn’t ‘introducing someone’ to him be the most logical thing to do?

Ai~ he was so witty.


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