My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 61.2

On the other side, He Jianxun finally noticed that something was amiss.

Standing next to Liu Bohuai, he asked, “Bohuai, did you and President Li….. have a falling out?”

Was it personal or business related?

Ever since he entered the Liu family’s Old Mansion, apart from the initial gift giving and birthday wishes, Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai hadn’t spoken to each other.

And He Jianxun could see that Liu Bohuai’s expression wasn’t very good either.

At least, after being friends for so many years, He Jianxun could see the fluctuations in Liu Bohuai’s emotions at the moment, his entire demeanor emanating low pressure, his expression deep and solemn.

He couldn’t help but say, “I remember you thought very highly of and valued President Li.”

“Indeed, President Li’s research in artificial intelligence is very deep and talented, and I’m sure his cooperation with the Liu Group has been very pleasant.”

“President Li is a very good partner.”

“Bohuai, if there’s any discord between you two, you should resolve it as soon as possible….. is it a business issue?”

Liu Bohuai answered, “No, it’s just that we have some differences of opinion.”

He Jianxun made an oh sound.

He continued, “In that case, why not take advantage of your birthday party to have a private talk with President Li, just clear the air.”

Although President Li was younger than Bohuai, the two of them get along well, creating a harmonious atmosphere. Since Bohuai worked had hard to cultivate this ‘friendship despite the age difference’, he couldn’t afford to lose this friend.

He Jianxun felt that he was really worried about his best friend.

Liu Bohuai: “Mm, take care of things here for me.”

After he finished saying this, he put his glass of wine down and headed in Li Qingzhou’s direction.

Looking at his back, He Jianxun took a sip of his wine.

Just then, Ge Yue came over to his uncle and asked curiously, “Uncle, did Uncle Liu have a disagreement with Qingzhou?”

He Jianxun replied, “You’ve noticed it too, it seems quite obvious.”

Ge Yue: “It’s not just obvious, the atmosphere between them is so….. how should I put it…..”

Ge Yue couldn’t find the right words. He looked up thoughtfully— hmm….. odd?

The courtyard of the Liu family’s Old Mansion was vast, making it so that with the guests gathered in groups of twos and threes, they were able to chat at a comfortable distance from each other.

For instance, the spot where Li Qingzhou was currently at was on the edge of the courtyard, desolate and unoccupied. Amidst the lively atmosphere, it appeared somewhat quiet.

Liu Bohuai walked over.

Within ten meters…..

The bubble above Li Qingzhou’s head suddenly became visible.

The little guy in the bubble was sitting on a small stool, his legs together, his hands placed on his knees obediently, his head slightly forward, looking at something with rapt attention.

In the few steps Liu Bohuai had taken to approach him, the little guy in the bubble had already giggled three times, showing off his small white teeth, his big eyes narrowed in extreme joy.

Clearly, this was quite different from Li Qingzhou’s outward demeanor which appeared as if he was dealing with company affairs.

A few more steps closer.

Within three meters…..

[Hahahahaha, the combination of this comedian and straight man is too good, heavens, I’m dying of laughter.]

The little guy in the bubble wiped tears of laughter from the corners of his eyes, then slapped his short legs, stomping his little feet in a cute manner as if he couldn’t help it.


Liu Bohuai’s footsteps couldn’t help but pause.

Looking closely— where did Li Qingzhou have the expression of ‘nobody approach me’? Although he was frowning, there was a hidden smile in his eyes. Clearly, he was trying hard to hold back his laughter.

And his lips were also working extraordinarily hard to stay straight, which made his face look a bit stern.

So, from a distance, an uninformed person would think Li Qingzhou had a gloomy expression….

“Qingzhou.” Walking over, Liu Bohuai called out softly.

The laughter in Li Qingzhou’s little bubble came to an abrupt halt.

And the little guy in the bubble also picked up his little stool and fled behind the half wall that had reappeared hurriedly, peeking out with his little head to watch stealthily.

Liu Bohuai almost laughed in anger.

Putting his phone away subtly, Li Qingzhou asked, “Third Master… is something wrong?”

Liu Bohuai stopped to maintain a bit of distance.

His voice low, his eyes looked at Li Qingzhou from under his glasses, “I scared you that night, so I didn’t show up in front of you these past few days, giving you plenty of time…”

“Qingzhou, have you decided?”

[Decided…. decided what…]

The face of the little guy in the bubble suddenly flushed and he shrank further behind the half wall.

Moistening his lips, Li Qingzhou whispered, “Third Master, what should I decide…..”

Liu Bohuai took a step closer, standing next to Li Qingzhou.

And not allowing him to avoid his gaze, bent over slightly, placing a hand on the armrest of the wheelchair, saying slowly, “Decided whether to introduce someone to me, someone who is right in front of me at this moment.”

Li Qingzhou stuttered, “….. can’t I introduce someone else?”

[There are countless beautiful men and women in the world, one less me won’t matter, I can’t, I just can’t.]

The face of the little guy in the bubble turned completely red with embarrassment, looking just as if one could cook an egg in it, heat fanning out from the top of his head.

The look in Liu Bohuai’s eyes was deep, his voice slightly husky yet soothing, like a warm cup of coffee on a winter day, and the soothing feeling that couldn’t be denied seeped into Li Qingzhou’s heart gradually, making it tremble.

He said, “I won’t, and would never accept, anyone else, apart from you.”

[I, I….]

—The little guy in the bubble was about to collapse from nervousness, his legs so weak that it was all he could do to hold onto the wall to keep from falling over.

Li Qingzhou gasped, “I, I need to think about it….. Third Master, give me some time.”

[I, I need to run away! This isn’t something I can handle woo woo.]

The little guy in the bubble held his head, rubbing his hair continuously, his big teary eyes looking pitiful.

Liu Bohuai wasn’t a demon after all.

What’s more, the person in front of him was the one he had been longing for— so his heart softened immediately.

Reaching out, he caressed Li Qingzhou’s cheek gently.

But because he was facing away from the people in the courtyard, no one saw this action.

When Li Qingzhou looked up at him, he whispered, “Be good, Qingzhou, don’t think about running away. I only accept agreement, not rejection.”

“If you disappear, I’ll dig three feet into the ground to find you, and after I do…..”

He leaned in even closer, whispering something almost inaudible into Li Qingzhou’s ear.

Immediately, the little guy in the bubble hid completely behind the half wall, leaving only a bit of hair visible which trembled in mid air.

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