My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 11.2

“Qingzhou, what brings you here?” Xu Mengning hurried over to him when she saw him.

Li Qingzhou looked at Xu Mengning with a bit of gentleness in his gaze as he told her, “I had something to do at Yanjing University, so I came to see you afterwards.”

“What just happened?”

Xu Mengning shook her head, “Nothing ha….”

But before she could finish her sentence, a harsh female voice rang out, “He’s not that crippled boyfriend of yours, is he?”

‘Li Qingzhou’ reunited with Xu Mengning in her freshman year and she was now in her junior year.

During that time, the two often ate and read together….. and as ‘Li Qingzhou’ was seen entering the medical department, naturally, rumors began to circulate.

Hearing her words, Xu Mengning said with an angry look on her face, “Cui Ting, show some respect!”

Snorting, Cui Ting rolled her eyes, “Am I not telling the truth? Which word is disrespectful to him?”

“You two do make a good match.”

Cui Ting…. this name sounded a bit familiar….

Li Qingzhou struggled to dig out the relevant plot from memory.

–Oh, it seems the gentle second male lead praised the female protagonist for her solid foundation in the medical lecture, causing the cannon fodder female to form a grudge against her, after which she brought some of her followers to make trouble with the female protagonist after the class.

When the male protagonist, Liu Xiahui, who was also looking for the female protagonist because of the incident that had happened in Jin Xuan Court Hotel saw this, he helped her together with his friend Qu Yufan…..

And later, he, the villain, also arrived.

The plot point at this stage ended with the female protagonist leaving with the villain….

Woo woo — he didn’t want to get involved, he was still hungry!

What sort of misery was this….

Li Qingzhou sat quietly in his wheelchair, his hands folded on his abs, his face expressionless as he looked at Cui Ting from the bottom up.

Cui Ting’s scalp tingled so much at his look that she couldn’t help but take a step back before bracing herself, “Forget it for today. Xu Mengning, I’m too lazy to bother with you.”

After saying this, she walked away with her followers.

With the person who had come to make trouble gone, the people around the scene naturally dispersed.

A moment of silence reigned.

Just as Xu Mengning was about to say something, Qu Yufan opened his mouth, “This is the young master of the Li family, right? Xia Hui, aren’t you discussing a cooperation with Mr. Li recently?”

Liu Xiahui’s expression was indifferent, but for some reason, there was a slight hint of annoyance between his eyebrows. Hearing his friend’s words, he withdrew his gaze from Xu Mengning.

He said, “I’m not discussing the cooperation with him anymore….”

After a pause, he added: “My third uncle took the matter over himself.”

“Ah? Your third uncle?!” Qu Yufan froze.

The Third Master of the Liu family discussing a cooperation personally with the Li family….. this was impossible right?

However Liu Xiahui nodded his head in the affirmative.

At this moment, Qu Yufan’s gaze towards Li Qingzhou changed a little.

Li Qingzhou ignored them directly and said to Xu Mengning. “Are you going for lunch? Let’s have it here.”

Xu Mengning replied with an okay.

When Zhao Jingjing, who wanted to go looking for her boyfriend saw this, she pushed her to Li Qingzhou and said, “I’ll go first then. Mengning, you guys should enjoy your lunch.”

Saying this, she left with a wave of her hand.

“Let’s go too.” Qu Yufan said to Liu Xiahui.

Liu Xiahui frowned at the fading backs of Li Qingzhou and Xu Mengning. It wasn’t until Qu Yufan spoke again that he looked back and said, “En, let’s go.”


Two days later was Li Qingzhou’s grandfather Zhang Weihua’s birthday.

The old man liked to raise certain flowers and plants.

So Li Qingzhou took Fang Xiyan to the biggest flower and bird market in Yanjing to choose a gift for him.

–The whole street was decorated in antique colors, with solid wooden shelves and bird cages….. the fragrant scent of flowers interspersed with the pleasant chirping of birds…..

Li Qingzhou picked out a few pots of light colored flowers and plants.

And while Fang Xiyan settled the bill and helped carry the pots to the car, he tilted his head slightly to stare at the bird cage hanging under the eaves.

In the cage stood a large green-feathered scarlet-breasted parrot hopping about, its orange-red beak pecking at a drink of water as it said in a raspy voice…

“Hello, hello, big beauty.”

Li Qingzhou, in his wheelchair was expressionless and impassive.

The big scarlet-breasted parrot opened its beak again, “Big beauty, big beauty, reward me with some melons seeds, melons seeds….”

Liu Bohuai’s cousin, Xia Cenze had a son called Xia Yijun who was just five years old and hadn’t yet graduated from kindergarten — but he was arrogant, spoiled beyond measure and willful.

Xia Yijun listened to no one in the Xia family but was a little afraid of Liu Bohuai, his uncle.

Today, he had accidentally destroyed an orchid kept by his uncle and then was dragged to the flower and bird market to compensate his uncle with another using his pocket money….

Xia Yijun pouted as Liu Bohuai carried him forward with the back strap of his jeans in one hand.

But as he continued moving, he found himself starting to stumble in place. Lowering and tilting his head in confusion — he found that his uncle had stopped at some point and his eyes were gazing intently in one direction….

He followed his uncle’s gaze — wasn’t it just people, birds, flowers….. what else was there to see?

Liu Bohuai didn’t expect to meet Li Qingzhou here.

–A transparent bubble suddenly appeared in the flowery, brightly colored and noisy world that was hard to ignore.

At this moment, the distance between he and Li Qingzhou was less than three meters.

He saw the little man in the bubble, wearing a garland of flowers and a little bright green dress, holding his face which had two cute circles of blush on it turning happily and gaily as little pink petals continued to fall around him.

At the same time, a voice sounded from the bubble– “Aiya, this little parrot knows how to talk.”

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