My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 48.1

On the day of the artificially intelligent robots exchange competition finals, Li Qingzhou, Yu Zhe, Lu Mei Shan and others came out of Unique Studio.

The robots they had prepared for the competition were quite large and needed to be loaded onto a separate truck for transportation.

—Dong Lin was responsible for driving and Yu Zhe followed along to transport the robots to the backstage of the competition venue, where they were routinely checked for compliance with the rules and size regulations.

Li Qingzhou and Lu Mei Shan were waiting at the entrance of the venue for Liu Bohuai, however they met Xu Mengning and Liu Xiahui as well as his friends first.

Li Qingzhou introduced Xu Mengning to Lu Mei Shan and vice versa.

As for Liu Xiahui and his companions, he ignored them directly. After all, the male protagonist was also ignoring him, what’s more his gaze was unfriendly.

After a while, Liu Bohuai arrived.

“Third Master, let’s go in.” Li Qingzhou said..


Liu Bohuai nodded.

He was about to walk over to push Li Qingzhou into the venue when he saw Xu Mengning walk forward in a natural manner then push Li Qingzhou’s wheelchair away.

Seeing this, Lu Mei Shan and Fang Xiyan followed behind.

Liu Bohuai flicked his finger.

Liu Xiahui waited for his third uncle and his assistant Zou Ming to go in before taking a step.

Approaching him, Qi Hao asked softly, “Xiahui, didn’t you go to the girls’ dormitory building to see Xu Mengning a few days ago?”

“What did you guys talk about? It seems as if you guys haven’t been in contact much these days.”

That day, Xiahui heard that Xu Mengning had fainted in class due to a fever, so he’d bought medicine and gone to visit her.

However when he returned, not only was his expression unsightly, he had also brought the medicine back….

So it wasn’t hard to imagine that something must have happened between them.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be here, coming to watch a robots exchange competition.

Qi Hao was curious. He had been busy with basketball matches against other schools recently, so he missed out on the gossip.

It had seemed like there was some progress between the two, but now it didn’t seem like it…..

He couldn’t help but sigh— Xu Mengning was really hard to pursue.

Qu Yufan was also quite curious.

As he had been busy these days as well.

His thesis had been submitted and he not only needed to prepare to become a formal doctor, he also needed to follow his uncle Qu Chen to meet with the seniors in the medical field.

So today was a rare opportunity for him to relax.

Qu Yufan said, “Xiahui, if you want to pursue a girl, you have to be patient. Did you bully her again?”

Liu Xiahui’s expression darkened slightly as he answered, “No, that day….. I confessed to Xu Mengning, but she didn’t accept.”

Hearing this, Qu Yufan and Qi Hao exchanged a glance.

Qi Hao’s eyes widened as he whispered, “You confessed just like that?!”

And what was even more shocking, was that Xu Mengning hadn’t accepted it….

Qu Yufan asked, “Is there a reason why she rejected you?”

He could tell that Xu Mengning also had some feelings for Xiahui. Otherwise with her personality, she would have distanced herself from him long ago.

Liu Xiahui’s tone was slightly cold as he said with a sour face, “She said she wanted to think about it carefully and didn’t want to make a decision so quickly.”

“And that…. she wants to talk to Li Qingzhou.”

As Liu Xiahui said the last sentence, his voice dropped gradually.

Qi Hao raised an eyebrow: “Li Qingzhou again. It seems Xu Mengning really cares about him. But then again, he did so much for her….”

“Haozi.” Qu Yufan frowned, “You’ll be going overboard if you continue.”

Raising his hands, Qi Hao made a gesture of keeping quiet.

Turning to Liu Xiahui, Qu Yufan comforted him, “Xiahui, from what I can see, it doesn’t look like President Li likes Xu Mengning, at least not in a romantic way.”

“They are just childhood friends who grew up together. So, you….”

Liu Xiahui footsteps slowed, his expression unusually dejected.

He told them, “But it’s precisely because of this that Li Qingzhou has a high position in Mengning’s heart. Whenever she does anything, the person she thinks of first is not me.”

Some emotions, even if not romantic, could still lead to resentment.

To Liu Xiahui, Li Qingzhou was like a thorn between him and Xu Mengning that couldn’t be removed easily.

Thinking of this, Liu Xiahui’s expression became even gloomier.

Qu Yufan could only pat his friend’s shoulder.

As they were about to enter the audience area, Lu Mei Shan and Li Qingzhou went their separate ways.

Xu Mengning asked in confusion, “Qingzhou, aren’t you a contestant? Shouldn’t you be going backstage?”

Li Qingzhou replied, “The number of contestants on the field is limited to three, and we already have enough people. So I won’t go.”

After the semi-finals of the artificially intelligent robots exchange competition came the finals, then the grand finals.

Recently, the organizers of the competition had started to place increasing emphasis on the artificially intelligent robots exchange competition matches, going as far as to even upgrade various equipment on the field.

For the finals, reporters from television stations had been invited to broadcast the event live even as the competition was streamed online simultaneously.

The number of viewers was also quite large.

Xu Mengning didn’t quite understand the do’s and don’ts as well as the rules for the robot competition, so Li Qingzhou explained them to her when they sat down in the audience seats.

“After the grand finals, there’s a good chance that an international artificially intelligent robots exchange competition will be held and that the winner of the grand finals will advance directly to the finals of the international competition.”

Xu Mengning asked, “But I see many foreigners participating in the competition. They are….”

Li Qingzhou replied, “The competition is the same in all regions.”

“The domestic competition in our country is the largest and the rewards are more abundant and although we have more participants compared to foreign countries, the overall strength is inferior.”

In the production of artificially intelligent robots, participants from their country were sometimes discriminated against.

It was said that Professor Buffett brought his student, Keith, to participate in the robots exchange competition in their country because the organizers had spared no effort to invite him.

And it was also because he had acquaintances, which was why he was here.

The organizers’ aim was to promote and broaden their reach.

After all, there was still a shortage of talent in the field of artificial intelligence.

Xu Mengning understood this.

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