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Chapter 29.2

The Cui family.

Cui Ting threw bags and dropped things when she returned home, crackling like she had been set off, causing the maids to hide, afraid of being affected.

In the end, Cui Ting threw herself onto the sofa and said angrily, “That bich Xu Mengning! She’s a shameless, wanton, fickle cheap bich!”

“It’s not enough that she’s seduced Liu Xiahui, even Brother Yufan is helping her!”

Thinking of what Qu Yufan had said to her today, Cui Ting felt a little aggrieved.

Immediately afterwards, more anger surged, making her tug at her pillows, wanting to rip Xu Mengning’s face off.

“Big brother, you have to help me …… Big brother, big brother?!”

When Cui Ting saw Cui Miao sitting with his phone absentminded, she couldn’t help but stand up and shout, “Are you even listening to me?!”

“What?” Frowning, Cui Miao lifted his head.

Cui Ting: “I want you to help me deal with Xu Mengning!”

Cui Miao put his phone away.

He had just been reading a message on it– the foreman’s jerry-built work had fallen through and he had now been taken away by the police.

But it was a good thing that he hadn’t given out any useful information, so the police wouldn’t find anything about him, but even if they did so what?

He was the young master of the Cui family, no one dared to touch him.

Cui Miao: “How do you want me to help?”

Cui Ting: “Big brother, don’t you know a few thugs in the Southern District? Get them to kidnap Xu Mengning….. to teach her a lesson. “

“Make her never dare to pester Liu Xiahui and Brother Yufan again.”

“Alright.” Cui Miao chuckled.


Two days later.

Information from the person Fang Xiyan had looked for to investigate matters appeared on Li Qingzhou’s desk.

Fang Xiyan: “President Li, you were right. Cui Miao was indeed the one who secretly paid the foreman off.”

“And, he seems to have made some moves recently, contacting a few thugs in Yanjing’s southern district ……”

“Thugs in the southern district?”

Li Qingzhou’s hand, which had stretched out to pick the information up paused, then he raised his head to ask, “What does he want to do?”

Fang Xiyan shook his head, “That didn’t come up.”

Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but frown.

In the original book, the people who kidnapped the female protagonist were also thugs from the southern district of Yanjing …… and it was he who saved the female protagonist after which Liu Xiahui hurried over.

Then there was the battle between the male protagonist and the villain.

Although Li Qingzhou didn’t want to get too involved with the female protagonist Xu Mengning, he also didn’t want her to be bullied because he didn’t appear….

Immediately, he took out his cell phone and dialed Xu Mengning’s number.

However the phone rang several times without it being answered.

He called several more times.

Fang Xiyan was confused, “President Li, what’s wrong?”

Li Qingzhou answered, “Ah Ning said to me the other day that someone had asked her to go to the southern district to have fun and Cui Miao’s sister Cui Ting has been targeting Ah Ning…. so seeing this information, I’m afraid….”

“Xiyan, let’s go to the southern district now to check it out.”

Saying this, he took control of his wheelchair and came around from behind his desk.

Fang Xiyan nodded immediately.

Then the two men went down the stairs and left in a car.

The southern district of Yanjing.

Xu Mengning with a panicked face was blocked at the entrance of an alley. She backed up gradually as four or five men approached slowly……

She had been asked out to have fun by one of her university seniors today.

But Xu Mengning never in her wildest dreams expect that– that senior sister would disappear with a turn just after she looked away for a moment.

Immediately afterwards, these people in front of her, obviously thugs from the way they were dressed, appeared.

“Don’t come any closer or I’ll call the police!”

Xu Mengning tried to look for her cell phone in her bag, however, it was yanked over and snatched away.

Soon after that, her bag was then thrown to the ground, its contents scattered everywhere and the phone was stepped on so hard that the screen shattered at once.

Another man grabbed Xu Mengning by the hair when she wasn’t looking and laughed maliciously, “Not bad looking and a brilliant student at Yan University. You don’t usually come into contact with people like us, do you? “

“I’ll show you today, maybe you’ll like it haha.”

As he said this, he was about to touch Xu Mengning’s face.

But Xu Mengning dodged it smartly and then kicked him in the leg.

Then taking advantage, she tried to escape as soon as the man’s hand released her because of the pain, but there was more than one thug….

Hence Xu Mengning was immediately caught again and thrown against the wall.

“Fck, bich, you would think we’re to be underestimated if we don’t teach you a lesson!” The man whose leg was kicked spat out then said, “Take her clothes off for me!”

One of them smiled lewdly then took out his cell phone, ready to take pictures.

“No, no! Let me go! Let me go!”

Xu Mengning cried out helplessly, reaching out to resist.

But her thin jacket was still being torn off and the straps of her dress were about to be ripped off ……

Just then, the thug behind her was knocked down in one fell swoop.

Before the others could react, the remaining thugs were also taken to the ground with their hands twisted behind their backs.

–A wheelchair passed quickly around them and came to the side of Xu Mengning, who fell trembling to the ground.

Taking off his suit jacket, Li Qingzhou draped it over Xu Mengning who was clutching the straps of her dress and whispered, “Ah Ning, Ah Ning it’s all right, don’t be afraid ……”

Fang Xiyan escorted the group of thugs away with the security guards borrowed from the mall.

Hearing the familiar voice, Xu Mengning finally reacted.

Her lips quivering, tears slipped from the corners of her eyes and she fell to her knees, throwing herself into Li Qingzhou’s arms, crying, “Qingzhou, fortunately you’re here.”

Li Qingzhou’s hand stiffened and then slowly patted her back.

At that moment, brakes sounded.

Liu Xiahui, who had been informed at school, finally arrived and hurried out of the car but gradually came to a stop when he saw the two embracing.

–He had come over in the car of his third uncle.

Liu Bohuai also got out of the car and looked with a deep gaze at both Li Qingzhou and Xu Mengning…. after which, he twisted a buddhist bead heavily between his fingers.

But immediately afterwards, his expression eased.

Liu Bohuai walked towards them then came within three meters.

[As much as I want to comfort you, don’t just jump into my arms! Men and women aren’t supposed to be this close, they aren’t supposed to be this close!]

–The little guy in the bubble had his eyes closed tightly, his arms outstretched and his hands seemingly pushing back against something, his little head tilted back in an especially desperate manner, a perfect illustration of what it meant to say ‘don’t come over here’ with a painful expression.

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