My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 46.2

Du Chenwei recognized the President of the Li Group Corporation, but he didn’t know Liu Bohuai.

However he instinctively felt that this person wasn’t to be trifled with and so only made threatening remarks to Lu Mei Shan as he passed her.

“Yu Zhe really dares to sell his studio.”

“But don’t think you guys can handle me just because you’ve gotten in with the Li Group. It’s better to give up on this artificially intelligent robots exchange competition now and then maybe I can spare you.”

[What makes you think I can’t handle you after they’ve gotten in with the Li Group? You’re really overestimating yourself, smelly little brat.]

The little guy in the bubble said with a pissed off expression.

An angry expression surfaced on Lu Mei Shan’s face when she heard him say this.

Clenching her hands into fists, she just about slapped him.

Lu Mei Shan replied: “Dream on. You’ll suffer the consequences of your actions one day and be utterly disgraced and ruined. I’m so looking forward to seeing you cry and repent.”

Du Chenwei sneered, “That day will never come.”

After he finished saying this, he left.

Lu Mei Shan was so angry that her chest heaved.

Li Qingzhou opened his mouth, “Miss Lu, don’t bother with someone like him. He’s not worth it.”

Taking a deep breath, Lu Mei Shan turned to say, “I know. Thank you, President Li.”

[Ah ah— men who bully women aren’t anything good! This bastard, I’ll destroy him on behalf of the moon!]

—The little guy in the bubble had small buns tied on both sides of his hair, one hand on his waist and the other waving a yellow crescent-shaped glow stick.

Liu Bohuai didn’t know about the ‘past’ between Yu Zhe and Du Chenwei, so seeing this, he thought Li Qingzhou cared about Lu Mei Shan and wanted to stand up for her….

He lowered his eyes slightly to conceal his emotions behind his frameless glasses, covering up the darkness that was about to overflow from his eyes.

“Third Master?” Noticing that Liu Bohuai wasn’t moving, Li Qingzhou called out in confusion.

Liu Bohuai laughed slightly then continued to push him forward.

At the back, Zou Ming suddenly touched his arm, muttering out of the corner of his mouth, his expression odd.

Beside him, Fang Xiyan asked him what was wrong.

Leaning in, Zou Ming whispered, “Did you hear President Liu’s laughter just now….”

Fang Xiyan shook his head in confusion, “No, President Liu laughed?”

Zou Ming: “President Liu’s expression can’t really be considered a laugh…..”

Having followed President Liu for so many years, he was quite familiar with some of President Liu’s habits, and the way President Liu was acting now… he was angry.

—This meant someone was going to be unlucky again.

He didn’t know who had angered President Liu.

Could it be the people who had just passed by?

But that didn’t make sense. President Liu shouldn’t know them and if anyone should be angry, it should be President Li and the others….

Zou Ming was lost in thought.

But anyways, that person was really pitiful. A moment of silence for whoever it was.

There was a pre-match inspection for the artificially intelligent robots exchange competition and Yu Zhe and Dong Lin were in charge of these things.

After Lu Mei Shan accompanied Li Qingzhou and the others to their seats in the audience, she went backstage.

Soon, the semi-finals began.

The overall strength of Yu Zhe and his team’s robot production was impressive, even among the many competitors in the competition and so were ranked in the top few positions.

However it had to be said that Du Chenwei’s team had also made impressive robots for the competition.

They had achieved a very high ranking at the start of the official competition.

This was also why the video of their fight online had gone viral and garnered lots of attention.

Moreover, Unique Studio and CW team were competing in the same project.

If they both made it to the finals, they would definitely compete against each other, which would be another highlight.

The semi-finals were conducted in a lottery-style format.

It was unclear whether it was luck or not, but the two sides didn’t meet on the field, avoiding any initial conflict.

With Li Qingzhou’s improvement to the artificially intelligent robot system, Yu Zhe’s team’s ranking in the competition rose significantly, surpassing Du Chenwei’s team by a large margin.

In the end, Unique Studio temporarily ranked third in the total score.

The top two were, Professor Buffett’s student Keith in first place and a team from R country in second place.

As for Du Chenwei’s team, they ranked sixth.

After the total scores were calculated and the rankings of the semi-finals were announced, Yu Zhe, Lu Mei Shan and Dong Lin hugged and celebrated on stage.

Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but be happy as well.

[Yes! This is all thanks to me improving the system. I’m the best!]

—The little guy in the bubble held a thumbs up balloon in one hand and a bouquet that bobbed up and down in the other.

There was also a ribbon with the words ‘I’m the first’ tied around his forehead as well as a big red ‘the best’ on his small white T-shirt.

The corners of Li Qingzhou’s lips hooked up.

Because of the noisy surroundings, he leaned slightly to the side then went closer to Liu Bohuai, saying in his ear, “Third Master, what do you think of Unique Studio?”

[Isn’t it the absolute best that I was able to buy it?]

—Warmth sprayed onto Liu Bohuai’s ear, bringing a slight itchiness that seemed to spread to the bottom of his heart, constantly stirring and teasing the tip of his heart…

He made an ‘en’ sound, “The best.”

Li Qingzhou: “Yu Zhe and his team are all very capable.”

“Lu Mei Shan, as a robot casing repairman, is fully capable at this job.”

“What’s more even though she’s a girl, she’s not afraid of hard work, dirt or exhaustion. Isn’t that worthy of admiration?”

[Even I admire her….]

So Third Master, have you noticed this special girl? Are you attracted to her?

—The little guy in the bubble looked like he was waiting for an answer.

Liu Bohuai remained silent.

His grip tightening on the buddhist beads in his palm, he barely suppressed the dark emotions rising within him and after a moment, said indifferently, “I don’t think so.”

“Since she chose this profession, isn’t being unafraid of hardship and exhaustion the most basic requirement?”

Li Qingzhou let out an ‘oh’.

[Third Master is so strict, but that’s what makes him so charming.]

Turning his hands into fists, the little guy in the bubble placed them on his chest then looked at Liu Bohuai with starry eyes.

Liu Bohuai’s hand holding the buddhist beads couldn’t help but relax a little.

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