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Chapter 24.2

Jiang Daikun wanted to go to the Old Li family house to plead for mercy,

But he couldn’t even meet Old Master Li or Li Qingzhou, let alone Liu Bohuai.

A week later, the Jiang Group company went bankrupt.


The Old Li family house.

Liu Bohuai stayed for two days before returning to Yanjing from Xicheng.

As Li Qingzhou had follow-up business to attend to, he made a standing agreement to treat him to a meal when he returned.

Liu Bohuai promised to be there.

In the past few days, Li Xusheng had become very attached to Li Qingzhou, almost to the point of not being able to leave him.

Everywhere Li Qingzhou went, whenever he looked back, he would see a little tail following him, a very sweet, obedient and cute little tail.

And whenever Li Qingzhou stopped his wheelchair,

Li Xusheng would run up to him, put his arms around him and a soft smile would appear on his face as he would whisper shyly, “Big brother, Shengsheng loves you.”

“Big brother also loves Shengsheng.” Li Qingzhou would answer every time without fail.

He had asked the doctor about this.

–After all, Shengsheng didn’t want to go to school now and for this reason would throw tantrums and not eat. He even had trouble sleeping at night, although he didn’t wake up.

The doctor said it was normal after receiving a shock and that he would get better after a while.

Li Hanyu went to Li Qingzhou secretly and said, “Big brother, Shengsheng is feeling distressed for you in his own way.”

Crouching down next to Li Qingzhou’s wheelchair, she leaned her head on his leg and whispered, “Dad and mum blamed themselves very much for a time after they lost you….”

“Especially Mum, who was often sick and unable to eat…..”

“She was constantly on the lookout for information regarding lost children everyday….. wanting you to come home, wanting you to return to her.”

“I heard from grandpa that later it was only after she gave birth to me that she slowly recovered….. Then they placed great importance on my safety and that of Shengsheng’s.”

“Therefore, as soon as we could read and write, mom and dad started teaching us about taking precautions, protecting ourselves, and so on.”

This was why Li Xusheng, at such a young age, was able to realize from the conversation between Li Chengkang and Jiang Biling just how scary and horrible their actions really were.

With their parents gone, Li Xusheng’s heart ached for Li Qingzhou.

Her eyes already wet, Li Hanyu’s eyes gradually turned red and not wanting Li Qingzhou to see, buried her head in his lap.

Li Qingzhou stroked the top of her head slowly and asked, “Which university does Hanyu want to go to?”

“Yan University.”

Rubbing her eyes, Li Hanyu replied in a low voice: “I want to go to Yanjing University to see the school big brother attended.”

Li Qingzhou: “The college entrance exams are coming up, so big brother will try his best to find time to go back to Xicheng by then.”

“Hanyu has to try her best to enter Yanjing University, and then stay with big brother.”

“Last night, grandpa and I had a discussion. If Shengsheng doesn’t want to go to primary school in Xicheng, then he will transfer to Yanjing.”

His focus going forward would inevitably be in Yanjing as well.

Especially since the new company and the Auto City being built were at a very important stage at the moment, he might not come back to Xicheng very often.

He had wanted to bring his grandfather to Yanjing as well, but Old Master Li had refused, not wanting to leave the old house.

“Grandpa has been here all his life and doesn’t want to move, so you guys go ahead.”

“If you don’t have time to come back, grandpa will come and see you. You guys just have to remember to reimburse grandpa for the fuel costs.” Old Master Li joked in a rare moment.

After asking Li Xusheng’s opinion, his primary school registration was transferred from Xicheng to Yanjing.

And Li Hanyu regrouped and went back to school.

Under arrangements made by Old Master Li, Li Hongjie took the little boy abroad to study….

At this point, Li Qingzhou’s business in Xicheng was over, so he returned to Yanjing with his little brother.

His villa in Yanjing was big enough and he had already had the rooms prepared before his return.

And, of course, this included his sister Li Hanyu’s bedroom– the decor, furniture arrangements, things, etc. were all brand new and of the two rooms, one had a sky blue tone and the other pink.

After a tour of his bedroom in the villa, Li Qingzhou took Li Xusheng’s little hand and said, “Tomorrow, big brother will personally take you to school to complete the admission procedures.”

“Go to class well and when you come back you will see big brother and then you can talk to your big sis on video.”

Li Xusheng nodded obediently.

The next day.

Li Qingzhou took Li Xusheng to a primary school in Yanjing and after successfully completing the formalities, watched Li Xusheng walk into the classroom before leaving.

He and Liu Bohuai had made plans to have dinner at a farmhouse in a quiet suburb.

The venue had been booked in advance and there were no outsiders.

This was the one time Li Qingzhou was being deliberately generous.

So, when Liu Bohuai arrived, what he saw at the top of Li Qingzhou’s head was–

The little guy in the bubble had a pair of dark sunglasses on, a cigar in his mouth, a big gold chain around his neck and was sitting on a big gold chair with his legs crossed cockily, looking very OK.

Liu Bohuai: “……..”

He twirled his Buddhist beads for a moment to calm his mind then went to Li Qingzhou: “President Li, sorry for making you wait.”

Li Qingzhou’s expression was flat: “Not at all, it’s I who arrived early. President Liu is very on time.”

[I’ve been waiting for this lunch since morning, I’m so hungry. I heard that the specialty here is steamed chicken, I wonder how it tastes.]

–The little guy in the bubble rubbed his belly in a way that suited the occasion very much.

Liu Bohuai: “Let’s go in then.”

“I’ve heard that the steamed chicken here is good, would President Li like to try it?”

[I want to, I very much want to! I can eat a whole chicken!]

“Since it’s a specialty, why don’t we order more than one. What does President Li think?”

Liu Bohuai paused, then said, “…… If you can’t finish it, you can pack it up and take it away.”

“Alright.” Li Qingzhou nodded calmly.

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