My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 95.2

Editor: Jodi

In the evening, Liu Bohuai picked Li Qingzhou up from work.

As they went back to the Liu family’s Old Mansion, Li Qingzhou had already told his little siblings that he wouldn’t be going home tonight.

And obviously, after his occasional stays at the Liu family’s Old Mansion, his little siblings had gotten used to his absences, as they accepted this well.

Li Qingzhou noticed clearly that Liu Bohuai wasn’t in a good mood today.

And so after dinner, while Liu Bohuai was doing the dishes, he hugged him from behind, resting his cheek against his back.

“Ah Huai.”

[How should I coax Ah Huai?]

Liu Bohuai put the dishes away, dried his hands on a towel on the side, then holding the hands that were wrapped around his waist, turned around.

Then cupping Li Qingzhou’s cheeks, he kissed the space between his brows, whispering, “Can I share something that’s on my mind with you?”

“En.” Li Qingzhou nodded.

[Ah Huai has something on his mind?]

—The little guy in the bubble frowned slightly, looking at his lover worriedly.

Liu Bohuai picked him up.

And at this moment, Li Qingzhou was wearing the exoskeleton support device, hence his legs wrapped around Liu Bohuai’s waist as he was hoisted up.

Then they left the kitchen, going up the stairs, entering the study…..

Sheng Qi Entertainment.

Liu Xiahui didn’t expect that there would be so much work to handle today.

And by the time he finished dealing with all the documents, it was already quite late, past the usual end of the workday, with only a few employees still in the company.

He glanced at his phone. It was almost nine o’clock.

And so getting up, he grabbed his coat, then instructed his assistant to fetch the bottle of wine from the wine cabinet in the lounge and package it well, as he planned to take it with him.

This wine was worth hundreds of thousands and was very expensive.

Hence his assistant handled the bottle with the utmost care as he took it out, afraid that he would drop it. This wasn’t something he could pay for.

And after he was done packaging it, the assistant handed the bag to Liu Xiahui, asking, “President, are you going to Miss Xu’s place tonight?”

Liu Xiahui: “No, I’m going to the old mansion. You can go home.”

He drove alone to the Liu family’s Old Mansion.

Liu Xiahui had a spare key to the Liu family’s Old Mansion — besides his uncle, he was the only one who had one.

This was also a sign that his third uncle valued him.

Soon, his car stopped outside the Liu family’s Old Mansion.

His third uncle had always not liked outsiders disturbing him, especially on his own turf.

Which was why, apart from the old butler who often came over and stayed overnight occasionally, there were no other visitors in the evening.

Getting out of the car, he opened the door to the old mansion.

Then he entered the living room, however just as he was about to put the wine down and change his shoes, he suddenly saw something that shouldn’t be there — how could there be a wheelchair in the Liu family’s Old Mansion?!

His eyes couldn’t help but widen as he suspected that he was seeing wrong.

However when he looked closely, he was sure that it was a smart electric wheelchair, and a familiar one at that……

“Li, Li Qingzhou’s electric wheelchair?” The shock caused Liu Xiahui to murmur to himself.

No, it couldn’t be possible. How could Li Qingzhou’s wheelchair appear in the Liu family’s Old Mansion?!

However when he looked around again, he suddenly saw two pairs of shoes next to the shoe cabinet.

One pair was obviously the style that his third uncle usually wore, while the other pair obviously belonged to a stranger…….

Who was it?

Was it really Li Qingzhou?!

But why would Li Qingzhou be at the Liu family’s Old Mansion?

Liu Xiahui frowned. Could it be that he had come to the old mansion to discuss business with his third uncle? Because other than this, he really couldn’t think of any other reason.

However his third uncle never brought official business to the old mansion to deal with.

Liu Xiahui couldn’t help but be confused.

And not changing his shoes, he walked into the living room with the bag of famous wine– he looked around. There was a fruit plate, two cups, and desserts on the coffee table.

And his third uncle usually didn’t eat sweets.

He seemed to feel an inexplicable wave of emotion spread in his chest, so complex that he couldn’t even tell what it was exactly.

He went upstairs on a hunch–

And at this moment in the study, Li Qingzhou had just finished listening to Liu Bohuai’s heartache.

This was the everlasting pain in Liu Bohuai’s heart.

–Liu Xiahui’s father, Liu Zhouhe, died trying to save him.

In that car accident, Liu Bohuai had been protected underneath Liu Zhouhe. The front of the car had been crushed, pinning Liu Zhouhe’s legs down, however he still managed to push Liu Bohuai out.

And then staggering to his feet after struggling, Liu Bohuai tried to get help.

However just as he had managed to hold on and had walked just a short distance away, a scorching force swept over from behind.

Liu Bohuai fell to the ground, then he turned around– Liu Zhouhe was sitting in the car, engulfed alive by flames right in front of his eyes.

The flames, the smoke, the searing heat, as well as the scalding pain caused Liu Bohuai’s eyes to hurt, and it was also a relentless lingering nightmare that haunted him for some time.

And to this day, although he had long since stopped waking up in the middle of the night, he still stayed up all night on the anniversary of Liu Zhouhe’s death.

“Ah Huai….” Li Qingzhou walked up to Liu Bohuai who hugged him, placing him on his lap.

“En?” Liu Bohuai answered in a low voice.

Li Qingzhou leaned his head on his shoulder, his hands brushing his chest which was then held in place immediately by another hand.

Then, one of his hands was pulled to Liu Bohuai’s mouth for a light kiss.

This kiss caused a blush to float to the corners of Li Qingzhou’s eyes, and in a soft voice, he said, “Ah Huai, hug me, kiss me…..”

[Woo….. my Ah Huai, I want to comfort you.]

Liu Bohuai hugged him tightly, then, kissed from his forehead, down to his nose…… all the way down to his chin.

He savored the tender, gorgeous red petals, then after leaving a kiss on his chin, wanted to moved to kiss his neck.

However he was interrupted by a sudden sound that came from outside the door.

Li Qingzhou was also somewhat startled.

It should only be him and Ah Huai in the Liu family’s Old Mansion. Had there been someone outside the door just now?!

–The little guy in the bubble hugged himself, afraid.

Liu Bohuai patted Li Qingzhou, then standing up with him in his arms, frowned. The door to the study hadn’t been closed, what’s more there was a small gap, and if anyone could enter the old mansion, it could only be…..

Just as he was thinking this, a noise that sounded very much like a bottle breaking suddenly came from downstairs.

Then after that, there was the sound of doors being closed in a panic.

“Ah Huai?” Li Qingzhou put his legs back on the floor, wanting to go outside to look.

However Liu Bohuai held him back, then led him to the bedside and sure enough, a car was speeding away from the old mansion — as if fleeing, in a panicked, rushed escape…

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