My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 31.1

The Zhuang family threw a small party for Li Hanyu’s excellent college entrance exam results, and the quadrangle 1A quadrangle is a courtyard house with a fully enclosed courtyard in Yanjing was buzzing with activity.

The two elderly members of the Zhuang family, in particular, were all smiles.

After dinner, Grandma Zhuang and Zhuang Wenwei’s wife, Shao Rong, took Li Hanyu, Li Xusheng and Zhuang Youhe, the three youngest, outside to set off fireworks.

Grandfather Zhuang, Li Qingzhou and the others sat in the study drinking tea and talking.

The topic of conversation was naturally about the smart electric wheelchair that Li Qingzhou had developed and produced.

Grandpa Zhuang was a professor at A University Medical School and Li Qingzhou’s uncle, Zhuang Wenwei was a surgeon and currently worked as the head of surgery at Yanjing Hospital.

Therefore, they were very concerned about the new wheelchair.

–The sales of intelligent electric wheelchairs exceeded the demand.

At this stage, the wheelchairs could only be found in large hospitals. The ones in medical equipment shops and pharmacies were all sold out with nothing left in stock.

And the intelligent electric wheelchairs in large hospitals were only for rent and not for sale.

What’s more, on the company’s official website and app, there were hundreds of orders for the smart electric wheelchair, nearly a thousand….

Which showed that the sales were not bad.

Even in university medical schools, they had to keep abreast of modern developments.

Grandfather Zhuang and his uncle Zhuang Wenwei thus praised Li Qingzhou over and over again, commending him endlessly.

And Li Qingzhou’s cousin, Zhuang Danming, who was very interested in the intelligent AI car he was working on asked a lot of questions.

Li Qingzhou picked out some of the less obtrusive questions to answer.

Zhuang Danming could be considered as a son following in his father’s footsteps.

He was a sophomore at A University’s medical school, with excellent academic results, a particularly good major and planned to become a surgeon in the future.

Of the four people in the house, three of them were medical students.

So naturally, the conversation went from Li Qingzhou’s company and intelligent electric wheelchairs to Grandpa Zhuang’s current research– an exoskeleton-assisted walking device.

A device to help polio patients, the disabled and/or paraplegics to stand and walk.

In addition to walking upright for long periods of time, it also served mainly to exercise and prevent muscle atrophy.

The significance of Grandpa Zhuang’s research and for whom it was intended, spoke for itself.

Taking a file of information and pictures out, he handed them to Li Qingzhou to look at, telling him, “The research on the exoskeleton-assisted walking device has been completed.”

“And at the moment, it is in the human testing stage. It just needs to be adjusted according to the human skeleton, muscle direction etc…….Qingzhou, what do you think of this research?”

Hearing this, Li Qingzhou took the information and read it carefully.

The exoskeleton-assisted walking device was a device that supported from the waist to the feet, so not only did they need to consider the physical aspects of the human body, they also needed to think about the weight of the device on the human body among other things.

Furthermore, when wearing the walking aid at the beginning, it might not be easy to get used to it, hence one needed a cane to help one walk slowly in order to get used to it gradually….

Li Qingzhou said after reading it: “Grandpa, your research is very good.”

Zhuang Wenwei phrased his question carefully, “Then Qingzhou…. when this exoskeleton walking aid is available, would you like to try it?”

“Your grandfather and I will prepare a set for you, what do you think?”

Grandpa Zhuang also meant the same thing.

They both knew that Li Qingzhou cared very much about his disability.

–There was even a time when, if someone accidentally mentioned it…… Qingzhou’s face would turn very bad and would look slightly sullen.

Although things were much better now, Grandpa Zhuang and Uncle Zhuang Wenwei were still mindful of Li Qingzhou’s feelings.

Zhuang Danming, who was the youngest at the table didn’t say anything.

Li Qingzhou thought for a moment then said, “Grandpa, Uncle, you can prepare an exoskeleton assisted walking device for me and I will practice wearing it sometime, but…..”

“But what?”

The expression on Grandpa Zhuang’s face was first happy, then he asked, “Qingzhou, is there any difficulty?”

Li Qingzhou shook his head, “I was just thinking if it would be possible to combine intelligent AI with an exoskeleton assisted walker to allow more advanced technology to be incorporated into it….”

Just like the intelligent exoskeleton support he had worked on before.

–Small, extremely lightweight and fitted perfectly through different human leg muscles, bone lengths etc.

Of course, one of the most important things was the presence of the smart chip……

After the company became stable and the Auto City was open for business, Li Qingzhou intended to start preparations for the Smart Tech Bio Lab.

At the very least, it had to be set up initially.

–And his grandfather’s research was an opportunity.

Grandfather Zhuang and Zhuang Wenwei couldn’t help but look at each other.

He frowned in thought then said, “The direction of research you are talking about is indeed feasible…..”

“But in doing so, the exoskeleton-assisted walking device would be more difficult to develop and undoubtedly more complicated to make in all aspects.”

“Not to mention we don’t know anything about intelligent…..”

Zhuang Danming spoke up, “But cousin does.”

“Qingzhou, could it be that you’re trying to….” Zhuang Wenwei’s expression was puzzled.

Li Qingzhou said, “I want to try to see if I can incorporate intelligent technology into an exoskeleton assisted walker…..”

In the small courtyard, Li Hanyu was leading her cousin Zhuang Youhe in a game of backgammon while Li Xusheng sat next to her, glancing and re-glancing into the house every once in a while.

Grandma Zhuang laughed upon seeing this, “Shengsheng is so clingy to his big brother. Just a short time away and you miss him already.”

Li Xusheng’s little face flushed and he hung his head shyly.

At that moment, the sound of a wheelchair turning came from inside the house and Li Xusheng jumped off the stone bench and ran in the direction of the sound: “Big brother, Grandpa, Uncle…….”

Li Qingzhou caught his little brother.

Zhuang Danming couldn’t help but squat down and pinch his little cousin’s cheeks, laughing, “Why didn’t you call me?”

Li Xusheng said in a bashful whisper, “Cousin.”

Li Qingzhou raised his head, “Grandpa, Grandma, we’ll be taking our leave now. You two get some rest and take care of your health….”

Following suit, Li Hanyu and Li Xusheng said goodbye.

Then their uncle Zhuang Wenwei went out to bring his car over so that he could take the three siblings home.


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