My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 22.1


Li Qingzhou had been spending a lot of time in the newly built laboratory these days and was constantly working.

Rather than working on the intelligent AI system for cars, which was already well-tested at this stage, he wanted to upgrade his ‘equipment’– his wheelchair– first.

He wanted to convert his wheelchair into an electrically powered model.

And he also wanted to build in an intelligent voice control system that could be connected to his cell phone to make it easier to get around, simpler to maneuver as well as other things.

This decision was supported by all the researchers.

–One was that the intelligent voice control system could be demonstrated first in real life, enter the public eye, and flaws and shortcomings could be found in the actual experience.

And then fixed to improve the programming of intelligent AI in cars.

Secondly, wheelchairs were quicker and easier to develop and produce than cars –the more money the company got first, the more money there was for research in the lab.

On this day, the production of the wheelchair was completed.

Li Qingzhou invited Liu Bohuai to come to the laboratory to see how the experiment worked, while he himself acted as a tester to show how the wheelchair worked.

The laboratory was quite large.

Liu Bohuai was standing within three meters of Li Qingzhou.

And not far away, a researcher approached with a fully charged and checked wheelchair.

Liu Bohuai couldn’t help but look at Li Qingzhou.

[Here it is, my ride has finally appeared!]

–The little guy in the bubble clenched his little fists in excitement, his face full of happiness as he bounced around in place, showing a little look of impatience to try the wheelchair out.

Moving forward, Qiao Huanming took the wheelchair from the researcher and explained to Liu Bohuai: “This wheelchair is completely electrically powered.”

“But also because of this, a battery power supply capable of storing electricity has been added to the bottom of the seat, etc….. So, the modified wheelchair is a bit heavier than a normal wheelchair.”

However, this was also a necessary part of the installation procedure.

“The wheelchair has a simple full touch screen control panel on the armrests which can be connected to a cell phone for the purpose of dual control.”

“And the smart system we have prepared has options for voice instruction control, search for easy travel routes, smart brake assist, full touch screen control of wheelchair speed, turning, etc….”

“For safety reasons, the wheelchair is also equipped with a safety belt on the back, so it is best to slow down when you go out.”

Qiao Huanming made a joke in the end and then pushed the wheelchair in front of Li Qingzhou.

Saying, “President Li, you can now try out the functions of the modified wheelchair….”

Li Qingzhou nodded with a bland expression, but in his heart–

[Sitting in my beloved little wheelchair, it will never get stuck in traffic, di di di di di di di di, di di di di hurry up and take-off, Wuhu~]

–The little guy in the bubble was happy, his eyes shining as his hands held a small steering wheel and turned back and forth, so happy that he couldn’t help himself.

Without any help, Li Qingzhou slowly sat in his new wheelchair with his arms and when he was seated, he controlled the intelligent system skillfully.

The electric wheelchair was activated with a beep sound.

Then the crowd in the laboratory watched as Li Qingzhou carefully maneuvered the wheelchair forwards, backwards, left and right turns, circles, etc..

Next, he experimented with acceleration and deceleration, braking, and voice finding a route map….

These operations could be done individually on the wheelchair’s full touch screen panel or by connecting to a cell phone, which was easy to understand.

And most importantly — remote control, turning the system on or off, etc., could be performed even if the person wasn’t in the wheelchair.

They simply had to send a command through their cell phone.

Listening to Li Qingzhou humming happily again, Liu Bohuai moved forward and asked, “How’s the battery storage?”

Li Qingzhou answered, “The wheelchair takes about five to ten hours to charge at a time and the armrest here has a charge indicator that will remind you when to recharge it.”

“When the charging indicator turns from red to green, it means that the wheelchair is fully charged.”

“After a single charge, it will last for about two weeks…..”

As they were talking, Fang Xiyan suddenly approached them with his cell phone and said, “President Li, a phone call.”

Hearing this, Li Qingzhou took it –the screen of the phone showed that it was the number of the old house– at this time of day, Hanyu and Shengsheng should both be in class.

Could it be that Grandpa wanted to see him about something?

Li Qingzhou tapped the answer button, “Hello…..”

Then Liu Bohuai saw Li Qingzhou’s face, which had been quite gentle and calm, suddenly become cold and serious, and even the little guy in the bubble clenched his fist with worry.

But this time around, there were no words.

When he hung up, Li Qingzhou said, “Xiyan, I need to go back to Xicheng right away!”

Although Fang Xiyan didn’t understand what was going on, he immediately turned around and went out to prepare for his departure.

Li Qingzhou frowned and said, “Mr. Liu, I have to go back to Xicheng, so I’m afraid I can’t accompany you today.”

Liu Bohuai reassured him, “President Li, it’s important to deal with what’s happening first. The development of the electric wheelchair seems to be a success, I can tell it will be ready for production soon.”

“Today has been a worthwhile trip.”

Li Qingzhou gave Qiao Huanming a few more words of advice and then left the lab directly at the controls of the new wheelchair.


Li Hanyu’s intermittent sobbing voice on the phone sounded rather helpless.

–She told him that she didn’t know what was wrong with Shengsheng. He just kept shaking, weeping silently and wouldn’t come out from under the dining table.

The old butler had initially tried everything but to no avail so he called the driver to bring her home…..

After she crawled under the table and hugged Shengsheng, the child, who had been cowering and whimpering, finally called out in a muffled voice for his big brother…..

Now, the doctor and the nanny were all at the old house.

Old Master Li was also trying to find a way to get back to Xicheng from outside the province.

On the way back to Xicheng from Yanjing, Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but feel anxious.

So he called again.

And listening to the little voice on the other end of the line, choking and sobbing and calling out for his big brother, Li Qingzhou answered patiently, not hanging up.

Until the car pulled up in front of the old house, he entered the living room without stopping for a rest.

The long tablecloth had long since been removed from the dining table.

Li Hanyu was sitting under the table with Li Xusheng in her arms, while the butler, the nanny and the doctor waited with worried looks on their faces.

The butler and the others were no doubt relieved when they saw Li Qingzhou’s figure finally appear.

Li Xusheng’s eyes were already red from crying.

But then the tears that had stopped a little came out again and he reached out a hand clumsily towards Li Qingzhou.

The doctor said hurriedly, “Eldest young master, we can’t let little young master continue to cry like this. If he cries for too long, his eyes won’t be able to bear it!”

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