My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 49.2

—The test assessed the smoothness of the robots’ actions, their ability to accurately locate the family members buried within the rubble and their successful rescue of them. The rescue times for both teams would also be compared.

Du Chenwei’s robot carried out its rescue tasks methodically on the field.

The judges couldn’t help but nod in approval after watching.

[As expected from CW Studio’s team, their robot is awesome!]

[After watching so many competitions, this one clearly stands out. Their robot is definitely going to score high.]

[In all aspects, CW Studio’s team’s robot is really impressive.]

[Previously, Unique Studio’s team still had a fighting chance against them, as they ranked third in the semi-finals, but now…. it remains to be seen.]

[It’s not that I’m doubting President Li’s capabilities, after all, his research in the field of smart AI cars is well known.]

[However, this is a completely different field that it feels like they are worlds apart. Can he really pull it off? They should have let Yu Zhe participate instead.]

[I think Yu Zhe couldn’t fix it anyway. Someone who attacks people on the field? Tsk, just hurry up and lose and leave.]

[Holy sh*t, is this a real AI robot?! Look at Rescue One’s operation, it’s amazing!]

On the field.

Rescue One moved quickly within the disaster simulation— moving stones, large slabs and other obstacles blocking its path.

The camera at the top of its head swiveled about, searching and locating the ‘people’ trapped within the rubble.

To test the robot’s rescue capabilities, the scene was completely simulated as a post-disaster ruins, with dummy victims placed inside the built structures before an explosion had been carried out.

As a result, even the staff had no idea where the dummies were buried within the rubble.

Du Chenwei’s robot was still searching.

Rescue One, on the other hand had already pinpointed the exact location and was moving straight ahead.

—Stones, soil and slabs were cleared away then Rescue One burrowed into the rubble, its mechanical figure disappearing gradually…..

After a while, images and Rescue One’s electronic voice were transmitted to the computer on Li Qingzhou’s lap.

“Captain, I’ve found a victim. After scanning, the victim’s legs are trapped under a slab, but it can be moved. There’s no danger of a collapse nearby, so we can proceed with the rescue.”

Li Qingzhou: “What is the victim’s vital status?”

The electronic voice didn’t answer for a while.

At first, netizens and the audience had been amazed by Rescue One’s capabilities and speed. However seeing that Rescue One had gone silent, they couldn’t help but suspect that the robot had encountered a problem.

[As expected, a temporarily repaired robot is unreliable…..]

However before they could finish their thoughts, they were proven wrong.

Rescue One’s electronic voice rang out from the computer, seemingly hesitant, “Captain, the victim has no vital signs. Upon evaluation, this is a dummy buried under the rubble…..”

“Isn’t Rescue One supposed to be in a competition?”

[D*mn! It actually knows it’s in a competition! Heavens, I almost forgot that the buried victims are dummies so of course, they don’t have vital signs. Facepalm.jpg.]

[This is too intelligent right…..]

[I’ve suddenly realized that having rescue robots that can talk is quite necessary, but it’s limited to only Rescue One. Amazing, President Li is amazing and Rescue One is amazing too.]

[Hurry up! I want to see what else Rescue One can do!]

Li Qingzhou: “Proceed with the rescue operation immediately.”

“Yes, Captain.”

Rescue robots had to possess functions such as search and location, mobility as well as the strength to save and transport victims.

At a minimum, a rescue robot had to be capable of supporting and lifting the weight of an adult male, hence the dummies inside the rubble weighed between 130 and 200 pounds.

A robot eliminated in a previous match had failed to support a dummy’s weight during a rescue and had even fallen back into the rubble along with its mechanical arm.

Causing its mechanical arm to break, thereby preventing it from continuing the competition. As a result, it had been eliminated.

In less than two minutes, Rescue One brought the dummy ‘victim’ out of the rubble successfully.

It placed the dummy in a safe location then continued its rescue work.

At this point, a judge asked, “Mr. Li, can Unique….. can your rescue robot also detect the severity of the victim’s injuries?”

“Can it make its own judgments?”

Li Qingzhou nodded calmly, “Through large data comparison, Rescue One can indeed scan the specific condition of the victims as well as the surrounding issues.”

“In this way, the people outside can develop accurate rescue plans based on the information and images Rescue One transmits….”

While Li Qingzhou was speaking, Rescue One had rescued two more ‘victims’.

Meanwhile, Du Chenwei’s robot had just entered the rubble.

Incredulous expressions appeared on the faces of the judges and they couldn’t help but focus on the field— only watching the place Rescue One was, completely ignoring the other robots.

At this point, Du Chenwei’s expression had darkened significantly and not the mention the fact that it was utterly ugly, it was a far cry from what it had been at the beginning of the competition.

The expressions on the faces of the team members standing behind him were indescribable as well.

[I’ve slapped myself in the face. Rescue One is awesome; it’s the most impressive existence in the entire finals! I take back what I said about its name being ordinary, it’s a great name. It’s seriously number one!]

[It’s President Li who’s awesome, right? Unique Studio’s team had a Rescue One, pei, not right, a rescue robot in the semi finals before, but it wasn’t Rescue One yet and it wasn’t as intelligent as it is now.]

[Although the shell of the robot hasn’t changed, the staff just mentioned that the problem was due to a core code malfunction, which couldn’t be restored. President Li directly wrote a new intelligent program code.]

[Ah! Then won’t the code be leaked since it was typed under the camera?]

[Upstairs, you don’t have to worry about that at all. First of all, the camera wasn’t focused directly on President Li when he was typing the code. Second, there was a period when President Li’s computer screen went black, but he continued typing.]

[This way, it would prevent the code from being leaked. What’s more, no one will be able to decipher it. Once again, President Li is awesome!]

The internet was completely abuzz.

And the ratings for the competition began to skyrocket, causing the director to almost want to devote all the camera shots to President Li and Rescue One.

However just then, the simulated rubble, which had been set up, suddenly collapsed a second time.

The staff shouted in surprise and the scene was chaotic for a moment.

Although the collapse ended quickly, leaving only dust in the air, the two robots that had entered the rubble before for rescue were now buried inside…..

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