My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 72.1

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The AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals were just around the corner.

And competitors from various countries had started arriving in C Country, checking into their pre-arranged hotels.

At the same time, news about the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals had been posted online, along with a link to buy tickets and choose seats for live viewing.

[Wow, it’s impressive that they’re hosting the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals at Yanjing Century Hall. Big move! No wonder the tickets aren’t cheap. But it’s worth the trip.]

[It’s still international grand finals that are always more exciting. I love Bernie from Y Country, he’s so cool! But of course, President Li is awesome too, haha.]

[Albert is a genius! The combat-type AI robot he made, Avery, is amazing!]

[I like H Country’s Po Nan Zhi!]

[Rescue One is the best! As someone from C Country, I definitely support President Li! Go Team Unique Studio!]

While the netizens were having heated discussions, they didn’t forget to buy tickets on the official website.

And the international grand finals was indeed popular.

Because in no time at all, all the tickets were sold out.

Certain netizens who came late lamented in the comments, while certain robot enthusiasts even turned to ticket middlemen privately.

In short, the buzz around the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals was heated.

The Li Group Corporation.

Early in the morning, Liu Bohuai came to see Li Qingzhou, bringing with him four people.

And with the exception of Liu Xie, a bodyguard Li Qingzhou was familiar with,

The other three were brought in by Xia Xinjian to be in charge of protecting Li Qingzhou as well as his AI robots during the competition.

Li Qingzhou got to know them, memorizing their distinct features.

Liu Xie addressed him, “President Li, we’ll be serving as security personnel for the company for the time being.”

“If you need anything, just let us know.”

His contact info had already been saved.

Li Qingzhou nodded: “Alright, thank you for your help.”

“It’s no trouble, President Li.”

Then seeing that there was nothing else, Liu Xie led the other three out of the office.

Li Qingzhou next planned to check out the floor downstairs that had been cleared specially for the game company studio.

Thanks to hiring incentives, the game company’s positions like artists, game designers, and game programmers had already been filled.

And the game adaptation of ‘Sky Juvenile’ was already in its preliminary production stage.

Hence from time to time Li Qingzhou would visit to oversee the work and to get detailed updates on the game’s progress.

After all, he was the chief programmer for the game’s production.

Ultimately, Li Qingzhou wanted ‘Sky Juvenile’ to be the first holographic game to be launched nationally and even globally.

So research on holographic equipment was also being conducted in secret….

Learning that Li Qingzhou was headed to the game studio, Liu Bohuai, who was originally planning to leave to head back to the Liu Group, suddenly paused.

He opened his mouth, “Qingzhou, it’s almost lunchtime, so I’ll stay here and wait for you so we can have lunch together.”

Hearing this, Li Qingzhou was puzzled and looked up at the wall clock.

[….. But it’s not even nine o’clock yet. It’s still very early for lunch. Isn’t Third Master busy?]

–The little guy in the bubble scratched his head in confusion, then an expression of sudden realization and shy embarrassment appeared on his face. Covering his mouth, his eyes turned.

[Oh~ I get it. Third Master can’t bear to part with me.]

[He wants to be with me all the time, hee hee. He’s so clingy. Ai, it can’t be helped. It’s my charm that’s to be blamed.]

The little guy in the bubble spread his hands then shook his little head with a helpless expression on his face.

Liu Bohuai: “…..”

Putting it this way….. he wasn’t entirely wrong.

Except for the clingy part, he wouldn’t admit to that.

Walking behind Li Qingzhou, he pushed his wheelchair, “Let’s go. Weren’t you heading to the game studio?”


The two went downstairs.

The game studio floor was nicely arranged, complete with a dedicated tea room and rest area outside.

Liu Bohuai didn’t disturb Li Qingzhou’s work.

Because once they reached the floor, he sat down in the rest area, using Li Qingzhou’s laptop to handle some business.

However not long after, a message came from Zou Ming– asking him earnestly when he would be back.

Hadn’t he just gone next door to drop President Li off…..

Liu Bohuai replied with– [I won’t be returning for the time being. Order the lunch we had last time, I’ll be having lunch here at noon.]

Zou Ming: “…..”

He wanted to mention that he had meeting scheduled for the morning….. but forget it, it wasn’t that important. In President Liu’s heart, how was a meeting more important than President Li?

After Zou Ming replied to the message he sent, he notified the group that the morning meeting had been canceled and rescheduled for the afternoon, so they should first do what was they had to do.

And on the other end, Liu Bohuai told Li Qingzhou to focus on his work and to not worry about him.

And Li Qingzhou was really busy, as he spent almost two hours in the game studio before he got a slight break.

Time flew by when one was engrossed in work.

By the time he looked up, the hour hand was already pointing to eleven.

Zhou Xingwei who was sitting next to him whispered, “President Li, will you be having lunch here?”

Sometimes, Li Qingzhou would spend his whole morning working.

And if he wasn’t done, would have lunch in the outdoor rest area.

Then after eating, he’d take a short break and then get back to work in the afternoon.

Li Qingzhou: “I’m not sure. President Liu is here, so I might go upstairs to have lunch with him….”

As he said this, he remembered that Third Master was still outside and feeling a little distressed for making him wait so long, he maneuvered his wheelchair to head out hurriedly.

President Liu was also here?

Pursing his lips, Zhou Xingwei hesitated for a moment, then followed him out.

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