My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 46.1

Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai had agreed to meet at the entrance of the competition’s venue.

This time it was the semifinals of the artificially intelligent robots exchange competition and the venue had been moved to a specially built hall with more advanced facilities.

When Liu Bohuai arrived, besides Fang Xiyan standing by Li Qingzhou, Lu Mei Shan was there as well.

The two of them were chatting and laughing and the little guy in the bubble had a cheerful expression.

Parking the car, Zou Ming didn’t dare say a word.

He didn’t know why, but the aura around Third Master throughout the journey had been very low and he seemed to be in a very bad mood…

So he didn’t dare tempt fate.

It seemed Lu Mei Shan had said something.

And although there was no major change in Li Qingzhou’s expression, the little guy in the bubble sat with his short legs crossed, holding on to his pants as he laughed non-stop.

Liu Bohuai walked over expressionlessly, reaching within three meters of them.

[It’s really not easy to find someone like this. She’s a cool girl, but when she speaks, she’s so funny and interesting.]

[Especially since she also likes to read comics and she’s even a loyal fan of Ge Yue. As they say, beautiful appearances are common, but one with an interesting soul is one in a million….]

She’s really suitable to be introduced to Third Master, they’re a perfect match. I’m even tired of saying this word.

The little guy in the bubble looked on with admiration as he clenched his two small hands into fists, hit them against his small chest then extended his thumbs and hooked them together.

Li Qingzhou was very pleased with himself as well as the mosaic’ed thoughts in his head when a hand suddenly came down on his shoulder. Although it didn’t hurt, he could feel the strength behind it.

He turned his head: “Third Master, you’re here.”

“En.” Liu Bohuai responded in a low voice.

Off on the side, Fang Xiyan and Lu Mei Shan also greeted him with a nod.

Liu Bohuai glanced at Lu Mei Shan lightly.

[Yo, they’ve made eye contact.]

—The little guy in the bubble turned his head back and forth.

Liu Bohuai suddenly reached out and rubbed Li Qingzhou’s head, gently moving his hair out of his eyes, his movements gentle.

He asked: “Aren’t we going in?”

“En, let’s go in.” Li Qingzhou nodded.

His expression remained unchanged as he adapted naturally to Liu Bohuai’s movements.

It could be said that he was already used to being a little more intimate with Liu Bohuai.

But Fang Xiyan and Zou Ming were both surprised and couldn’t help but exchange glances with ‘What’s going on?’ ‘I don’t know.’ expressions on their faces.

Liu Bohuai pushed Li Qingzhou into the competition venue.

And Li Qingzhou told him about how he was participating in the production of the robots that would compete in the semifinals.

Mainly, he had input artificial intelligence programs to improve the robots that had already been made by Yu Zhe and his team.

After saying this, he stopped there.

Li Qingzhou had a complete program for artificially intelligent robots and all related data was stored in a system that wasn’t used very often.

Of course, it also contained all of his other research materials….

However some of the research wasn’t suitable for public release for the time being. It was best to take things one step at a time.

The moment Li Qingzhou mentioned the improved artificially intelligent robot program, Lu Mei Shan’s eyes shone and she praised him: “President Li’s research on artificial intelligence is really in-depth.”

“Besides your area of expertise, President Li’s knowledge and accomplishments in the field of robots are no worse than Ah Zhe’s…”

He had money, looks, a degree from a prestigious school, real talent and a cold personality…. this was definitely the real life prototype of Mu Lin.

Lu Mei Shan was excited in her heart but remained calm on the surface.

She did, however, look at Li Qingzhou with a bit of joy and happiness in her eyes.

Taking a step forward, Liu Bohuai pushed Li Qingzhou around a corner, just in time to block Lu Mei Shan’s line of sight.

However several people were coming towards them from the front.

—Professor Buffett and his student Keith, Du Chenwei as well as the CW studio’s people.

Although Li Qingzhou didn’t know Du Chenwei, the people in the group were probably participants as they were wearing the participant’s badges on their chests and walking with Professor Buffett and Keith. So who exactly was the one walking down the ‘Emei Path’?

Especially when the expression on Lu Mei Shan’s face suddenly turned cold.

[Whenever enemies meet on a narrow path, the brave one wins! Be brave, rush past and crush them, go!]

—The little guy in the bubble struck a superhero pose, with red underpants worn over his clothes and a red cape waving manually.

There was a slightly embarrassed look on Professor Buffett’s face.

After all, he had previously rejected Li Qingzhou’s invitation but had now became a technology consultant for the Cui Group.

And now his student Keith was participating in the competition and Li Qingzhou had bought Unique Studio and had become a participant as well.

Making it so that the two sides had become competitors.

Moreover….. Professor Buffett glanced at Du Chenwei.

He knew vaguely that the person in charge of CW Studio seemed to be using the Cui Group to deal with Unique Studio.

However he didn’t know what grievances there was between them.

Not stopping, Liu Bohuai pushed Li Qingzhou forward, with Lu Mei Shan and others following behind.

In the relatively spacious corridor, the two groups were about to pass each other.

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