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Chapter 65.1

The launch event of the second generation smart AI car, co-developed by the Li Group Corporation and the Liu Group was a success— with everything running smoothly from start to finish.

In particular, a clip featuring Li Qingzhou explaining the features of the second generation smart AI car had already been cut and posted online.

And the views of this video continued to climb up.

The second generation smart AI car had three novel features added to it based on its first generation predecessor.

—First was a facial recognition system to start the car, second, a voice password lock and third, a recognizable voice emergency alert system.

To activate the car with facial recognition, a suitable full touch screen had been installed in the middle of the steering wheel that could automatically identify faces and verify the driver’s identity.

And coupled with a camera, it could detect the driver’s physical condition more precisely, ensuring safety during journeys and so on.

The voice password lock feature was designed for sudden unexpected emergency situations.

This feature wasn’t for starting the car, but rather differentiated between starting the car engine and other car parts.

—Like using voice commands to open the doors of the car or the trunk.

And everyone’s vocal range was unique.

The voice password lock could intelligently recognize the voices that had been entered into the car system, including that of the driver’s, their family, as well as their children.

The last feature was the emergency alert system.

The smart AI in the car could quickly determine the driver’s state— that was in situations where they were unconscious or were unable to use voice control or sound the alert manually and send the location to the command center to fight for rescue time…..

After the launch event ended, netizens flocked to the comments section.

[President Li is so handsome, hihi! I was just looking at his face the whole time. I’ll buy a second generation smart AI car right after I graduate from University to support President Li, haha.]

[Three new smart features, but the Bolton Company has already researched two of them and is selling cars with them. I’m currently driving a car from the Bolton Company, so there’s really no need to buy one from the Li Group Corporation.]

[Although I really want to support domestic cars, cars aren’t consumables. I’m currently driving the new smart car recently launched by the Bolton Company, so there’s really no need to change to a new one right now. After all, money doesn’t just blow in with the wind….]

[Putting the emergency alert system aside, that voice password lock seems to be different from the one researched by the Bolton Company.]

[The Bolton Company’s voice password lock is used for starting the car, while the Li Group Corporation’s second generation smart AI car uses the voice password lock to open the doors and the trunk….]

[En. Oh, I get it, so the Bolton Company abandoned facial recognition, thinking it was redundant right?!]

[I think facial recognition is still necessary. It’s probably that the Bolton Company felt that they didn’t have enough time to research it, so they simply gave up one smart recognition feature.]

[Haha. After all they did to sell cars before the Li Group Corporation’s second generation smart AI cars hit the market officially, that’s it? The Bolton Company is an old car company and their tactics are really low.]

[Heheh, who is innocent in the business world? It’s in a businessman’s nature to chase profit. If they don’t take the money that’s there for the taking, then they are fools.]

In the office, Fang Xiyan reported, “President Li, although the online discussions comparing the second generation smart AI cars to the Bolton Company’s smart AI cars remains high,

“After the launch of the second generation smart AI cars, the sales….. have just been okay, not high.”

—Although the sales fluctuations had been rising, according to statistical data, it wasn’t all that significant.

At least, it couldn’t be compared to the situation when the first generation smart AI cars had just been launched.

The Bolton Company’s smart AI cars had really impacted the Li Group Corporation’s car sales.

Li Qingzhou nodded, his expression faint as he responded, “There’s no need to worry. We will gradually phase out the production of the first generation smart AI cars and focus mainly on the second generation cars. As for the Bolton Company…..”

Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but remember the bet he had made with Liu Bohuai during the launch event.

Clearing his throat, he continued, “The vice president of the Bolton Company seems to be coming to C Country, so keep an eye out.”

“Yes, President Li.” Fang Xiyan responded.

Li Qingzhou: “In the meantime, continue promoting and shooting ads…..”


The Yu family.

This was the new villa that had been purchased by Yu Xudong and Pei Jing in Yanjing.

The Yu family had always lived abroad, with their family and business all based overseas.

However in recent years, the Yu family had begun to think about shifting their business focus to C Country, and then balance operations between home and abroad.

After all, doing business abroad wasn’t as profitable as it had been before.

The Yu family, which appeared to be prosperous abroad, had been in fact declining in recent years.

Especially after the Bolton Company expressed its intention to terminate their contract and stop collaborating with them…..

Foreign companies like these looked down on C Country owned businesses.

As a result, the Yu family had always been at a disadvantage in their collaboration with the Bolton Company, with little say in decision makings.

Therefore with the Bolton Company planning to terminate the contract, the Yu family had no way of preventing it.

Moreover, the Bolton Company wasn’t some obscure small company; it was very famous internationally and was a renowned, established enterprise in the car industry.

And so with the Yu family not being in the dominant position in their cooperation, they could only consider other options once the collaboration ended.

Therefore Yu Xudong and Pei Jing had now returned to C Country, bought a house in Yanjing and had settled down.

Pei Jing had married Yu Xudong after her divorce from Liu Zhouhe and they had a son named Yu Kun, who was a few years younger than Liu Xiahui.

Yu Kun was still studying abroad, while Yu Xudong’s mother had returned to C Country with them and was currently living with the couple.

Early in the morning, Mother Yu came downstairs.

Dressed in her custom-made loungewear, with her hair done neatly, she sat down elegantly at the dining table.

Yu Xudong had already taken his seat and was enjoying breakfast while dealing with company affairs on his laptop.

A short while later, Pei Jing came out of the kitchen carrying freshly heated soy milk which she placed in front of Mother Yu then sat down to eat breakfast.

At first, no one spoke at the dining table.

Then after a while, Pei Jing turned to Yu Xudong and asked, “Xudong, are you going out today? Do you need me to prepare anything?”

Yu Xudong looked up at her words.

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  1. It’s difficult to make a decision without owning both cars, and in such cases, most people will go with a well-known brand, so it’s understandable that sales aren’t that great at the moment. I’m sure once more people are able to drive both cars and then make direct comparisons, though, they’ll express the pros and cons of each, leading to Li Qingzhou’s increase in sales. At least, that’s my speculation, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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