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Chapter 8.2

Zou Ming and Fang Xiyan waited in the outer room of the small, secluded courtyard. After an unknown period of time, the wooden grille door of the inner room was slowly pushed open again.

“Third Master.” Zou Ming said, standing up.

“President Li. ” Fang Xiyan walked over and pushed Li Qingzhou out, stopping in the corridor.

Li Qingzhou extended his hand, “Thank you, Mr. Liu, for your recognition. I am looking forward to working with the Liu family.”

The little man in the air bubble held out his hands, his eyes shining.

Liu Bohuai’s eyes flashed and then he shook his hand: “I believe that day is not far away.”

The expression on Li Qingzhou’s face didn’t change, staying calm and collected.

–The eyes of the little man in the bubble curved with a smile. His arms stretched out straight and his little hands joined together as he shook vigorously up and down.


After Fang Xiyan pushed Li Qingzhou out of the Lan Yuan Clubhouse.

Jiang Daikun came out from behind the pillar thoughtfully, murmuring as he looked at the backs of the two men leaving, “I can’t believe they really came out of the small courtyard ……”

Lan Yuan Clubhouse was a VIP membership Clubhouse.

Customers had to pay to become members and enjoy privileged treatment — membership levels varied depending on the criteria for payment.

The highest level, the Black Gold membership wasn’t just for the rich — it had a limited number of cards and required not only money but also power.

Take some of the oldest families in the Yanjing circle for example.

Although the Jiang family had a certain amount of power and status in Xicheng, they didn’t have much to offer here in Yanjing.

This was especially true of the Li family.

And now, Li Qingzhou had actually come out of the small courtyard that only Black Gold members could enter…..

Jiang Daikun narrowed his eyes in thought. Could it be that the Li family was going to cooperate with the families in the rich circle in the capital?

–Lan Yuan Clubhouse was unlikely to reveal membership information.

Jiang Daikun thought for a moment, then made a phone call to Jiang Biling.


Jiang Biling hung up the phone, turned to Li Chengkang and said, “You heard everything just now. Daikun saw that little basta*d coming out of the courtyard at the Lan Yuan Clubhouse…. “

“Who do you think he might have met?”

Li Chengkang pondered, “There are only a few families in Yanjing who are eligible for the Black Gold Card and I can count them on one hand ……”

“Could it be the Liu family?”

Jiang Biling said in surprise, “The Liu family? How is that possible?!”

“That little basta*d having something to do with the Liu family…. You mean the car accident?!”

Li Chengkang nodded with a sneer, “And I was thinking why the Liu family hadn’t shown any signs when Li Qingzhou had saved their Third Master from disaster….”

“It turns out that he kept the news to himself. He probably even kept it from the old man.”

Jiang Biling cursed, “That stupid little basta*d is very malicious.”

“What does he want to do?”

“If Daikun didn’t happen to meet him at the Lan Yuan Clubhouse, I’m afraid we’d still be in the dark… Could it be that there is a change in the situation of the land in the northern suburbs?”

Li Chengkang: “Maybe….. But I don’t think the Liu’s are interested in the land in the northern suburbs. I’ll look into it. “

“Daikun is in Yanjing. Tell him to keep an eye on Li Qingzhou’s movements.”

Jiang Biling nodded.


B University, Yanjing.

Qiao Huanming sat in front of a machine in a state of disorientation.

He cupped a business card in his hand with a hesitant expression and didn’t move for a long time.

Seeing this, one of his senior brothers from the same department went over to Qiao Huanming and grabbed him by the shoulders, laughing, “Is our Dr. Qiao about to fall in love?”

“I’ve been watching you pick this card up and put it down all morning. You keep on repeating the same action. “

“If you’re afraid to call the number, senior brother can help you.”

Qiao Huanming smiled bitterly, “Senior brother, I ……”

Before he could finish his sentence, his phone suddenly rang.

Qiao Huanming glanced at his phone, then stood up excitedly, and quickly said, “Senior brother, I’m going out to take a call first!”

He pressed the connect button and jogged to a quiet spot.

“Mr., Mr. Li?”

Li Qingzhou’s voice came from the other end of the line, “Mr. Qiao, it’s me.”

“I see on the profile that you are a PhD student at Yanjing B University. Are you free lately? Let’s find some time to meet.”

Qiao Huanming held back his elation and tried to keep his voice as steady as possible, “Yes, I’m free, Mr. Li.”

“Can I ask where you would like to meet?”

Li Qingzhou: “The presentation facilities at Yan University are a bit better than those at the B University.”

“It just so happens that I graduated from the computer science department at Yan University….. Why don’t we schedule a meeting at Yan University? Mr. Qiao, what do you think?”

Qiao Huanming definitely didn’t think it would be a problem.

Once the place and time had been decided, Qiao Huanming put away his cell phone and went back with a brisk step.

At the same time.

Liu Xiahui called Qu Yunfan: “Is there a medical lecture at Yan University tomorrow? You’re going to listen to it, aren’t you?”

Qu Yunfan: “I’ll be there.”

Liu Xiahui: “What about the students from Yan University?”

“Those who can sign up will be able to go and listen to….”

Qu Yunfan wondered, “What’s wrong? You’re not a medical student from the medicine department nor are you studying medicine, so why are you asking about this?”

“… There’s something going on.”

Liu Xiahui paused and said, “Tomorrow, I’ll be going to Yan University too.”

He hung up after saying this.

Qu Yunfan looked at the phone with a puzzled look on his face.

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