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Chapter 37.1

Cui Ting was well aware that Liu Xiahui and Qu Yufan would undoubtedly investigate her.

—After all, the forums in the school required a school account to access them, and the school accounts all used real names.

So even if Cui Ting found someone to post the information anonymously, in the end, as long as it was about Xu Mengning, Liu Xiahui would inevitably follow the clues to investigate and uncover the person who had directed it.

But, so what?

“So what if I did it?”

When Liu Xiahui and Qu Yufan came looking for her, Cui Ting said righteously, “Did I slander Xu Mengning in any way?!”

“That’s the truth, that’s what Xu Mengning’s past is like!”

Qu Yufan: “But you shouldn’t post someone else’s past, you’re targeting Xu Mengning….”

“I am targeting her because I just don’t like her! Besides, what law says I can’t post it?”

Cui Ting could be said to have some sense in her as she said, “Xu Mengning and Li Qingzhou’s former affairs aren’t a secret, one can find out about it with a little enquiry in Licheng.”

“What’s more, Xu Mengning’s brother, Xu Qi Jin is talking about it at Yanjing University and promoting it everywhere…..”

“I just heard an earful, that’s why I made a post.”

“What are you two doing here looking for me instead of going to look for Xu Mengning’s brother…..”

Cui Ting had given Xu Qi Jin a sum of money.

And the deal between the two had been— Xu Qi Jin was to find someone to publicize these things in the school and bring Xu Mengning’s reputation into disrepute.

However she didn’t expect that Xu Qi Jin would be so stingy that he wouldn’t even spend the money to find someone and actually went to publicize it himself ……

Sure enough, people from small places were seriously best kept under the table.

When would all that information be publicized in one step?

And so instead of the news spreading, it was stopped by the likes of Liu Xiahui.

So in desperation, Cui Ting could only go find someone else to post the information anonymously.

Cui Ting opened her mouth: “Xu Mengning and Li Qingzhou are the real pair, you can’t get between them!”

“Xiahui, the Liu family won’t allow you to marry a woman from such a poor humble family, we are the ones who should be together…..”

“Brother Yufan, stay away from Xu Mengning. I’m doing this for your own good.”

A complicated expression appeared on Qu Yufan’s face.

Liu Xiahui said coldly: “I think you are not clear in the head!”

“I have warned you long ago not to bother Xu Mengning again, but it seems you turned a deaf ear to my words.”

“Cui Ting….”

Already very angry, Liu Xiahui took a step forward.

Qu Yufan pulled his friend back hurriedly as he said, “Xiahui, this is the venue your third uncle and Li Qingzhou are holding their party, what’s more Cui Gengjian and Cui Miao are also here, don’t be impulsive ……”

He was afraid that Liu Xiahui would be overcome with anger and teach Cui Ting a lesson regardless.

Cui Ting took a step back in fear.

Stopping in his tracks, Liu Xiahui said, “We aren’t finished with this matter.”

Saying this, he turned to leave.

Qu Yufan followed and was also about to leave, but was stopped by Cui Ting.

She said, “Brother Yufan, isn’t it good that the Liu and Cui families join together in marriage?”

“Xu Mengning isn’t good enough for Xiahui!”

A look of jealousy clouded Cui Ting’s face.

Qu Yufan sighed: “You can’t force matters of affection ……”

“For the sake of our childhood friendship, take my advice and stop wasting your time on Xiahui. It is impossible for him to like you.”

“Even if there’s no Xu Mengning….. you should stop targeting her.”

After Qu Yufan also left, Cui Ting finally couldn’t stand it and reached out to smash the things around her.

A hotel attendant standing nearby saw all this.

So after a while, the hotel manager approached Cui Ting and asked her to pay for the damage of the broken hotel stuff, saying that it was He Jianxun’s intention.

Cui Ting: “……”

Liu Bohuai took Li Qingzhou to the room above the Jin Xuan Court Hotel.

Halfway there, Li Qingzhou felt the wine coming up and his head not only got dizzier, his cheeks, stomach, etc. were flushed with heat and burning…..

[Fortunately I’m sitting, not standing….. otherwise I would have collapsed immediately.]

—The little guy in the bubble was now sitting on the little yellow cushion chicken pillow and the circle of colorful butterflies above his head couldn’t help but fly faster.

The little guy tried to stand up, but his legs split open and then he was instantly back on his little belly in his original position.

Li Qingzhou, with one arm propped up on the armrest of the wheelchair held his head up with his hand, eyes half closed, gaze unfocused.

At last, they arrived at the room.

Pushing Li Qingzhou, Liu Bohuai opened the door and entered.

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