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Chapter 64.2

Liu Bohuai was dressed in a grey suit, the jacket unbuttoned, revealing a black checkered vest underneath, giving him a hint of a retro vibe.

Sitting on the sofa in the room, one long leg bent and the other relaxed, he flipped through the guest list for the press conference seriously, confirming the number of attendees.

—His head was lowered slightly, his hair slicked back.

However a few strands fell on his forehead, his profile sharp, his eyes serious, the bridge of his nose even straighter and his lips…..

Li Qingzhou looked at him covertly, his gaze unconsciously sliding down to his neck, staring at his Adam’s apple.

[Excellent Adam’s apple, a 100 points. Third Master is so charming just sitting there casually.]

[What should I do? I’m a little nervous again. Do I like Third Master? Could it be that I really have to…..] make a move myself?

Hmm, this indeed counted as completing the mission. After all, the system didn’t say it couldn’t be the host himself, so should I….

Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but feel conflicted, his eyebrows furrowing gradually.

Hearing his thoughts, Liu Bohuai, who had been flipping through the files, couldn’t help but stop and look up at him.

And sure enough,

—The head of the little guy in the bubble was tilted as he clutched his hair in thought, looking puzzled and hesitant. Pouting one moment, the next patting his face with his little hand.

“Qingzhou, what are you thinking about?”

Unable to focus on the files in his hand anymore, Liu Bohuai put them on the coffee table, stood up, then walked towards Li Qingzhou.

[I’m not, I’m not thinking about anything.]

—The little guy in the bubble scratched his ear a little shyly.

Maintaining his composure, Li Qingzhou said, “I was thinking about how to explain things on stage later…. And also about the Bolton Company’s car business…”

“I’ve watched foreign journalists interview Blair, the vice president of the Bolton Company. It seems he’s coming to C Country soon.”

[Ah, I’m so clever. This is such a good excuse.]

Liu Bohuai continued on his line, “At the moment, it’s unclear what he’s coming to C Country for.”

[He should come if he wants to. I don’t care what’s going on. Anyway, it’s none of my business.]

—Lying down by the wall, the little guy in the bubble rolled around.

Li Qingzhou nodded with a faint expression, “En.”

Liu Bohuai moved forward, taking a step closer, causing the distance between them to be shortened, making it so that the little guy in the bubble seemed within reach.

—So just after the little guy had finished rolling around, he crawled away hurriedly in the opposite direction because of the closeness.

But where could he crawl to? In the end, he could only sit down with his bottom against the wall of the bubble, his hands holding his round face as he stared at Liu Bohuai.

Li Qingzhou lowered his head slightly, his gaze falling on Liu Bohuai’s long legs.

[Third Master is the type who looks slim in clothes but is muscular underneath. He also has strong arms…]

“Qingzhou.” Liu Bohuai called his name again.

At the same time, a hand landed on Li Qingzhou’s head, rubbing it gently. The hair that had been groomed slightly beforehand was fluffy and soft, with an excellent feel to it.

—The mouth of the little guy in the bubble rose up slightly, his eyes narrowing.

Strands of hair weaved then slipped through Liu Bohuai’s fingers…

Then his palm moved backwards, landing slowly on the slightly exposed neck in the collar, kneading it lightly.

Immediately, the neck of the little guy in the bubble shrunk in, like a cat being grabbed by the back of its neck.

Li Qingzhou shrugged his shoulders a little.

Liu Bohuai opened his mouth, “Let’s play a game, want to make a bet with me?”

Li Qingzhou looked up curiously, “Bet that what?”

Removing his hand from his neck, Liu Bohuai said, “Bet that Blair, the vice president of the Bolton Company, is coming to C Country to see you.”

[To see me?! Impossible, right? The Bolton Company is in competition with the Li Group, there’s no way this vice president could be coming to see me. Impossible.]

—The little guy in the bubble shook his head in disbelief.

Li Qingzhou expressed the same thing out loud.

His lips curving slightly, Liu Bohuai told him, “I bet that the vice president will come to the Li Group Corporation, asking to meet with you. Qingzhou, want to make a bet?”

Li Qingzhou thought about it for a moment.

He couldn’t figure out why the vice president of the Bolton Company would want to meet with him, so he said, “Okay, let’s bet. But Third Master, what’s the stake?”

[If I lose, do I pay up or buy you dinner?]

—The little guy in the bubble looked up curiously.

Liu Bohuai suddenly laughed— a real, genuine laugh, the corners of his mouth lifting up visibly, his eyes also filled with noticeable amusement.

Leaning forward slightly, he looked at Li Qingzhou.

Li Qingzhou’s ears suddenly perked up like a puppy’s, immediately going on the alert.

[Something doesn’t seem….. quite right. Why is Third Master laughing?!]

—The little guy in the bubble put on a puppy hood with a strip of fabric underneath, and when he pulled on it, the ears perked up.

Liu Bohuai said softly, “The stake is a kiss. If you lose, you’ll come over and kiss me on your own initiative.”

“!!!” Li Qingzhou’s eyes couldn’t help but widen.

[Not fair! So if I win, Third Master will come over and kiss me on his own initiative?! I, then wouldn’t I lose out on both ends…… I won’t do it!]

—The little guy in the bubble crossed his arms angrily.

Liu Bohuai continued at this point, “Of course, this is my stake. You can set your own.”

“For example, if you win, you can ask me to do whatever you want and I won’t refuse.”

[That’s more acceptable…. But if I really lose, then won’t I have to…..?]

—The little guy in the bubble covered his lips, blushing as his big eyes twinkled a bit before he glanced shyly at the ‘target’ of the bet.

Li Qingzhou glanced inconspicuously at Liu Bohuai’s lips, hesitating and not speaking.

Liu Bohuai: “I may not necessarily win. Qingzhou, are you afraid to bet?”

Li Qingzhou: “….. I’ll bet. If I win, Third Master, you’ll grant me one request.”

He was fearless!

He would definitely be the one who will win!

“Okay, no problem.”

Thus, the two men set their bet.

Until Fang Xiyan knocked on the door, saying that the press conference was all ready, and that Li Qingzhou could go on stage.

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  1. I can’t wait to see Li Qingzhou kissing Liu Bohuai of his own initiative! I can only imagine that he’ll probably just do a quick peck on the lips, but Liu Bohuai will be so unsatisfied with it that he’ll take the initiative to “show” him how kissing should be done, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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