My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 39.1

Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun had made plans to go to an amusement park together, and Li Hanyu was eager to go there once.

As it happened, Li Qingzhou had some free time recently, so he and Liu Bohuai took the trio on a trip.

When they returned, Li Qingzhou told Liu Bohuai about his plans to delve into the field of artificial intelligence.

—Artificial intelligence was a challenging science that required extensive research.

Automotive intelligence AI was just one branch of it, and he believed that the research that best exemplified AI was nothing more than robotics.

Liu Bohuai asked, “You want to study robotics?”

Li Qingzhou nodded: “Yes, I’m interested in that aspect.”

He had successfully researched it before, what’s more the emergence of artificially intelligent robots could potentially replace people in doing a variety of tasks.

For example, auxiliary work, household services, entertainment, etc.

Most importantly, some artificially intelligent robots could be used in governance and even military affairs…..

Including the biological laboratory he had previously established.

Li Qingzhou had previously emailed Professor Buffett, who had responded recently.

In the email, Professor Buffett stated that he would be bringing a student to C Country for a trip soon and that he could contact him for further discussion at that time.

Li Qingzhou then responded to the email and set up a meeting with Professor Buffett at an exact time and location.

Liu Bohuai expressed his support of Li Qingzhou’s desire to research artificially intelligent robots.


Three days later, Li Qingzhou sent someone to pick them up at the airport.

And with that, he met Professor Buffett and his student Keith, as he had hoped.

Li Qingzhou invited the two to a restaurant for a meal and a chat about artificially intelligent robots.

Professor Buffett was an elderly gentleman who dressed in an appropriate manner.

His hair and beard were combed neatly and he had a casual British-style suit on and despite being over fifty years old, he was also dressed stylishly.

His student, Keith, was in his twenties and had a handsome appearance.

But probably because of the influence of his mentor, he was dressed similarly and was also wearing a pair of yellow sunglasses.

One could tell that he was outgoing as he talked a lot.

When they met, Mr. Keith complimented Li Qingzhou’s appearance sincerely and expressed regret that he couldn’t walk.

His sense of regret was evident.

Li Qingzhou was courteous throughout.

Midway through the conversation, Li Qingzhou revealed his desire to establish a laboratory dedicated to the research of artificially intelligent robots.

And that he hoped to invite Professor Buffett to join his laboratory as the main researcher and experimental mentor.

However Professor Buffett had some misgivings.

He hesitated then said, “Mr. Li, it can’t be denied that your research in automotive intelligent AI is indeed excellent and in-depth. At least no one in the field of automotive intelligence can compare with you today.”

“But automotive intelligent AI and research on artificially intelligent robots are two completely different things.”

“Before this, you haven’t had any experience with artificially intelligent robots, so…..”

—So he couldn’t make a decision at this time as to whether to agree to Li Qingzhou’s invitation and join his yet-to-be-established laboratory.

Li Qingzhou understood Professor Buffett’s thoughts and concerns.

So he said, “I am sincerely inviting you. The payment is not a problem.”

“As for the research of artificially intelligent robotics…..”

“I believe there are commonalities in AI even in different fields, don’t you think so?”

Professor Buffett mused.

Keith said at this time, “Mr. Li, my teacher and I will be staying in C Country for at least two more weeks.”

“Why don’t you give us a few days to think about it and then we will give you a definite answer. Mr. Li, what do you think?”

Li Qingzhou nodded, as that was all he could do.

After dinner, he and Professor Buffett said their goodbyes and then he left.

Professor Buffett and his student Keith also got into their car and drove away from the restaurant.

—And this scene was filmed and then the developed film subsequently placed on Cui Gengjian’s desk.

In addition to this, there was a picture of Li Qingzhou eating with Professor Buffett in the restaurant.

The assistant opened his mouth, “This Professor Buffett is primarily a senior professor at Newstead University in Y Country and has had some success in researching artificially intelligent robots.”

“He recently brought his student to Yanjing specifically for an intelligent robotics exchange held at H University.”

“His student Keith will be participating in the competition.”

“According to sources, Li Qingzhou wants to set up a lab dedicated to robotics and presumably approached Professor Buffett about this.”

Cui Gengjian said after some thought, “He wants to hire this Professor Buffett.”

“Yes, President Cui.” The assistant concurred.

Hearing this, Cui Gengjian picked up the picture of Li Qingzhou who was clearly in conversation with Professor Buffett and sneered coldly, “What is he, Li Qingzhou?”

“He’s just a newcomer who has been lucky enough to climb the tree that is the Liu family…..”

He dared to take pictures of his son and threatened him with them.

And at the banquet he even ignored him and…. caused him to lose face.

Even if he had made research achievements in the field of smart AI cars, the Liu Group was only working with him because of the value he brought.

Moreover foreign countries, especially M Country, had started promoting smart AI cars.

When foreign well-known brands released their own smart AI cars, Li Qingzhou’s advantage would naturally no longer be obvious.

Looking down at the picture in his hand, Cui Gengjian said, “Find someone to contact Professor Buffett.”

“Aren’t we funding a studio that specializes in researching robots recently? What is it called?”

The assistant answered, “President Cui, it’s called CW Studio, and the head of the studio is called Du Chenwei.”

“Coincidentally, he happens to be a graduate from H University. He is also currently preparing for the Intelligent Robotics Exchange Competition.”

The Cui family mainly operated large shopping malls.

However Cui Gengjian had funded a robotics workshop in order to introduce guide robots that could answer simple questions, set up technology exhibition corners, etc. in the mall to increase foot traffic.

Cui Gengjian, “This studio can start a partnership with Professor Buffett, and relax the terms and conditions. We can talk about the compensation…..”

“Remember, make sure you bring Professor Buffett to the Cui Group and don’t give him or his student a chance to work with Li Qingzhou.”

“Yes, President Cui.”

Then the assistant hesitated again, “But doesn’t Li Qingzhou have…. in his hands, what will happen to the eldest young master if he takes them out and threatens him with it?”

Cui Gengjian: “Li Qingzhou took those pictures mainly because of that girl surname Xu. As for business competition, he doesn’t need to resort to such shady tactics just yet.”

“Even if he does, my son is a man. He won’t lose out.”

“….. Yes, President Cui.”

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