My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 7.1

Liu Xiahui moved out of the Liu family home when he became an adult.

Now he lived alone in a villa under his name, with only a nanny to cook and clean.

Today, two of Liu Xiahui’s friends came over for a visit.

The three of them were drinking at the bar and chatting.

–The conversation started with which family’s son got into a fight and got into trouble, or which family’s daughter was getting married when eventually the topic moved on to Liu Xiahui’s third uncle, Liu Bohuai.

Qu Yunfan said, “Xiahui, has your third uncle been sick lately?”

Liu Xiahui raised his eyebrows in confusion: “Sick? How come I’m not aware…. Uncle Li didn’t tell me, who did you hear it from?”

Saying this he picked up his cell phone and asked the old butler who worked at Liu residence.

Because Qu Yunfan’s family owned a hospital, there were naturally avenues for learning about this.

More importantly, the Liu family’s Third Master had been brought in by his uncle himself, who had arranged for a doctor to see him.

The old butler at the Liu residence soon returned the message.

Liu Xiahui raised his head and said, “My Third Uncle is not sick.”

Qi Hao asked curiously, “Then why go to the hospital if he wasn’t sick?”

“Or are you mistaken, Yunfan and Xiahui’s third uncle went to the hospital, in fact, for business?”

Qu Yunfan pushed his glasses up with one finger and said with a slightly odd expression on his face, “I’m not mistaken, and your third uncle registered for two departments …… “

Liu Xiahui looked surprised: “Which two?”

“Ophthalmology and …… psychiatry.”

“………… “

Fang Xiyan had thought that the opportunity for compensation would be postponed indefinitely after the disagreement with the prince of the Liu family via Jin Xuan Court Hotel.

He never expected that he would receive another phone call from Zou Ming the next day.

Unaware of what was said on the other end of the line, Fang Xiyan was first surprised, then stunned.

When he hung up the phone, he was still in a state of shock.

Li Qingzhou asked him what was wrong.

Fang Xiyan said, “Assistant Zou said he wanted to make another appointment with us to continue discussing the compensation cooperation…. “

“This time at the Lan Yuan Clubhouse. “

“But the person who is coming from the Liu family has changed… “

Li Qingzhou wondered, “Who?”

Fang Xiyan: “…Liu Bohuai, the Third Master of the Liu family.”

Li Qingzhou couldn’t hide his surprise at his words.


Lan Yuan Clubhouse was a high-end private club run by the He family in Yanjing, as was the Jin Xuan Court Hotel, which they had previously visited.

However, unlike the glorious luxury and glamour of the Jin Xuan Court Hotel, the Lan Yuan Clubhouse was a high–end private club run by the He family in Yanjing.

Lan Yuan Clubhouse was designed in a more traditional and natural style, with a sense of tranquillity and elegance.

The fragrance of orchids in the clubhouse, if not lingering on the nose, made one want to relax.

He Jianxun and Liu Bohuai were university classmates and the best of friends.

At this moment, Liu Bohuai was sitting in a chair drinking tea, enduring He Jianxun’s incessant gaze.

After a long time, when he didn’t withdraw his gaze, the expression on Liu Bohuai’s face deepened and his teacup knocked on the table with a dull sound: “Have you seen enough?”

He Jianxun snorted and said against his friend’s intimidating stare, “No, I just don’t understand. Opthalmology is fine, but why did you think of going to the psychiatric department?”

“I didn’t believe Qu Chen when he told me, what stimulus did you receive?”

Liu Bohuai slowly turned the Buddhist beads in his hand, not bothering to pay attention to him.

He couldn’t help but remember what he had seen at the entrance of the Jin Xuan Court Hotel …… He had been so shocked that he had only managed to regain his senses after the person had left.

— There was nothing wrong with his eyes or his body.

But he was sure it wasn’t an illusion, so he had to see it again to find out what was going on.

Fortunately, Zou Ming still had the contact details with him.

Liu Bohuai couldn’t help but frown gently, even as he stopped spinning the Buddhist beads in his hands, his mind unsettled.

He Jianxun finally looked surprised at the situation: “No way, is there really a situation?”

“If something happens, don’t hide it from me. I don’t want I, a black haired person to send a black haired person. Haha, I’m joking, I’m joking.”

At last, He Jianxun smiled and raised his hands in surrender under Liu Bohuai’s gaze.

At that moment, Zou Ming knocked on the door, “Third Master, the young master of the Li family should be arriving soon.”

Liu Bohuai got up and walked out the door.

He Jianxun: “The Li family? Which Li family’s young master? How come I don’t know him?”

“There is actually someone in Yanjing that you would personally meet?”

He was curious, so he followed him out.

Liu Bohuai walked ahead without looking back.

Zou Ming explained for He Jianxun behind him, “It’s the Li family in Xicheng. The young master of the Li family was in a car accident…. not long ago. “

At this moment, Li Qingzhou and Fang Xiyan had just entered the Lan Yuan Clubhouse.

However, they were forced to stop when they passed a room because of the sound of an argument coming from inside.

–The door of the room was thrown open and a pile of papers were thrown out of it, landing right in front of Li Qingzhou.

“Xiyan.” Li Qingzhou pointed to the papers on the carpet.

Fang Xiyan, aware of the situation, went up to pick them up and then handed it to Li Qingzhou.

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