My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 59.1

Zhou Xingwei and Li Qingzhou had been spending a few days creating the small game together and like clockwork, Liu Bohuai showed up every day.

Zhou Xingwei watched quietly and surreptitiously then finally became absolutely certain that President Liu’s feelings for President Li were similar to his own…..

And what’s more, Zhou Xingwei had the feeling that President Liu had figured out his feelings as well.

So despite being given the cold shoulder by President Liu once again, Zhou Xingwei continued to squat resiliently next to Li Qingzhou, showing him the game background he had just drawn.

And because he was sweating, his eyes appeared moist, giving him a somewhat pitiful look.

After listening to him, Li Qingzhou nodded, “Well done.”

Zhou Xingwei’s lips curled into a smile, a dimple instantly appearing on his left cheek, his eyes sparkling as he said, “President Li, you’re the one who is talented.”

[He’s just so obedient, so milky and so sweet.]

—The little guy in the bubble was holding a small stuffed puppy, rubbing its fluffy head vigorously.

The look in Liu Bohuai’s eyes deep, he got up from the sofa, but just as he did, a call came in. Taking his cell phone out, he stepped out of the studio for a moment.

Seeing that the coast was clear, Zhou Xingwei mustered up the courage to ask, “President Li, what…… what do you think of President Liu?”

Li Qingzhou, hearing this, was a little puzzled, but still answered, “Third Master is a good person.”

Very good, especially good.

In his heart, Li Qingzhou added, Third Master is the best.

But why was Zhou Xingwei asking this question?

Zhou Xingwei’s lips turned down, looking a little lost.

However Li Qingzhou didn’t notice. He only heard Zhou Xingwei ask again, “Then…. then with President Liu being so handsome, wealthy and powerful, there must be a lot of people chasing him, right?”

“Has President Liu had many boy….. girlfriends…..”

Zhou Xingwei had almost let the word ‘boyfriends’ slip, but remembering that President Li probably didn’t know about President Liu’s feelings yet, he corrected himself quickly.

Fortunately, Li Qingzhou didn’t notice.

This time, Li Qingzhou took a closer look at Zhou Xingwei’s expression.

He was about to respond when the door opened and Liu Bohuai stepped back inside.

[Third Master hasn’t had any girlfriends. Third Master doesn’t like women, he likes men. Zhou Xingwei asking this….. could it be he’s interested in Third Master?]

—The brows of the little guy in the bubble furrowed as he held his chin with one hand in thought.

Liu Bohuai’s footsteps paused.

[Is Third Master interested in Zhou Xingwei?]

[Oh….. it seems Third Master asked about Zhou Xingwei a few days ago. Could it be that these two…..]

Lost in thought, Li Qingzhou completely didn’t notice Liu Bohuai’s approach.

—Until a hand adorned with a string of buddhist beads fell on his shoulder and a familiar deep voice sounded in his ear.

“Qingzhou, what are you thinking about?”

Li Qingzhou’s ear tingled slightly.

—The little guy in the bubble rubbed his small ears hurriedly.

He didn’t turn around, afraid that if he did, it would not only bring them closer, it would also lead to an intimate touch, so he simply said, “Nothing much, Third Master.”

At his words, Liu Bohuai chuckled softly, his slightly husky and sensual voice going straight into Li Qingzhou’s ear, causing even his scalp to tingle.

Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but tilt his head slightly, his eyelashes falling a little lower.

Their position suggested an intimacy as if nobody else were present.

Standing on the side, Zhou Xingwei felt as though he was superfluous.

“President Li, the game…..” He opened his mouth.

Taking the opportunity, Li Qingzhou maneuvered his wheelchair to move slightly away from Liu Bohuai.

He said, “The game background is done well, but as you mentioned, there’s a bit more to be improved. Show it to me once you’ve completed it.”

“Alright, President Li.” Zhou Xingwei nodded.

After he finished saying this, he returned to his seat to continue working. However he would occasionally sneak glances in Liu Bohuai and Li Qingzhou’s direction, only to lower his head in slight panic when he accidentally made eye contact with Li Qingzhou.

Li Qingzhou was deliberately paying attention.

[Sure enough, Zhou Xingwei is interested in Third Master. I just don’t know if Third Master…..]

Should I try to play matchmaker? It might just work.

—The little guy in the bubble first glanced at Zhou Xingwei, then turned his gaze to Liu Bohuai, holding a small clay figure in each hand.

The two clay figures were entwined by a red thread.

This time, the meaning was clear.

Liu Bohuai took a deep breath, followed by a slow exhale. Otherwise, he would suffocate from the feelings welling up in his heart.

Clenching the string of buddhist beads, he recited a few sutras silently and only then did he manage to suppress the complicated emotions in his heart. After closing his eyes, he asked, “Qingzhou, are you happy today?”

[En? I’m happy.]

—At first the little guy in the bubble looked confused, not understanding why Liu Bohuai would suddenly ask this question, but then a big smile spread across his small face immediately, showing his mouth full of tiny white teeth.

Li Qingzhou: “En.”

The corner of Liu Bohuai’s mouth curled into a barely noticeable smile and he said slowly, seemingly filled with a certain emotion, “That’s good.”

The day’s work quickly came to an end.

Zhou Xingwei seemed to want to say something before leaving but ultimately didn’t. However he looked back three times for each step he took, watching as President Li and President Liu were left alone in the game studio.

Li Qingzhou had a bit of code left to write, while Liu Bohuai asked Zou Ming to leave first.

As Zou Ming was leaving, he pulled Fang Xiyan along, “Let’s go, it’s time to clock out. How about we go for a drink?”

—Since President Liu was staying, he would definitely send President Li home afterwards.

Li Qingzhou had been quite busy these past few days, so Li Hanyu had been the one picking Li Xusheng up from school in the afternoons.

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