My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 83.2

Editor: Jodi

After dinner.

Going to the study, Li Qingzhou told Old Master Li that he wanted to talk to him.

Old Master Li smiled, “Qingzhou, what is it?”

Li Qingzhou phrased his question, “Grandpa, what kind of person would you like me to find as a partner in the future?

Do you have any requirements for their background, education, etc.?”

Old Master Li: “I don’t care about their background or education. I only hope that she can truly love you, take care of you, look out for you in some matters.”

“And be together with you through thick and thin, accompanying you till old age.”

“Qingzhou, you’re asking this because…..”

Li Qingzhou: “Then what if the person I find…… is a man?”

This simple sentence felt like a thunderclap out of nowhere, causing Old Master Li to almost knock the teacup that was in front of him over, the expression on his face changing uncontrollably— countless thoughts flooding his mind immediately, his expression going from disbelief to anger, to shock, then confusion….

His chest unable to stop rising and falling, an obvious sign that his emotions were fluctuating greatly.

His hand gripped his chair tightly, then after a while, he let go slowly.

—Then he closed his eyes, and when he looked at Li Qingzhou again, his emotions had calmed down.

And all through this, Li Qingzhou sat calmly in his wheelchair, his expression mostly unchanged.

Old Master Li asked, “Qingzhou, are you trying to tell me— that you like men?”

“En.” Li Qingzhou nodded.

Old Master Li, “Grandpa is asking you… you don’t have any interest in women at all? If it’s because of your legs…”

“Grandpa, it’s not because of any reason, it’s just because I like him.”

Old Master Li fell silent.

Li Qingzhou also didn’t say anything as well, waiting for his reaction.

The study became very quiet, and outside the window, it had already become dark, only the dim night sky and the streetlights remaining visible, and on the table, the warmth rising from the teacups dissipated into the air slowly.

— The wall clock on the wall ticked away.

It wasn’t known how long had passed when the old man sighed, “As long as it’s someone you like….. whether it’s a man or a woman, Grandpa won’t object.”

“But there’s one condition: he must not hurt you.”

If it were in the past, Old Master Li would have never agreed to Li Qingzhou liking a man, but after the changes the Li family had gone through, he had become more open-minded about certain things.

—The happiness of his grandchildren was what he wanted to see the most.

Li Qingzhou, hearing this, maneuvered his wheelchair to his side, then leaned forward to hug him, saying softly, “Grandpa, thank you.”

Old Master Li returned the hug, patting his back as he sighed, “As long as you all are living well, Grandpa will be relieved.”

Everything should be taken step by step.

Li Qingzhou first told Old Master Li that he liked men—to define his orientation clearly, lay down the groundwork, and then prepare him mentally in advance.

So that this way, when he became aware of his relationship with Third Master in the future, he wouldn’t be too….. opposed to it.

Moreover it was clear that he also needed some time.

Hence after they finished talking about this matter, Li Qingzhou had the butler bring him a glass of milk.

And then asked him to rest early.

Alone in his room, Li Qingzhou looked through his chat records with Liu Bohuai, then thinking that it was already late, decided not to send a message,

Then patting his warm cheeks, went to bed.


At the Liu family’s Old Mansion.

Liu Bohuai was in the middle of a cross-country video call with his mother, Xia Qingwan.

It was daytime there, with perfect sunshine.

And she was lying on a rocking chair in a garden, covered with a thin blanket, a book on her lap, showing that she had been reading.

Her hair interspersed with strands of white hair, Xia Qingwan listened to Liu Bohuai with a gentle expression, then she said, “I thought you were going to live like this for the rest of your life.”

Living without the company of a loved one and growing old alone.

It was really a possibility with this her son.

However, she hadn’t expected such a pleasant surprise today.

Xia Qingwan:  “If you can like that boy, then he must be very outstanding.”

“Even though he’s a man, it’s not a big deal. When are you going to introduce him to me?”

Liu Bohuai said lightly, “Don’t scare him away.”

Xia Qingwan pretended to be angry, “Just this and you’re already being protective. You haven’t told me who he is, what he does, or how old he is.”

Liu Bohuai: “You’ll find out.”

After a few more words, Liu Bohuai spoke about going abroad for the New Year, then ended the video call.

Before Li Hanyu and Li Xusheng started school, Li Qingzhou took them back to Yanjing.

Then the next day, Liu Bohuai arrived outside the villa to pick him up for a meeting.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! This is good, slowly telling the family, respecting them & giving them the time to get used to change.

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