My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 60.1

Fang Xiyan felt that something had changed in the relationship between President Li and President Liu lately.

Or to be precise, it seemed like President Li was actively avoiding President Liu.

On that day, he had been reporting business as usual to Li Qingzhou when he got a call from Zou Ming.

On the phone, Zou Ming told him that he and President Liu were downstairs and asked if they could come up to see President Li now.

This left Fang Xiyan a bit confused.

After all, since President Liu and President Li were friends, and also because President Liu and Zou Ming visited often, they didn’t need to be announced at the front desk; they could just take the elevator up directly.

So what was going on today?

Why did Zou Ming need to make a special mention of it?

So, Fang Xiyan told Li Qingzhou that he was going downstairs to pick them up.

However he didn’t expect that President Li would actually refuse.

Li Qingzhou had said at the time: “Tell Zou Ming that I’m busy right now and that it’s not convenient to, to meet President Liu….. and that they should come back later.”

“No, I’ll be intensively busy working on the game for the next few days and won’t have any free time…..”

Fang Xiyan passed the message on to Zou Ming exactly as Li Qingzhou had said.

After hanging up, Zou Ming looked cautiously at Liu Bohuai and said, “President Liu, President Li said it’s not convenient right now, and that he won’t have time to meet later.”

“President Liu, then we…..”

“Let’s go back.” Liu Bohuai said lightly.

Then, he got up from the sofa in the company lobby and walked out.

Zou Ming followed behind quickly.


In the following days, President Liu and President Li didn’t meet.

Making Zou Ming realize belatedly— was it that President Liu had confessed his feelings to President Li? Which was why President Li was avoiding him now…..

Or maybe President Li was really busy.

Because not long after, the mini game he was developing was launched.

The mini game was downloadable on mobile phones, didn’t require much data, and had been simply advertised before its launch.

Then there was Ge Yue, Mars Hill, who helped share the news on his Weibo account.

With the title: [I trust my choice without a doubt. I’ve tried this game out for you guys first, it’s worth the download, thumbs up.jpg. The link is right here. If you don’t believe me, try it out and come back and scold me if it’s no fun.]

Some people downloaded the game just because of Mars Hill’s endorsement.

[Even if you’re my wife, I’ll still scold you if the game is no fun. Ladies, I’ll go play first and then tell you about the experience.”

[Tsk, he’s already promoting his friend’s game. How much did he earn from it, oh, wait, wife is also a rich second generation, so he doesn’t need to earn money….. angry rice bowl smash.jpg.]

[Wife you can do it! I believe in you and I believe in President Li!]

On its first day online, the game didn’t have many downloads.

In fact, most of the downloads came from Mars Hill’s fans.

But because people were playing it, and because of their positive feedback and enthusiastic endorsements, the download count for the game began to rise sharply on the second day.

The third day, the fourth day….

The mini game that was initially not expected to do well shot straight to the top of the platform’s rankings and held its spot there.

[The format is simple, but it’s absolutely addictive!]

[I’m starting to believe in President Li’s game making skills.…… I hope his adaptation of ‘Sky Juvenile’ won’t disappoint me.]

[Haha, I declare that this mini game is my new favorite for the next few days, no, for the next half month!]

Of course, there were also netizens who said the game was too hard, a waste of time to download, etc.

There were even water armies who tried to pull the game’s rating down with their comments.

However because the game had been underestimated in the beginning, the negative attempts came too late.

Even hiring water armies to lower the game’s rating didn’t help, as their efforts were outweighed by the sincere recommendations of many more netizens.

By this point, the previous doubts and negative comments about Ge Yue and Li Qingzhou had been suppressed and gradually couldn’t stir up any more controversy.

He Jianxun had come to the Liu family’s Old Mansion to see Liu Bohuai.

Of course, his visit this time wasn’t for a drink.

As Liu Bohuai’s birthday was coming up, he had come to deliver an early birthday gift.

Liu Bohuai didn’t really care much about his birthdays.

Rather than large, noisy celebrations, he preferred to spend his birthday drinking alone in peace and quiet, enjoying a time undisturbed by anything.

And this preference of his was known by both the Liu family and friends.

So, He Jianxun picked a day to come over, intending to give the prepared birthday gift.

But who would have expected…

He Jianxun looked surprised and incredulous, “You’re hosting a birthday party?! Bohuai, are you serious?!”

What was it about this year….. that made it so different?

Liu Bohuai frowned slightly at He Jianxun’s loud shout.

He told him, “We’ll hold it at the Old Mansion, just something simple. I don’t like crowds.”

He Jianxun thought to himself— if you don’t like crowds, then you might as well not host anything.

But he didn’t dare say this out loud.

Curious, he asked from the couch, “Bohuai, what made you change this habit of yours?”

“I thought there might be a woman chasing you, or that Aunt Xia had introduced you to someone for a blind date, but after all this time has passed, I haven’t seen a woman around you…..”

It was clear that he had guessed wrong before.

So He Jianxun was even more puzzled— why on earth did his good friend suddenly want to host a birthday party?!

It just didn’t seem like something Liu Bohuai would think of or decide to do.

Liu Bohuai let He Jianxun’s question hang, not answering as he twirled the buddhist beads in his hand silently.

Feeling helpless, He Jianxun shrugged and finally attributed it to— the ‘child’ had grown up, so it was about time to make a completely different change.

He asked, “Bohuai, then the guest list….”

Liu Bohuai, “I’ll draft it.”

He Jianxun: “Alright, then I’ll help you with some simple decorations at the Old Mansion. Considering it’s a private party, there’s no need to invite too many people.”

“Do you want to let your second brother know when the time comes?”

Liu Bohuai’s hand that was twirling the buddhist beads paused, “There’s no need.”

Indicating that he understood, He Jianxun stood up, “Then I’ll come back tomorrow.”


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