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Chapter 16.2

Li Qingzhou laughed lightly, then whispered in a slow demonic-like voice, “Second Aunt, what you mean is that you want me to sell the technology of the car’s intelligent AI system to the Jiang family for equity.”

“And then the Jiang family would use this to work with the Liu Group?”

Not seeing the problem yet, Jiang Biling responded, “Isn’t that a happy thing for all parties involved?”

Li Qingzhou’s eyes mocked, “If you’re sick in the head, go see a doctor, otherwise your words will cause you to be laughed out of the room.”

Jiang Biling was about to explode but was caught off guard when Li Chengkang tugged her arm, forcing her to sit down.

“Just shut up!”

Li Chengkang was utterly discomfited as he said furiously, “Haven’t you humiliated yourself enough?!”

Where the h*ll did Jiang Biling get the nerve to say these things?

–Apart from the fact that her father Jiang Jihong was the secretary of Xicheng, the Jiang family’s ability to research automotive technology was indeed one of the best in Xicheng.

The Jiang family’s help couldn’t be excluded from the Li family’s growing business.

However, the Li Group Corporation was also to a certain extent hampered by the Jiang family.

While Jiang Biling remained unconvinced, Li Qingzhou gave tangible figures.

–Because the Li family and the Jiang family were companies related by marriage,

The Li Group made many concessions on some cooperations, resulting in a reduction of 90%, 80% and even 70% of the benefits that should have been increased by 10%…..

And the Jiang family got all the benefits of these reductions.

Li Qingzhou said, “One has to keep the goodies within the family. I believe second aunt understands this principle.”

“How can your second aunt be considered an outsider?” Li Chengkang frowned.

“To me, she is.”

Li Qingzhou’s unhesitating answer made Li Chengkang’s face turn even uglier and next to him, Jiang Biling didn’t look any better.

Li Qingzhou: “Besides, why should I give up my partnership with the Liu Group to the Jiang family? On account of your thick skin?”

“Since the contract has been signed, it is impossible to change it. Second Aunt, aren’t you afraid of offending the Liu family by saying this?”

“After all, the Jiang Group is really nothing in the eyes of the Liu family.”

Jiang Biling was so angry that her face twitched.

Unable to communicate with Li Qingzhou, she looked directly at Old Master Li and said, “Dad, the Jiang family and the Li family have been working together for years. Is it because of a car intelligence AI system that you would discontinue our cooperation just like that?!”

The expression on Old Master Li’s face remained unchanged as he kept silent.

Li Qingzhou opened his mouth, “The Li family is bound to create a complete automotive production chain in the future, so the Jiang family is no longer a must.”

“Instead of cooperating with the Li family, the Jiang Group can also choose other companies, such as….. the Wu family.”

He slowly swept his gaze over Li Chengkang and Jiang Biling meaningfully.

Li Chengkang froze at once.

Could it be that Li Qingzhou knew something?!

Li Qingzhou definitely knew about Li Chengkang’s secret collaboration with Wu Shiguang in bidding for the land in the northern suburbs.

–In fact, Li Qingzhou didn’t explain in advance that he had developed an intelligent AI for cars, and that he was going to cooperate with The Liu Group, in order to get Li Chengkang to fall into a trap.

In the original book, ‘Li Qingzhou’ was defeated and the Li family was severely damaged.

But all this was also related to the fact that Li Chengkang and the Jiang family were behind the fall.

After the death of ‘Li Qingzhou’ in a plane crash, Li Chengkang took over the Li Group Corporation which was suffering from a downward spiral, and with the support of the Jiang family, made a comeback.

As for Old Master Li.

He fell ill after the funeral of ‘Li Qingzhou’ and died soon afterwards.

The fate of Li Hanyu and Li Xusheng wasn’t specified, but without the shelter of their grandfather and big brother, the life of the two children in the Li family could be imagined.

Li Chengkang was a jackal with no good intentions, and Jiang Biling and the Jiang family were equally malevolent.

Li Qingzhou didn’t want to be stabbed in the back one day.

The faces of those present were varied, but none stood up for the Jiang family.

Even the shareholder surnamed Zhao was reticent to speak.

It was true that the Jiang family had a monopoly on technology and was somewhat arrogant.

And they had their own reasons for not speaking up– after all, no one wanted to mess with money.

Just when Li Chengkang thought this was the end of the story, Li Qingzhou came out with another piece of news.

“The reason why I am cautious about the land in the northern suburbs is also because of a remark once made by the Third Master of the Liu family….”

“What remark?” Someone asked.

Li Qingzhou uttered the words that Liu Bohuai had used as compensation at the time.

He said, “The Third Master of the Liu family’s uncle was the military governor, and it has again always been the government that was in charge of building the new town on the land in the northern suburbs.”

“In case….. things change about establishing a new town….”

“I’m guessing the Third Master of the Liu family didn’t get any information.”

His eyes falling on Li Chengkang, Li Qingzhou said slowly, “Let’s hope the Wu family won’t be affected by this by then.”

Li Chengkang and Jiang Biling’s faces changed.

Since Li Qingzhou had already entered into a partnership with the Liu Group, then there might be something wrong with the land in the northern suburbs…..

Then, the decision to remove Li Qingzhou as President naturally ceased to exist.

The meeting was adjourned.


As Old Master Li and the shareholders walked out of the meeting room, Li Qingzhou deliberately lagged behind and called out to Li Chengkang.

Fang Xiyan thoughtfully closed the door behind him and waited at the door.

Only Li Chengkang and Li Qingzhou were left in the meeting room.

The corners of Li Chengkang’s mouth rose stiffly as he asked, “Qingzhou, did you ask Second Uncle to stay for something?”

Li Qingzhou: “Does Second Uncle know why Grandpa passed you and gave me certain important matters of the company to handle?”

Li Chengkang’s face twitched, but he didn’t answer.

Li Qingzhou crossed his fingers in his lap, his posture relaxed, as he laughed softly, “Because Second Uncle’s spine is bent and you will do anything for profit, even by any means.”

“Second Uncle can also give up anything, including…. affection.”

“You treat people however you want and step on them however you want. Second Uncle, don’t you think so?”

Li Qingzhou didn’t wait for his answer before turning his wheelchair to the door.

After Fang Xiyan opened the door,

He said, “Please tell Wu Shiguang for me that it doesn’t have to be later. Soon, I will make it impossible for his Huihong Automobile Company to do business in Xicheng.”

Having said that, Fang Xiyan pushed Li Qingzhou away.

Not far away, there was a loud sound of a chair toppling over in the conference room….

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